Shading with Outdoor Umbrella Lights

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With the addition of outdoor umbrella lights, a backyard can become brightly illuminated at night. There are several specialized types of lights available which are designed to attach to outdoor umbrellas. Umbrellas are a great place to mount lights because of their location.

Umbrellas are usually placed over highly trafficked areas such as an outdoor dining set or patio table. When mounted to the umbrella, the lights shine down to illuminate the area below.

Pole Mounted Umbrella Lights

One popular form of outdoor umbrella light mounts directly to the umbrella’s central pole. These disc-shaped light fixtures have LED bulbs bordering their edges. They usually consist of two halves which are connected at a joint. After placing a flexible collar onto the pole, the fixture is clipped securely to it. The light can be adjusted up or down as needed. They are powered by rechargeable or regular batteries and typically last 30-40 hours before a recharge. The LED lights used in these systems have the advantage of using very little power yet being quite powerful. They have an average lifespan of around 100,000 hours. These outdoor umbrella lights usually have a range in what sized poles they can attach to. Measure your umbrella’s pole before selecting a light for best results.

Umbrella String Lighting

Umbrella string light sets include several strings of lights, each of which attaches to the umbrella ribs on the underside of the umbrella. To install, users first clip each string onto an umbrella rib (umbrellas typically have 6-8 ribs). A central power terminal is attached just under the canopy which each string attaches to. After routing the power cord down the pole, it is connected to the power source and installation is complete. String lights come in many colors and are fun to look at. Some hug the ribs tightly, while others dangle down carelessly. The umbrella can still be opened and closed as usual.

Umbrella String Lighting

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Advantages of Choosing Solar

The aforementioned umbrella lights all come in solar powered versions. Solar powered outdoor umbrella lighting uses a solar panel to gather sunlight during the day. When darkness takes over, the lights turn on automatically. Solar umbrella lights do not require external power, saving users money on utility bills. Also, there are no unsightly cords to route across the floor. The high-quality models will have an on/off switch so users can manually operate the light. A dimmer switch is always handy for changing the intensity of the light bulbs.

Umbrella Pole Light

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Pre-Lit Umbrellas

If you are the kind of person who prefers not to hunt and install light fixtures, a pre-lit umbrella may be a better choice. These umbrellas have lights that are pre-installed at the factory. Just take it out of the box, plug it in and you are done. Manufacturers typically choose to install string lights instead of pole lights.

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