Outdoor Toy Storage Your Kids Will Love

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How many times have you tripped over or hurt your leg due to toys lying all over your backyard? From legos, puzzle pieces, to soft toys, we had one come under our feet, right? And ouch, some of them really hurt.

But what if I told you that it didn’t have to be this way. And that you don’t have to carry them all inside (because who wants all those dirty, germ-riddled toys coming in, right?) and use up the storage spaces there.

Today, we’ll talk about some of our favorite outdoor toy storage spaces that both you and your kids will love. So let’s dig right into them.

Outdoor Toy Storage Your Kids Will Love

Toy Bins• Extra-large size
• Easy clean up

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Benches with Storage• Plastic
• last longer

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Hang Milk Crates on the fence• Very strong heavy duty construction
• Easily stackable

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DIY Toy Shelf• DIY decorations items
• Package of 12 buckets
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Wheeled Cart• Lightweight build
• Easy to assemble

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A Covered Sandbox• Durability
• Easy to Clean

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1. Toy Bins

outdoor toy storage
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If you are looking for an inexpensive storage solution for your kid’s toys like balls, soft toys, toy boxes, etc. storage bins are just what you need. They also work great on porches or can be kept inside the house if needed.

Now, there are two types of toy bins. You can either go for the ones that can be hanged or kept on the floor like regular bins or wheeled ones. I prefer wheeled ones since they offer great mobility which makes collecting and moving the toys around easier (so easy, even your kids can do it).

2. Benches with Storage

outdoor toy storage
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Having both storage areas and seating areas can kill a lot of space in the backyard, right? So why not kill two birds with one stone.

This idea doesn’t just serve your backyard better but also the kids since their toys will be in a protected place when not in use ensuring they remain clean and last longer. 

Oh, and the size of your backyard doesn’t matter; it works just as well whether you have a big yard or a small one (after all, if you don’t have seating, do you even have a backyard?).

3. Hang Milk Crates on the fence

outdoor toy storage
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Do you have fencing around your backyard? Then it is likely that your kids have been leaving the bulk of their toys around it. And when left, they are likely to face heat, rain, snow, etc. which means it won’t just be clutter that’s a worry.

Milk crates are one of the easiest solutions to this mess. First and foremost, you will need to fix 2-3 slats on the fence. But these only work on wooden fences; otherwise, we’d suggest screwing some mounting brackets on the fence, 2 for each milk crate.

But before you do so, make sure you take all the measurements into account as you will use at least 2 crates. Once the crates are hung, just add in the toys and voila, you are done.

4. DIY Toy Shelf

outdoor toy storage
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If you are in the mood for some DIY and want to bring out the creative beast in you then this is just the outdoor toy storage idea you needed; here’s what you will need.

Make sure the metal buckets you opt for are big enough to store all the toys. Also, place the buckets either in the garage or a shaded area so the buckets do not fill up with water during the rains since the toys will get wet.

If you want to go the further mile, you can create separate shelves/buckets for soft toys, pool toys, balls, etc. and paint them accordingly so your kids can easily recognize the difference. 

Also, since the buckets are made using steel, it is one of the most durable outdoor storage ideas and will easily last you for years. 

5. Toy Parking Lot

outdoor toy storage

Do your kids spend most of their time playing on cycles, scooters, or toy cars? Then this toy parking lot is just what the doctor ordered. 

All you need to do is create a traditional parking lot, except this would be on your patio or porch. You can create the lines based on the vehicles’ size using either colored tape or spray paint. 

What I love most about this is that it instills a sense of organization into the kids right from the very beginning that will ensure you aren’t tripping over things even when at 60.

6. Wheeled Cart

outdoor toy storage
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You can buy a premade cart. or you can DIY, this is very similar to the wheeled bins except, you have greater freedom with it and thus can vary the size based on the number of toys you want to keep in it, in turn saving you the cost of buying 2-3 bins. 

And what would make it more cost-effective is if you had the wood required for it lying around catching dust. From soft toys, balls to other sports equipment, these can handle them all and are also more durable than plastic bins.

In fact, with a few bungee cords, you can create different compartments for various today and a shelf for the skateboard, etc. (the possibilities are endless, let your imagination and creativity lead the way).

