21 Excellent Potting Bench Plans

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Potting benches function as outdoor workstations. These freestanding benches provide a space to work comfortably with plants.

Often, many people use a designated free space as their potting workstation, but adding a potting bench can be a way to make gardening tasks a lot easier. Most homemade potting benches are simple wood benches made from leftover plywood.

Many available potting bench plans have additional amenities like sinks or soil bins attached. Storage shelves and hooks for gardening tools may also be present. 

Several kinds of wood may be used to construct potting benches. These make your bench sturdy and long-lasting. Lumber, sealed wood, cedar, and composite wood are a few great options to use in our list of potting bench plans.

While potting benches are incredibly useful for anyone who spends a lot of time in their garden, they do tend to be expensive. Hence, we compiled a list of 21 easy to construct potting bench plans that you can build yourself. 

1. Small and Solid Potting Table

Small and Solid Potting Table

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One of the simplest bench plans on this list, this sturdy little table is constructed using leftover 2×4 and 2×6 wood segments.

While this one is made of pressure-treated lumber, cedarwood and redwood are some other great alternatives. With a height of around 30 inches, this table might be a bit small for grownups. However, if you have kids interested in gardening, this could be perfect. 

With a composition that is built to last, this table is sure to fulfill all your potting bench needs.

2. Cheap and Basic Potting Table

Cheap and Basic Potting Table

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Versatile and hardy, this potting bench consists of five lumber segments cut and put together to make a simple table. This plan is so easy to make, you might even complete it in a day.

At 33 inches tall, this table can be repurposed for many other gardening tasks. One could even use it as an outdoor dining table! To make it more aesthetically pleasing, you can use a stain or paint after construction.

Be sure to sand down the table beforehand to smoothen the surfaces and get rid of any splinters. 

3. Upcycled Pallet Potting Bench

Upcycled Pallet Potting Bench

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Another plan that can be constructed in an afternoon, this simple table is made completely of repurposed materials. 

You can assemble this wood pallet potting bench in seven easy steps. Wooden pallets are wonderful alternatives for those who are looking for inexpensive materials. However, you might need more than one wood pallet for this project.

The table stands tall at 36 inches. If the make is too simple for your needs, you can add a shelf or two to increase space for your gardening tools.

4. DIY Gardener’s Potting Bench

DIY Gardener’s Potting Bench

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Constructed with fir, this table can be sized up or down according to your requirements. 

The top of the bench is grated and there are catching trays underneath it. This feature is especially useful as any soil that spills out while potting can be easily collected and cleaned up from the collecting tray. 

If you are wondering why fir was the wood used for this potting bench, it is because fir is sturdier than other alternatives. 

However, fir can be susceptible to wood rot. A good way to make this table rot resistant is by placing each leg on an aluminum plate filled with a wood preservative.

5. Three Tier Potting Bench

Three Tier Potting Bench

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What makes this potting bench plan special is that it can double as a display for your potted plant collection. Standing tall at 40 inches, this bench has three shelves and an outward angled frame.

Pressure-treated lumber is ideal for constructing this bench and will greatly increase its durability.

Another thing to note is that if you do not pre-drill the screw holes while building it, the wood may split. To ensure the best look for your bench, align all the components before securing them into place. 

6. Basic Red Potting Bench

Basic Red Potting Bench

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Best suited for amateur woodworkers, this eye-catching potting bench has 3 tiers. The lower shelf is for potting mixes and other gardening supplies, the middle bench is the working space, and the topmost shelf is for displaying plants.

A few things to keep in mind are the materials used and the adhesive application. Cedar or sealed lumber works best. Additionally, glue with finish nails should be used to secure components together. If you plan on staining it, be sure to wipe off extra glue as dried glue cannot stain. 

7. Potting Bench with Decorative Roof

Potting Bench with Decorative Roof

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One of the most beautiful potting bench plans on this list, this unique bench is sure to add a touch of sophistication to your garden.

Roughly 100 inches tall (till the roof peak), this bench is best for two-storied houses. However, the height can be altered according to your needs.

Along with being a stunning decorative piece, the roof offers shade to your plants. Moreover, there is ample space for storage and working.

You can also add hooks at the top for a neat spot to hang your basket plants.

8. Pallet Bench With Storage Bin

Pallet Bench With Storage Bin

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This bench plan comes with a handy feature: a concealed storage bin. Constructed using wooden pallets, it comprises a storage shelf to go with the bin. This space can also be used to grow quick-spreading vines. 

The storage compartment is accessible by a hinged door. Not only can you use this space for your tools, but it also works as a soil bin too. Moreover, the lower shelf can be built slatted to provide a drainage system.

Though the wood pallets give it a rustic look, adding a few coats of glossy paint would make this bench look even better.

9. Vintage Sink Potting Bench

Vintage Sink Potting Bench

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This 36-inch tall potting bench plan incorporates a sink into the bench. Adding a sink can have many advantages, including a handy spot to clean up after work, and a platform to manage soil mess-free.

Set in place with a 2×4 brace and construction adhesive, the sink leaves enough room for other work on the bench. The bottom portion includes a wide shelf for storing items too.

Using pressure-treated pine wood gives the bench a simple and elegant look.

10. Secretary-Style Potting Bench

Secretary-Style Potting Bench

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Secretary desks are angled-front desks made with a roll-down cover. While this bench does not have roll-down covers, the plan is otherwise based on the secretary-style desk.

As per the plan, the bench is constructed with pressure-treated plywood. If you opt for higher quality materials like cedarwood, it will greatly improve the look of this bench, although simultaneously increasing the cost of your project.

The bench provides plenty of working and storage space due to its wide surfaces and extra lower shelf. 

If you are new to woodworking, this plan is perfect for you as it is one of the easiest potting bench plans on this list.

