Why is it Best to Use Durable Plastic Flower Pots for Seedlings?

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Plastic Flower PotsPlastic flower pots are the best way to get into gardening with flower seedlings.

I recommend plastic pots because they are durable and do not break easily. They are also quite cost effective and can be bought at the store or even a local garage sale.

Having an ample amount of pots in various sizes is an important first step in gardening.

As seeds progress through various stages of growth, they will need to be replanted into bigger pots.

The flexibility of plastic pots makes this a reality because they are molded into the shapes needed to give flowers the room they need.

Long troughs are great for starting an array of flower seedlings because you can place them in neat rows.

Circular pots are an excellent way to display one or two of your prized flower plants in style.

Why Plastic Flower Pots?  (What are the positives?)

Plastic, also known as polymer, is completely waterproof and can resist sunlight and excessive temperatures. Unlike steel, plastic will not rust which is very important when dealing with plants.

  • Plastic flower pots are lightweight and can be carried with ease. Some models feature convenient handles in which to transport the plant easily. Potted plants often leave an unappealing stain on your concrete floor after several months of watering. To prevent this you can get a flower pot that has small feet on the bottom to reduce the surface area. Feet also keep the pot stable and prevent toppling.
  • Plastic works to keep bugs, fungus, and chemicals from entering the soil.
  • This barrier ensures that your growing environment stays completely under your control.
  • These pots are designed with both functionality and style in mind, meaning that they are durable and aesthetically appealing too.
  • Plastic pots can be molded with stylish ridges and patterns embellished onto the surface. Any color of plastic can be molded into various shapes. The most common colors are green, rust, and brown.

There are other specialty pots that utilize plastic in their construction such as hanging flower baskets.

Basket style planters use a thatch or wicker exterior for looks with a plastic pot inside to contain the soil and water. Specially molded hanging pots can accommodate many plants at a time if molded with several planting chambers.

The key to finding the right pot is to think about how many plants you intend to grow and how big they will get over time. Keeping extra pots on hand can help prevent flowers from getting overcrowded. If you’re short on space, hanging flower baskets can be used.


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