Variations In Outdoor Pole Lights

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When it comes to making a bold statement in your yard, large lighting fixtures are often the best way to go. Homeowners typically choose smaller, less noticeable light mounts for use in their yard, but don;t really have the impact that the larger ones do. Outdoor pole lights typically stand several feet tall and come in many varying styles and designs. Many pole lights have a classical feel with lantern-style fixtures that look like kerosene lanterns used in days gone by. All pole lights intended for outdoor use are designed to withstand the rigors of harsh weather. Most lights have a powder coated finish for protection. There are three general types of pole lights- ones that stand freely on a base, ones that stand on a table-top, and ones that are permanently fixed to the ground with a concrete support. All three types are viable options for homeowners but have slightly different installation procedures and advantages. Some models, such as the one in the picture, are powered by solar energy.

Freestanding Pole Lights

Outdoor Pole Lights

Freestanding outdoor pole lights are quite easy to install, as they stand on their own base and can be moved freely from place to place. The base is usually weighted down to prevent the light from toppling over. If you plan on putting these mounts out in the yard or garden, a power source will need to be routed to it. An exposed extension cord can be unsightly, so I suggest making a small trench just deep enough to hide the cable. When a light bulb change is needed, lean the outdoor light pole onto the ground for easy access. If the model is solar powered, no cords are necessary.

Table Top

While not quite imposing, table-top pole lights are an excellent way to light up a dining or gathering area. When coupled with a full sized light, a yard or garden can become a truly beautiful place to reside. Outdoor pole lights intended for the table are quite similar to the freestanding varieties and can be moved around as needed. They do require a power source as they are not solar powered, but a cord can be easily routed under a piece of outdoor furniture. Minka Lavery makes some excellent table pole lights features in many different designs and styles. They match their styles across every type of light, making it possible to coordinate the outside lights around your yard in the same exact style.

Permanent In-ground

Permanent In-ground

Permanent in-ground outdoor pole lights are often installed during the design of a new home, although they be integrated with an existing yard as well. These mount are bolted down or cast in a concrete plug which is poured into a hole in the ground. This results in a permanent outdoor pole lighting solution that is extremely durable. Homeowners who choose this method often install big and tall pole lights to make for an impressive display. Placements can include garden paths, gazebo entrances, driveway entrances, lot corners, and more.

Features of Outdoor Pole Lights

Now that you know the difference between the types of mounting options available, let’s take a look at specific features that make these lights so appealing.

Buyers should be aware that pole lights can come with more than one light fixture. Pole lights with two or even three light fixtures on a single pole will be able to cast more light upon the area underneath, thereby making a greater impression. However, if users will be installing more than one pole light in the same area, they may want to limit the fixture count to one per pole as to not look messy.

Every outdoor pole light should have a protective powder paint coating. This protective coating doesn’t have to be unappealing in appearance, however. In fact, these coatings can be finished in a variety of ways ranging from stainless steel, copper, gold, Swedish iron, and endless other varieties. Coatings are infused with UV protection to prevent chipping and fading caused by the sun.

Light intensity is always an important factor to keep in mind. Ask questions like “how many bulbs does each fixture have?” and “what is the maximum wattage of each bulb”. The higher the wattage, the brighter the pole light will be. For ambient outdoor pole lighting, a lower wattage is desired. For lighting in a functional environment such as a dining area, a higher wattage is essential  to see clearly.

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