Plastic Stackable Chairs

Plastic stackable chairs are lightweight and easy to store being that each chair can be stacked above the next. This Plastic Stackable Chairsallows many chairs to be kept on hand without taking up excessive space. Several chairs in the stacked position only take up the floor space of a single chair. Unlike wood chairs which can fade and crack, plastic chairs never need maintenance or painting. A set of these chairs can last for many years with only occasional cleaning. Most of these chairs have ergonomic curves on the seat and back sections, conforming to the body for comfort. Adding soft pads to these chairs is as easy as strapping them on. Chairs made of recycled plastic are available for earth-conscience consumers.

Stackable Functionality

Outdoor plastic stackable chairs can usually be stacked 3-5 chairs high safely. To stack, one must first select a location and set down a chair. This location could be against a wall or inside a shed. Chairs are then stacked one by one on the first chair until all are stored. These chairs are designed in such a way that each chair conforms in shape to the next. To ensure that you do not stack too high, test the stack by shaking it a bit with your hand. If it feels like it wants to topple, remove some chairs and create another stack next to the original one.

Plastic Materials

Plastic is the ideal material for use in outdoor chairs because it is lightweight and will not rot or chip. Even in extreme temperatures, dense plastic will not warp or fade like wood. Plastic does not need any type of sealer or paint which can cost money and time. Cleaning these chairs is as simple as spraying them off with a hose and letting them dry. Many sets have vents in the back which allow air to flow across the body, reducing heat. During the manufacturing process, plastic is injected into a single mold and let to dry. The result is a one-piece chair which is rigid and durable. One-piece chairs are lightweight and require no assembly after purchase.


Despite its strength, a plastic stackable chair can still degrade over time. Plastic is vulnerable to UV light generated by the sun, and can result in fading and weakening. To prevent this, one can purchase a stackable chair cover to protect them. Only one cover is needed because these covers are long and can slip over all of the chairs once stacked. Plastic lined fabric covers are both decorative and waterproof. If high winds are anticipated, a cover with velcro straps should be used to prevent it from blowing away.

Plastic stackable chairs are an ideal seating solution for outdoor environments such as backyards. They are cleanly enough to be used indoors as well.

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