5 Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table For Your Backyard

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Ping pong is a game that can be played both indoors and outdoors. Although skilled players prefer playing ping pong inside, you can certainly set up your ping pong table outside for fun.

Outdoor ping pong tables are built to resist the elements, including the sun, wind, rain, and snow. And there are a variety of outdoor ping pong table options available in the market. So the problem is knowing which one is best for your needs and purposes.

Hence, we’ll walk you through some of the top outdoor ping pong table options available out there to assist you. Our analysis includes a complete study of the top best products on the market and a comprehensive study of their attributes, advantages, and drawbacks.

GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set• Compact
• It can be installed indoors and outdoors
• 7 Lightweight
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JOOLA NOVA• Foldable
• 7 Adjustable leg levelers
• Rust-resistant undercarriage
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Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table• All-weather usage
• Durable
• Portable
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JOOLA Berkshire Outdoor Table Tennis Table• 3 in1 tt table
• Wood made
• Sturdy MgO concrete surface
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GoSports Tournament Table Tennis Set• Indoor and outdoor usage
• Sturdy frame
• MDF top
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Top Outdoor Ping Pong Table For Backyard

This is the core of the article, as we’ll present you with some of the best and most well-reviewed outdoor ping pong tables on the market. We have methodically compiled this list by summing the attributes of each of these tables to determine which ones are the finest. The list below will allow you to determine which models will suit you the most and which you can discard.

#1. GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set

GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set
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If you plan to buy a compact ping pong table that can be installed outdoors and indoors, go for GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set. 

This 6’x3′ table comes assembled for quick installation. But don’t be deceived by its minimal size; it has a sturdy aluminum frame and a flawlessly flat playing surface for hours of uninterrupted gaming. Another advantage of this table is that it folds down to 36 “x36” and has built-in carry handles, making it simple to transport.

Further more, you can place this table inside your city flat whenever you and your pals feel the urge to play ping pong or table tennis. The package includes two paddles, four balls, and an Attachments Case for simple equipment storage while not in use.

What We Liked

  • Hassle-free set-up
  • Accessory case
  • Ease of transportation
  • The ball bounces better
  • Foldability
  • Lamination instructions
  • Apt for people of all ages and heights

What We Didn’t Like

  • Folding stability 
  • Unpredictable ball bounce 
  • The table may shift its place with a push
  • Not a full size


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It would be a sin to overlook JOOLA outdoor table tennis (tt) range while discussing outdoor ping pong tables. The company is well known for manufacturing quality indoor and outdoor tt tables. In terms of size, durability, mobility, and other factors, the JOOLA NOVA is one of the greatest outdoor all-around tables.

Although the design is meant for outdoors, you can easily bring it inside because of its wheels. Also, if you’re on a tight budget, this JOOLA product can be a suitable option. 

However, keep in mind that a lower price tag does not imply a lower level of quality. For example, the 6mm thick aluminum-plastic tabletop provides a good ball bounce. The table’s frame is also totally weatherproof, with robust 30 x 30mm thick aluminum legs that protect it from corrosion and the elements.

What We Liked

  • Affordability
  • Weatherproofing
  • Locking casters on wheels
  • Easy installation
  • Simple design 
  • Good portability

What We Didn’t Like

  • Non Durable undercarriage 
  • Not a very thick top surface

#3. Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table 

Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table
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STIGA is another major brand to rely upon. Like the JOOLA NOVA table, STIGA XTR is also pretty affordable and tournament-worthy. As a result, if you’re looking for a long-lasting and well-designed outdoor table tennis table, the Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table is an excellent choice. 

The aluminum composite top is made to withstand moisture, dampness, and extreme heat, making it ideal for usage in the backyard. It measures 63 x 57 x 4 inches and has rust-resistant powder-coated 1.25-inch square steel legs. 

