Guide to Padded Folding Chairs

When comfort is needed anywhere and any time, a set of padded folding chairs is the ideal solution. Standard folding chairs are usually made of metal, making them hard and uncomfortable to sit on. To solve this problem, many Padded Folding Chairsmanufacturers make folding chairs with comfortable padding on the seat and back. Underneath a protective covering of vinyl or fabric, a layer of foam provides much-needed cushioning. These chairs are no heavier than un-padded varieties and are quite durable. Seats with vinyl fabric are long-lasting and can stand up well to environments with food or moisture. Padded chairs see action in a variety of atmospheres including offices, churches, outdoor events and backyards.

Standard Padded Chair – Metal

Folding padded chairs are typically made from tubular metal coated with protective paint. A set of hinges and support bars allow the chair to fold up to within a couple inches thick. On the end of each foot is a rubber cap which levels the chair and keeps it from slipping. Cross braces between the legs keep them stable and secure to support a full sized adult without strain. Some chairs only have the padding on the seat portion, while other include padding on the back as well. If no padding is present on the back, these chairs can still be comfortable is the back is curved. Flat backs with no padding are not ergonomic and can be painful on joints such as the shoulder blade.

The pads on the seats are made by covering one side of a wood section in adhesive and placing a foam piece over the top. Then a swatch of fabric or artificial leather is brought over the foam and stapled to the unseen side of the board. The assembled piece if them set into the metal frame and secured. The quality of the foam can play a large role in how comfortable the chair is. Cheap foam tends to be far too soft, resulting in users sinking down to the hard wood backing. Cheap foam can also be too hard, refusing to conform to the user's curves.

If the padded folding chairs will be used in a messy environment, such as one where food is present, vinyl or polyester seat material is a good choice. These materials make it easy to wipe off stains from dirt or food products. If the chair will be used in a clean environment such as a church or home office, fabric may be more desired. Fabric chairs tend to offer extra conformance to body curves and can be more comfortable.

Outdoor Home Padded Chairs

Padded chairs also have an important use in backyards and gardens. Intended to be used outdoors, a single padded folding chair can do wonders for an otherwise bland and unusable backyard. These chairs are more decorative and casual than the before mentioned chairs. They have a folding frame but have a wider seat and back section for added comfort. Headrests and adjustable seat and back sections make these chairs the ultimate lounging pieces. Wood, metal and plastic chairs are available.

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