What Kind of Logs Do You Use for an Outdoor Gas Fire Pit?

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Ceramic or refractory cement are the two most common types of outdoor gas fire pit logs. If you plan to use your outdoor fire pit often, these logs will be your most ideal choice. And they will help the flame stay alive much longer than real organic wood.

Outdoor gas fire pit logs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some fire pit logs have highly realistic details in their design and color, which often resemble a particular species of tree.

Others are not as detailed but still provide the same benefits of weather-resistance, friendliness to the environment, and saving trees.

Your outdoor fire pit should match the overall design of your patio.

Try using this Ultimate Backyard Fire Pit Guide when you are getting everything put together. The guide may help you make some other critical decisions concerning the type of fire pit you choose, plus some help with how to run a gas fire pit. Otherwise, take a look at these options for outdoor gas fire pit logs.

What Kind of Logs Do You Use for an Outdoor Gas Fire Pit?

Outdoor Fire Pit Longs: What to Look For

Before heading to the checkout section of your Amazon account with the very first outdoor fire pit logs that pop up, make sure you look for these aspects:

  1. What is the material of the logs?
  2. Are the logs safe for using outdoors?
  3. How many logs are in the set?
  4. Look at the type of bark. Is it complimentary with the scenery around your outdoor fire pit?
  5. What are the length, diameter, and any other measurements provided for the logs? How do these measurements compare to the size of the fire pit?

Any of these five factors could dissuade you from the product and lead you on to something better.

Of course, Amazon and other online retailers provide return services, but it is always easiest to do the hard work ahead of time and avoid the trouble. Out of everything, make sure the fire logs are not too small for your fire pit.

Types of Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Logs

Two primary types of logs can work wonderfully for outdoor fire pits – refractory cement and ceramic.

Both of these types are artificial rather than real wood. Over time, real wood burns down, and you often find yourself spending more time loading and adjusting the logs than actually enjoying the fire.

Ceramic and refractory cement fire logs last for as long as you have the gas of the fire pit turned on and do not burn down at all.

Refractory Cement

Refractory cement is a type of calcium aluminate cement that is common for heat-exposed decorative elements, like building bricks, stone fireplaces, and as you see here, outdoor gas fire pit logs. It is hard to tell the difference between refractory cement and ceramic logs, but the refractory cement is considerably heavier.

18” Charred Campfire Gas Fire Pit Log Set

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Firegear Beach Fire Refractory Log Set for Outdoor Fire Features 8-Piece Set

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Ceramic Logs

With ceramic fire pit logs, there are more options available online, and those options are significantly cheaper than refractory cement logs.

Ceramic logs also weigh less, so redecorating is always doable. Most ceramic logs are okay for indoor use, as well as outdoor use, and there are even options that come in a nice setup for indoor fireplaces to make the most of the space.

The ceramic logs you see here are predominantly outdoor items. They come with disassembled logs and look very realistic.

Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Ceramic Wood Logs (Indoor or Outdoor)

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Hisencn 10 Piece Ceramic Wood Log Set for Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

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Goplus Ceramic Wood Gas Fireplace Log Set for Outdoor Fire Pits 9-Piece

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How to Complete the Look of Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits are not always as realistic looking as you might hope. However, there are a few other items you can add to the pit to make it look more natural.

Under the ceramic or refractory cement wood logs in an outdoor fire pit, add fireproof rock granules or glass.

These spread out the flame more and make the logs look less like they are out of place and more like they belong in the fire pit. You can also choose to use just glass to build a more modern-day look and give off a completely different vibe to the outdoor living space.

Whatever option you choose, make sure the items you buy are high-quality, fireproof, safe for outdoor use, and the most ideal size for the fire pit. Some extra-large fire pits look best with more massive logs.

So, pay attention to the length measurement of the logs and how many come in a set since that could determine how much empty space will be open in the pit.

Here are a few options for additional outdoor fire pit elements. Do not try to make these items at home to use in your fire pit.

Tempered glass and other types of granules are made a certain way and do not melt with high temperatures of heat.

Stanbroil Lava Rock Granules for Indoor or Outdoor Fire Pits

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Hisencn ½ Inch Reflective Fire Glass for Natural Gas or Propane Fire Pit – Cobalt Blue (Other colors available)

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Blue Ridge Brand Professional Grade Fire Pit Glass Rocks – Amber (Other colors available)

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Summary of the Best Fire Pit Logs

Complete the look of your outdoor space by finishing the rest of the surrounding area. Your newly finished fire pit will seem lonely if everything around it is not also up to date.

Designing an outdoor living space can get expensive super fast, try out some of these Amazing Backyard Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank. Add some personal twists to the backyard design and then sit back and enjoy the warmth and coziness of your new fire pit setup.

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