Thanks to its 3-inch locking ball-bearing wheels that can be adjusted with adjustable levelers, you may also be assured in terms of safety and portability. Another advantage of this product is that it is 95 percent preassembled right out of the box, making the final 5% of the installation a breeze.

What We Liked

  • Affordability
  • Compact size
  • Weatherproofing
  • Latch locks
  • Easy installation
  • Foldable

What We Didn’t Like

  • Minimal accessories
  • Flimsy net
  • Dents and scratches (some buyers have received)
  • Detachable halves (may make set-up time consuming)

#4. JOOLA Berkshire Outdoor Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Berkshire Outdoor Table Tennis Table
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The JOOLA Berkshire Outdoor Table Tennis Table, with its peel-proof and non-delaminating MgO concrete surface, is an excellent choice if you are ready to spend more than $1000.

This table may be used as a tt table, an elegant hardwood conference table, or even a dining table. As a result, it is an ideal work-life balance table. In addition, the wooden structure will offer an aesthetic touch to the gaming ambiance if kept in your backyard, poolside, or shaded patio.

The table features an all-weather surface with a sleek and beautiful polished oak wood look and black powder-coated steel legs. You’ll also get a powder-coated steel table tennis net with this table that can withstand any weather condition.

What We Liked

  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Rock solidity 
  • Indoor and outdoor usability
  • Conversion into conference and dining table
  • Powder-coated steel legs
  • All-weather polished oak look
  • The steel net set that comes with it

What We Didn’t Like

  • High price
  • Bulkiness 
  • Un-foldability
  • Unmovable ( no wheels)
  • Heaviness

#5. GoSports Tournament Table Tennis Set

GoSports Tournament Table Tennis Set
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The GoSports Tournament Table Tennis Set is a low-cost tt table that can be used for fun ping pong or table tennis gaming sessions. This table is available in three distinct colors and is extremely sturdy, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

In addition, it comes already assembled, so all you have to do is unpack, unfold, and connect the wheels and nets. Voila! You’re all set to go!

It has a heavy-duty steel framework and a solid play top that provides the right bounce for long periods. A net with net clamps, two premium paddles, three professional-grade table tennis balls, and accessories carrying a pouch are included in the kit.

What We Liked

  • Durability
  • Affordability
  • Foldability
  • Easy installation 
  • Extra accessories
  • Accessory carrying pouch
  • Apt for people of all ages and heights.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Heavyweight

Why An Outdoor Ping Pong Table?

Why An Outdoor Ping Pong Table
Image Credit: Pool side ping pong table from Pinterest

Before you choose your favorite outdoor ping pong table, you should ask yourself why you want an outdoor ping pong table in the first place. Of course, you may have your reasons for setting up a ping pong table in your lawn or garden, but its health value is one of the most common reasons.

Ping pong is an amazing way to get some exercise while having fun. This game is entertaining and will help you burn calories while also improving skill, attentiveness, and coordination. As a result, you can claim that setting up a single ping pong table will provide you with several benefits.

You can use this sport to enjoy quality time with your friends and family for recreation. In addition, unlike tables made solely for indoor usage, these tables usually don’t necessitate as much upkeep. As a result, you may install it and begin enjoying its benefits in any weather or climate.

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Features to Look For

You should be aware that a ping pong table is a significant expenditure. As a result, it’s critical to think about a few basic aspects before making a purchase decision. Choosing the correct table can help you reap all of the game’s physical and psychological benefits.

Some of the features that an outdoor ping pong table should have are listed below. Before scrolling through the pages on shopping sites, you can look through them.

#1. The Player

It is crucial to consider the players’ experience while buying a ping pong table. If the players are pro or experienced, it is better to go for a high-end table that can sustain the gaming pressure. However, remember that high-end tables are costly. Hence, if the players are novices and their purpose is just to have some fun, investing in an expensive ping pong table maybe not be worth it.

