Light Up Your Home With Outdoor Flood Lights

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Lighting up the outdoors at night not only gives us the chance to create a usable living space, but provides security as well the reason why outdoor flood lights is very crucial. It makes sense to take advantage of every part of your home, including the outdoors. Outdoor flood lights make that dream a reality. Proper lighting can mean the difference between an abandoned backyard and the perfect get-together center. Consumers have vast design choices in lighting which means that everyone can find the style of their choice. Whether you have an established outdoor environment, or you are designing a new one, choosing the proper lighting is key. It’s easy to match decor with a lighting solution. Styles range from modern and sleek to rustic and classical. Many questions are sure to arise when choosing your outside lights, such as “Should I go with solar powered spotlights?” or “Will a single bulb mount be enough or should I go with a double?” We will go over some helpful information to assist you in making the right choice. When learning about outside lighting, you’ll think of ideas and concepts that you didn’t realize before.

1. Finding A Style For You

Finding A Style For You

If you haven’t done any searching online yet, you will soon discover the wide range of styles that can be found in outdoor flood lighting. The best way to sort through all this information is to get a general idea of your needs. First, let’s talk about how many mounts you will need to provide complete coverage. A powerful spotlight can fill in a decent sized area. One spot light should be sufficient for a small backyard. If you have, say, a large grassy area, then I would suggest more than one light mount. Chances are you have different sections of the yard that need lighting, such as a pool area, sitting area, and perhaps side of the house. Each area will need a spotlight if you want full coverage. Technically, two areas can share a light if you get a swiveling mount, but this could be inconvenient. For added flexibility and the convenience of only having to install one mount, consider a mount with 2-3 light sockets in one unit. Each light can be pointed in different areas, and you can avoid the electrical hassle of excessive wall mounting.

2. Materials

Most manufacturers construct their outdoor garden lights and flood lights to handle all types of weather conditions. If you have excessive weather, you may want to consider a heavy duty unit. Product specifications can be found on the box. Although it may seem obvious, make sure the light is intended for outdoor use. A variety of materials are incorporated into an outdoor flood light, including wood, steel, aluminum, and plastic. You can have peace of mind in the quality of any of these, but each has their own benefits and downsides. Wood is an aesthetically pleasing and natural material that works well in almost any situation. Real wood will need a certain degree of care to prevent cracking, discoloration and peeling. Most wood lights will come coated in a protective seal, lacquer or paint. After time in the sun, the coating may weaken. Once a year, look the mount over and give it a good clean. If chipping is seen, it is time to re-sand and seal the wood. An unsealed piece will absorb moisture and can rot and discolor.

Steel is a sturdy and resilient material in light mounts. Steel can be molded into any shape, ranging from elegant curves to modern designs. Unless stainless, steel will come coated in a paint or texture to protect it from moisture. Take care when installing to prevent scratches in the seal because steel rusts when exposed to water. Aluminum is a great metal for its lightweight and anti-rust properties. Homeowners looking for a long-lasting and resilient spotlight mount should consider aluminum. Regardless of the material, you will find that any color or texture is possible. The perfect backyard can be created when matching a spotlight system to your yard furniture or house paint.

3. Installation


The big barrier that prevents most people from installing an outdoor spotlight system is the installation. Installing a light into the electrical system of your home can be a daunting task, but there are professionals out there who can make it happen. Contact your local electrician or company specializing in outdoor lighting. They can give you a free quote on installation. This is a step that you want done right. You’ll need to decide where you want the lights and light switch to go. Ask yourself if you want the lights to be controller by one or more switches. Keep in mind that you may not want all the lights to come on at once. The electrician can wire it up so you can work each light individually.
While not quite as professional as true wall-mounted outdoor flood lights, there are systems available that don’t run through your walls. If you want to get up and running with ease, consider one of these kits. With one or two simple screws, you can mount a spotlight to your wall and run a cord down to an outlet. Other than the visible cord, this can be a great way to quickly light up an area. It’s also very flexible and can be moved if your needs change. This is great for renters and other people who need a temporary solution.

If you want to do away with wires altogether, consider a solar powered system. A solar flood light takes energy from the sun and stores the power in a rechargeable battery pack. At night, the light will come on either by a switch or motion sensors. Place the solar flood lights anywhere that gets direct sunlight for a very simple way to light an area. Be advised that solar lights are usually not as powerful as a wired system and work best in isolated areas such as a table or sitting area. Using LED technology, solar lights last an exceptionally long time. Comparing incandescent bulbs with LED’s, the LED bulb will last far longer.

Outdoor flood lights are also a great security measure. History has shown that burglars and other suspicious people are less likely to tread in an area that is well lit. With motion detecting yard lighting, you will be aware when someone is approaching.

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