John Deere D140 Tractor Review & Specs

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Do you have a small lawn and are looking for a lawn mowing tractor that is compact but packed with heavy features? Well, then your search ends here, as John Deere brings to you one of its most popular and affordable compact lawnmowing tractors- the John Deere D140 tractor.

The company was founded in 1837, and the D140 was launched in 2011 by keeping in mind the needs of small farmers and gardeners. The John Deere D140 tractor is apt to be used on lands that are less than 2 acres.

It runs on 22hp and is powered by a V-twin cylinder engine. The powerful Hp and cylinders make it possible for this tractor to undertake some serious and tough mulching and mow.

Many more features are packed in this tractor, which will surely make you want this machine even more. So, if you are already finding this machine worth using, keep up with us to learn more.

John Deere D140 Tractor Specifications

ModelJohn Deere D140 Tractor
Engine Power (Gross)22 hp or 16.4 kW
TypeOverhead valve, full-pressure lube, oil filter
Length (overall)70 inches (177.8 cm)
Power take-off (PTO) Mid PTO- Electric dependent
Choke/speed controlOne lever
Steering Manual
Wheel Base48.9 inches (124.2 cm)
Weight465 lb or 211 kg- only Mower with no fuel
Oil drainsNo tools

#1. Engine Specifications

Engine model1.9 L (2.01 US. qt, 1.67 Imp. qt.)
Manufacturer44N677 (M44)
Engine typeFour-stroke, air-cooled, inline
No. of cylindersV-twin
Displacement44.2 cubic inches ( 724 cubic cm)
Bore and stroke75.44 mm X 73.41 mm (2.97 in X 2.89 in)
Cooling SystemAir cooling system
Air CleanerCartridge
Fuel typeGasoline
Fuel tank capacity2.4 U.S. gals or 9.1 Ltr

#2. Electrical System

Battery12 V
300 CCA
Charging systemRegulated, 9 amp
Engine startersBendix type
Charging amps9
Backup lightsNo
Rear work lightsNo
12-V outlet Optional accessory

#3. Transmission

TypeHydrostatic (HST) with two-wheel drive
GearsInfinite forward and reverse
Oils Capacity1.9 L (2.01 US. qt, 1.67 Imp. qt.)
BrakesDisc brake system
Steering typeManual
Cruise ControlStandard Cruise Control
ControlTwo-pedal foot hydrostatic control

#4. Chassis

FrameFull-length welded steel
Front axleCast iron front axle
Receiver hitchNA
Front tires15×6-6
Rear tires20×10-8
Storage facilityTray with cover
Mounting equipmentCargO Mount™ system

#5. Attachments (Optional)

MowersStandard mower, 48 inches (122 cm)
Mulching systemMulch cover
Rear baggage2-bag with 6.5 bu (229 L) capacity
SnowblowerTwo-stage snowblower, 44 inches or 111.8 cm
SpreaderTow-behind only of 125 lb or 57.7 kg
Weather protectionSnow cab
SprayerTow-behind only, 15 U.S. gal. 56.8 L & Tow-behind only, 25 U.S. gal. 94.6 L

#6. Tires

Lawn/turf front:15×6.00-6
Lawn/turf rear:20×10.00-8

#7. Production

TypeLawnmower tractor
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Launched in2011
Price in 2011USD 1,999.00 Approx.

#8. Warranty

WarrantyTwo year or 120 hrs bumper-to-bumper, whichever comes first.

Features of John Deere D140 Tractor

Features of John Deere D140 Tractor
Image Source: The John Deere D140 lawn tractor by Mike Mozart from Flickr

John Deere D140 tractor is a slick and slim lawnmowing tractor, perfect for mowing small lawns or yards. The very look of the tractor, with the iconic John Deere yellow and green, is very much appealing and lavish.

Just like its outer style, this tractor is heavily featured and works smoothly while mowing the lawn. So, let’s explore what features make John Deere D140 tractor gardeners’ favorite without any delay.

