Most Common Lawn Weeds

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The term “weed” is a subjective one. Generally it is a plant “not wanted” where it is. Lots of people will be planting these “weeds” listed below, whereas lots will be finding ways to eradicate them.



Able to blend in with other types of grass, crabgrass begins appearing in the lawn at the start of spring. If the grass has begun to sprout, some post emergence weed killer should get rid of these lawn weeds.


Easily identifiable by its round leaves, clover is known as a “broadleaf perennial” and can grow without bound. The use of post emergence weed killer is the best option. Do one application of weed killer in the spring and another in the fall for best results. Once under control it is much easier to prevent it in the future.



Dandelions may have interesting yellow flowers, but those flowers contain seeds which are sure to spread, Since dandelions have deep roots, a weed removal tool must be used to prevent the weed from returning. Weed killers which target broadleaf lawn weeds can also be used.

Annual Bluegrass

When water drains poorly and creates soggy areas of pooled water, annual bluegrass is not far behind. The use of pre emergent killers will prevent annual bluegrass from striking. Perennial bluegrass required pulling, unfortunately.


A winter annual, Henbit is known for producing purple flowers. Use selective herbicide in the spring after it emerges.


Easily pulled out by hand, Chickweed can be eliminated using broadleaf herbicide before emergence. Use it before the seeds sprout in the spring.

Ground Ivy

Ground Ivy

Prone to growing in the shade, ground ivy can quickly take over a lawn. They also become a burden for other yard owners since the seeds spread around. Apply selective herbicide in the fall. Additional treatments will be necessary since these lawn weeds are so resilient.

Wild Violet

Wild Violet grows in the shade and likes thin soil. Use a weed puller or shovel to remove it. Broadleaf killer will also work.



A spring/fall weed, Oxalis enjoys cool weather. It’s a tough weed, and often requires a combination of herbicide, proper watering and fertilizer to remove.

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