7. Stacked Tire Storage Box

outdoor toy storage

With some spray paint, caster, plywood, drawer handle, drill, washers, and some nuts and bolts those tires rotting in your garage can be turned into a pretty neat and eye-catching storage area. Plus, the more tires you stack the larger the storage so you can customize it based on your needs. 

Firstly, clean the tires and start stacking them. Once stacked, start with spray painting the tires. These will require at least 2-3 coats to be fully covered and give each coat ample time to dry.

Next up you need to cut the plywood in a circular shape. This base should be 2-3 inches lesser than the width of the tire. Next up, attach the casters as well as the tires using the nuts, bolts, and washers.

After this, attach the plywood and then the drawer handle on the side. Now, you can either cut out a circular cover and use a sealant to keep it in place or simply flip it over.

One of the biggest reasons tires are the best type of outdoor toy storage solutions is that they are waterproof and will last you for years. Yes, a bit heavy, but that’s only a problem if you pant to move it regularly.

8. Zip Tied Buckets

Pretty much every household has corner spaces that are a complete waste. But here’s a simple outdoor storage idea that will help cover a few of them. And since you will be using empty areas in the yard/patio, you won’t have to shift things either.

Plus, it is cost-effective and plastic being water-resistant makes the ideal material to store pool toys, though durability will be an issue.

All you will need are 15-20 zip ties, 10 buckets, and a drill (a small hand drill should be good enough). The design of the final product is something similar to how bowling pins are stacked.

You start by stacking 4 buckets with 3-4 holes around the neck (the holes should be distant). Bind all the buckets together using the zip ties. Now, place 3 buckets in front and bind them all together. Similarly, now stack two more and then just one. 

In total, you will have 10 storage compartments, each of which can house different sets of toys.

9. A Covered Sandbox

outdoor toy storage
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Do your kids spend a lot of time playing in the sand? Of course, they do, kids love it and I am guessing you bought them a sandbox for it. 

But with snow and rain, you probably have to change the sand more often than you like, right?

Thankfully, the solution is simple, a covered sandbox. Plus, if it has raised sides, you can even throw some of the toys into it. 

Some of the sandboxes also come with seats for added comfort and dome lids for more storage space. You can easily find these at a toy store or Amazon.

10. Storage Shed

outdoor toy storage

Do you have a large shed? While you use a part of it as outdoor storage, the other part can also be turned into a fun playhouse for the little ones where they can be kept busy for hours together (so you can attend that all-important meeting without any trouble).

Make sure you install a slip-resistant mat on the inside for the utmost safety of your kids. And once they are done putting away the toys and locking the playhouse and storage shed will be hassle-free. 

Furthermore, you can also add shatter-proof glass, shutters, skylights, etc. to make it more attractive.

But would I do with it once my kids grow up? If that’s something you are wondering, with a little DIY, the complete area can be turned into one big storage space for your vehicles, sports equipment, etc.

11. Magnetic Car Holders

Has it ever happened that you were working on your car/bike in the garage and happened to notice your kid to the same with their toy car? Cute right? There are magnetic car holders that help secure these toy cars to a particular place.

And when the car isn’t moving neither would your child thus, restricting the mess to a small area. Just make sure it isn’t placed too high. 

These holders can secure 2-3 cars at a time and all the tools and parts needed to secure the mount to the wall are provided in the package making the installation hassle-free. It’s an interesting yet cost affective outdoor toy storage idea.

12. Nerf Gun Storage

outdoor toy storage

Kids or teenagers, nerf guns are an evergreen toy but their storage can be tedious for adults due to the number of parts that go into it. Plus, they are usually large, thus taking up a lot of space but don’t worry; we have a neat, compact outdoor toy storage solution for you.

All you will need is a pegboard, glue, mounting brackets, and a wall that is big enough to hold the nerf guns. All you have to do is glue the pegboard to the wall and fix the mounting brackets. Just remember to space them out so there’s ample room for all the nerf guns.

And for all the additional items like bullets and arrows, we’d suggest using a drawstring bag that can be hung on any of the mounting brackets.


Whether you have old types, wooden planks, or old bins like around, these outdoor storage ideas will help you make the most out of them. 

This way, you will not only save money but at the same time have ample storage space that looks good in the backyard or porch. 

If you have created something more unique and eye-catching, do send us photos and if we love, we’d even feature it in our article.

Till then, happy DIYing.

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