#2. Portability

An indoor ping pong table is generally fixed in one place, but it is better to focus on its portability if it is an outdoor one. This is crucial because, at times, when not in use, you may need to fold your table and transport it in your garage or other shaded areas. You can also look for foldable tables with wheels that come at a higher price tag.

#3. The Cost

This may be the most crucial thing to consider if you’re on a budget. Ping pong tables are available in various price ranges, with the price increasing as the features grow. So make a list of your desired features and then search for a table that meets your needs and budget. It’s worth mentioning that investing in a high-end ping pong table may not be justifiable unless you’re an experienced or competent player. However, it would help if you never skimp on the table’s quality to save money.

#4. Material Used

Outdoor ping pong tables are designed to be composed of materials that can resist any weather. Aluminum and other types of metal are common standard materials in these tables. However, ping pong tables made of wood are also available on the market. If you want a serious and long-lasting play experience from an outdoor ping pong table, wooden tables are the way to go. However, these variants are often more expensive than metal-made outdoor ping pong tables since they are made of wood and are more robust.

#5. Top Thickness

When it comes to determining the thickness of a ping pong table, it’s important to remember the standards. As a general guideline, a wooden ping pong table should have a top thickness of 3/4 to 7/8 of an inch. However, if you’re a beginner and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a table, consider a thickness between 13mm and 15mm.

#6. Weatherproof

The weatherproofing capability of an outdoor ping pong table is quite important to consider. Yes, it would be best to choose a table that is resistant to decay and deformation. Usually, choosing outdoor tables with an aluminum playing surface with a synthetic laminate is a better option. 

UV protection is another crucial feature of weatherproofing to consider. The paint and top surface of the table might easily fade if left outside for an extended period. As a result, selecting a table with a special UV protectant coating can be a major bonus.

#7. Durability

You want your table to last, whether you’re spending money on family pleasure or trying to lose weight. So, look out for what’s on top and underneath. Choose a table that’s painted and has a UV protection coating.

#8. Size

How can you not consider the size of a table when planning to place it in your garden? The size of your ping pong table should be determined by the size of the yard you intend to install it in. 

That being said, remember that the table should have an area of at least five steps from each of the player’s end sides and 2 or 3 steps to the side. So, you should measure your garden or yard space before purchasing the table to ensure that you have enough space.

This is the core of the article, as we’ll present you with some of the best and most well-reviewed outdoor ping pong tables on the market. We have methodically compiled this list by summing the attributes of each of these tables to determine which ones are the finest. The list below will allow you to determine which models will suit you the most and which you can discard.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Ping Pong Table

The first thing to remember is that outdoor ping pong differs from indoor ping pong. An outdoor table is more durable and composed of materials that make it difficult to be damaged by the elements. In any case, you should not focus on indoor ping pong tables while browsing through the tables.

Furthermore, outdoor ping pong is played for fun, and even novice players can participate. On the other hand, the indoor ping pong sport is primarily performed by experienced players. These tables are generally made of wood to give them a plush appearance and to assist the ball in absorbing the greatest energy on the bounce, allowing for a fast game.

An exclusive outdoor ping pong table is essential if you intend to install it outside. Outdoor tables are meant for recreational purposes and not for heavy gaming. So, the surfaces of outdoor tables are made of an amalgamation of metal and wood to absorb the ball’s energy, leading to decreased gaming speed. 

Hence, if you are not a skilled ping pong player, you must look for the quintessential features of an outdoor ping pong table for your reference.


We hope that our post has aided you in learning more about the fundamentals of an outdoor ping pong table. Outdoor ping pong tables, to be precise, are built to endure the elements and allow you to play table tennis at any time of year.

When it comes to outdoor installation, most people choose a foldable tt table, but there is no best of the rest product. Before looking at the many possibilities, make a list of your preferences, needs, and yard size. It is necessary because any good table would be ruined if it doesn’t fit in your yard. So, remember that strength, consistency, and size are critical must-haves for any ping pong table. 

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