Metal Pergola

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A pergola can be a wonderful addition to a yard or garden. However, some people do not like the style that a wooden pergola offers.

Wooden pergolas have a slatted top which allows bright sun and rain to fall through.

A metal pergola, on the other hand, can be equipped with a durable fabric shade overhead. Metal pergolas look very similar to gazebos, but still maintain a general pergola look.

Metal Pergola

There are many areas where a pergola can improve the quality of outdoor life, including gardens, un-shaded openings, patios, decks, pool sides and more.

Users will experience a reduction in heat as they lounge in their outdoor furniture pieces. Most are big enough to accommodate multiple chairs, loungers or any other type of furniture.

Metal Pergola Design

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A metal gazebo or pergola uses four sturdy legs to suspend a canopy up in the air. This canopy sits at a tall enough height as to not hit the user’s heads.

These four legs are colored to match the hue of the canopy, maintaining a certain style that can blend with your current decor and furniture.

A pergola like this can have the classic cross- beams over the top, but are usually covered in a sun shield which makes them more useful. If, however, you plan on growing vines over the structure, taking off the shades beforehand is recommended.

If left on, the plants can ruin the shades. Some metal pergolas are designed to imitate the look of wood, allowing you to have the beauty of wood without the maintenance.


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A steel or aluminum pergola must be installed with care to prevent it from toppling over.

Each leg has a set of holes on the bottom which are pre-drilled into a plate. Bolts must be placed through the holes and secured into a concrete foundation below.

Special tools may be needed, but this process can be left to a professional.

After the legs are in place, the awning structure can be attached with the included hardware. Keep in mind that the entire set can be quite heavy, and more than one individual may be needed to handle the pieces.

Take care when handling the beams, as dropping or hitting them can risk chipping the protective and decorative paint. Some models have extra pieces of decorative nature, such as top caps which are designed to look like beveled wood.

Once installed, these pergolas can withstand wind, rain, and any other weather condition.

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