11. Open-Surface Potting Bench with Chicken Wire Back

Open-Surface Potting Bench with Chicken Wire Back

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This lovely, neon-green bench is made to be durable and long-lasting. Made entirely of 2x4s, it stands at a height of 64 inches and is kept in place by recessed screws. This is because recessed screws are more resistant to rust.

The special feature of this bench plan is the addition of a chicken wire panel to the back area of the bench. The holes in this wire add a convenient spot to hang your tools. DIY efficiency at its best!

With a wide workspace and lower shelf, the bench has sufficient room for all your gardening workspace needs.

12. Potting Bench With Soil Bin

Potting Bench With Soil Bin

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One of the most elegant potting bench plans, this one includes a woven lattice pattern on the back of the bench. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it also adds room to hang your tools using S-hooks.

To provide abundant functionality and storage space, this bench comprises 2 shelves in addition to the workstation. 

The lattice panel is held in place and reinforced by Strong-Tie connectors at its edges, offering structural integrity and support to ensure the bench does not topple over.

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13. Organized Potting Bench With Sink

Organized Potting Bench With Sink

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Among some of the simplest potting bench plans, this one comes with an incorporated sink for soil storage.

This simple bench has three shelves beneath the workstation. The multiple shelves provide ample operation space and the counter is large enough to comfortably accommodate the sink.

This bench is constructed using a combination of lumber, plywood, and perforated metal sheets. The work surface is about 35 inches in height, while the bench itself stands at 50 inches.

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14. Knock-Off DIY Potting Table

Knock-Off DIY Potting Table

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One of the most attractive potting bench plans on this list, this one is built with sturdy 4×4 cedar segments. 

The frame is attached with cheap screws and reaches a height of 36 inches. It also has a lower shelf to give it a more table-like look, unlike the conventional potting bench.

Hooks underneath the workspace are ideal for hanging tools and supplies. Additionally, you can place wicker baskets on the shelf to not only enhance the look but also increase available storehouse-like functionality.

15. Blue Potting Bench with Built-In Soil Storage

Blue Potting Bench with Built-In Soil Storage

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While this bench is originally painted blue, any glossy paint would look equally wonderful. 

Complete with a grated top for easy clean-up of spilled soil, this bench has a handy pull-out bin to collect the soil that falls through. There are also two shelves and a hook rack for accommodating gardening supplies.

Small and easy to build, the bench is constructed with wood screws, wood glue, and 2×4 segments.

16. Rustic Reclaimed Potting Bench

Rustic Reclaimed Potting Bench

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One of the potting bench plans that use reclaimed wood, this bench is ideal for those who have spare materials lying around.

Designed as a lovely tiled workspace, this bench has cupboard-type storage shelves. Besides the two lower shelves, there are also two upper shelves for additional storage. Above all, there is a woven lattice back that adds to its aesthetic qualities. 

The bench is 72.75 inches tall and constructed with pressure-treated lumber.

17. Shaded Garden Potting Bench

Shaded Garden Potting Bench

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This unique potting bench plan comes with a shade facility. If you plan to work outdoors often, this unique feature will help you stay shielded from the sun.

The roof has a 15-degree angle to prevent rainwater from collecting and the overhanging front protects the bench from exposure to unwanted elements.

With a wide workspace and lower space for storing purposes, this potting bench has everything you need to complete your gardening tasks in peace.

The original plan ensures that this bench is simple to construct, even if you are a beginner.

18. Heavy-Duty Potting Table

Heavy-Duty Potting Table

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A simple but sturdy potting bench, this plan is built with 2x6s and 3/inch rabbets. If you are looking for something affordable and functional for the long-term, this is the plan for you.

The workstation is wide and thick, making it durable and effective for most tasks. 

As this is a relatively plain-looking potting bench, you can add a few coats of any stain or paint of your choice to make it more eye-catching.

19. Attractive Potting Bench

Attractive Potting Bench

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As per the name, this potting bench has a beautiful build. With 3 shelves, a workspace, and additional spacing for a recess for disposing of trash, this bench has everything you need.

Built with lumber, this rustic-looking bench can add a nice touch to your garden and be a veritable point of focus.

The multiple shelves provide you with sufficient storage capacity for soil bags and potted plants, making all gardening tasks convenient and hassle-free to perform.

20. Indoor-Outdoor Planting Bench With Grow Light

Indoor-Outdoor Planting Bench With Grow Light

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This special potting bench comes with an attached light. If you find it difficult to get your seeds to grow, the attached light fixture can solve that problem. Get ahead of the growing season by using this light for starting seeds!

If you do not require the light, you can always remove it. This handy feature enables you to use the potting bench outdoors as well, in the summer season.

The additional shelf underneath the workspace can be used to store soil bags and other gardening supplies. Be it your go-to string trimmer head, or the precious hover mower that you have been mending so carefully.

21. The Potting Bar

The Potting Bar

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A fancy potting bench, this one comes with an attached potting bar. The storage is modular and hidden away inside the potting bench, making the bench even more attractive, with its core functionality being secluded from its outward appearance.

The original build uses a stain to finish the project, but you can use a coat of paint as well.

For those who want a lovely piece of outdoor furniture that is elegant and durable, this is a perfect choice. The minimal design also has an upper shelf for all your storage needs, which can even be used for decorative purposes.

With a wide workspace and adjustable height, you can easily use this bench for all your gardening tasks.


Potting benches are essential additions to any garden. Most can be constructed with repurposed materials, as illustrated above. There are dozens of DIY choices, whether you are an expert woodworker or an amateur.

Most plans are simple and do not require much time to construct. Hopefully, some of these DIY potting bench plans inspired you to build your own handy garden workstation. 

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