Preparing Pots on a Potting Bench


Gardening on your hands and knees can be uncomfortable. A potting bench provides gardeners with a raised work Potting Benchsurface from where they can prepare pots and soil in comfort. Potting benches are designed specifically for gardening jobs. On the durable work table, users can fill pots with soil, prune their potted plants, add fertilizer and more. Special features like a soil mixing bucket, storage drawer and tool hangers allow the potting bench to adapt to a variety of jobs. These benches usually have a large storage shelf on the underside which holds pots and other supplies until they are needed. Cedar is typically the material of choice when making these benches, as it very hard and resists rot.

Comfort While Gardening

A true gardener would tell you that getting your hands dirty is the most natural way to enjoy gardening. However, sitting or kneeling on the ground can be painful and uncomfortable for some people. Potting benches allow gardeners to work on jobs while standing up or sitting in a chair. This is far more comfortable than working on the ground. A variety of tasks can be completed on a potting bench, including transplanting, soil mixing, trimming and seeding. Pots are kept on the bottom storage shelf for quick access. Users can grab a bag of soil on the shelf and immediately get to work.

Some models have special storage feature to keep your tools close at hand. Tool hooks can hold small hand tools such as pruners and shovels. Storage drawers keep sensitive items like sunglasses and garden gloves out of the sun and dirt.

Soil Bin

Advanced gardeners mix their soils before putting them into pots. Some potting benches have soil basins where the mixing can take place. Soil, dirt and plant feed can be mixed in the proper ratios before being placed into the pot. One bench from the company Eclipse Cedar Creations has a soil bin recessed into the table top with a lid. When the lid is closed, the entire table surface becomes available.


The design of a garden potting bench can vary among manufacturers but the concept remains the same. Four sturdy legs hold up a large work surface and at least one storage shelf. If storage drawers are present, they are usually installed just under the main table. Soil mixing buckets are either installed into the table or mounted on the side. Storage hooks on the front or sides keep tools right at your side.

Cedar is chosen in many cases because it is resistant to rot and is very strong. Since water is present in gardening conditions, a water resistant material is a must. Cedar is not only strong but has a great natural garden look. Surfaces should be wiped down after use to prevent staining.


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