What is a Portable Picnic Table?

There is no better way to spend a warm spring day than with your family on a picnic. The typical picnic excursion is Portable Picnic Tableportrayed with a checkered sheet sprawled across the ground with tasty treats placed on top. The problem with this setup is that picnic-goers are required to sit on the ground, which can be uncomfortable. Also, critters like ants can make quick work of your meal if you're not careful. The good news is that there is an easy way to create the perfect picnic easting environment no matter where you go. A portable picnic table is a special piece of furniture that can be taken just about anywhere. These folding tables are durable enough to be used outdoors and are small enough to fit into the trunk of a car.

Portable Picnic Table Design

Portable picnic tables are a great way to enjoy a picnic or any other outdoor event in comfort. They frequently come with matching chairs so you can sit down during your meal. When food is kept up off the ground, the risk for spills and pest infestation is greatly reduced. These tables are so portable because they feature a folding frame that can be set up in minutes. With a durable plastic or metal frame, users do not have to worry about weather damage or staining from drinks. Rigid tables such as ones used on a back patio are simply too bulky and heavy to transport on a whim. Even if you happen to have a folding table on hand, you can't be sure that it can stand up to outdoor conditions or spills. Some tables are not designed to handle the weight of an entire meal. Choosing a portable picnic table for all of your outdoor dining needs is the safest way to go.

Folding Briefcase Design

There are two major types of portable picnic tables. The first type folds up into a compact shape that is comfortable to carry. These "briefcase" style picnic tables have a handle that can be used to easily carry them from the car to the picnic site. At only a few inches thin when folded, these tables can fit into even the smallest of cars. One of the best parts about these tables is that they come with attached benches on both sides. Te benches fold up with the table into a single compact briefcase. The frames are made of metal, while the table and seat tops are made from colored plastic which is resistant to staining. Everything is held together by a series of joints. This all-in-one solution is perfect for families of up to four people. Since everything is included in a single compact package, users don't have to worry about bringing along multiple pieces of furniture.

Roll-Up Picnic Tables

Another handy type of portable picnic table has roll-up functionality. These tables do not come with chairs attaches but fold up into a smaller profile than the briefcase versions. The table top consists of a series of slats which roll up along with the legs for storage. To set up, users first expand the leg section, then unroll the table slats onto the top. While more involved in assembly than the before-mentioned table, these models are more compact and lightweight. Users will need to either sit on the ground around the table or provide their own seating. The table fits into a small tubular carry bag that has a shoulder strap.

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