#1. Physical Specifications

Firstly, let us focus on the tractor’s physical specifications.

From its outer appearance, it becomes clear that the tractor is compact and has been specifically designed to work on smaller and tighter areas. This machine comes in a length of 68.75 inches and a width of 60 inches. Moreover, its weight is merely 238 kg and has a wheelbase of 48.9 inches, which helps you to cut or mow small grass in a short time.

This tractor comes with a Hydrostatic HST transmission system and two-pedal foot control, giving a high performance without clutching. Additionally, it sports a simple operating system and a 15 inches heat-resistant seat, making it highly comfortable for the users.

#2. Engines

Image Credit: Tractor engine from Pixabay

The John Deere D140 comes with the Briggs and Stratton ’40’ Four-stroke, air-cooled, inline 2-cylinder engine. The machine’s engine transfers power to its wheels using a Kanzaki Tuff Torq T40 hydrostatic transmission. This, gas a result, gives infinite gears in both forwards and reverse.

Also, this tractor has an electric start, which makes it easy for the users to start the machine without the need for acceleration. The tractor comes with a battery of 12 V 300 CCA and a Bendix type start.

#3. Transmission and Chassis

Transmission and chassis
Image Credit: Transmission from Pxfuel

The John Deere D140 uses a hydrostatic transmission with a two-wheel drive, which helps the rider use this tractor more conveniently.

It also has a disc brake system with manual steering, right-side accelerator, and decelerator/reverse foot pedals. These features make it easy to maneuver this tractor even in the tightest of situations. Moreover, its lean wheelbase- 48.9 inches- makes this tractor suitable to be used in remote areas.

Also, the front wheels on the tractor are 15×6-6, while the rear tires measure 20×10-8. And although the dimensions of the tires may seem significant, the tractor’s turning radius is relatively small, only 0.46 m or 18 inches.

#4. Optimized for Small Areas

As we have mentioned earlier, the Jon Deere D140 tractor is made for small lands. We said so because the tractor’s primary ride-on features allow it to small acres with high speed and elegance.

Also, its 22Hp and two cylinders give D140 enough power to cover hills by reaching a maximum forward speed of 5.5mph. Moreover, there is a cruise control deck and a two-pedal-hydro-transmission control system on this tractor, which allows the rider to go into reverse with the touch of afoot.

#5. Attachments

In terms of attachments, the John Deere D140 tractor stands apart. This tractor comes with an array of attachment options, which help users perform multitasks apart from mowing the land. Moreover, this machine’s slide under attachable makes it hassle-free to attach optional equipment whenever needed.

Some of the attachments that can be used with this tractor include:

  • Mower
  • Mulching system
  • Front blade
  • Rear baggage
  • Snowblower
  • Sprayer
  • Spreader, etc.

All these attachments can be used for activities like mulching, mowing, grass clearing, etc.

Driving and Loading

Driving and Loading
Image Credit: The tractor’s seat is highly comfortable from Pxhere

John Deere D140 is best known for offering an ergonomic seating system and control designs. So, it is not only easy to use this tractor but use it with the utmost comfort. You will not feel tired even if you work for prolonged hours on this tractor.

The parking brake and height transition lever are positioned on both sides of the driver’s seat, making it easy to control and manage them. All the controls of D140 are made so simple that even a novice gardener, with the minimum knowledge, can drive it with ease.


All John Deere products offer guaranteed performance, and thanks to their long warranty period, users can get peace of mind. That being said, the D140 comes with a warranty period of 2 years or 120 hours, whichever comes first.

Also, an onboard service-reminder system tallies the hours for assuring the mower is cared for properly. There’s more; with this tractor, you can get hourly milestones acting as a reminder regarding replacing the oil and servicing individual parts.

In addition, there is an RIO or Reverse Implement Option switch beneath the steering wheel of the mower, which meets the ANSI and OPEI standards.


  • Compact size
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Apt for the small size of lands
  • It comes with a better warranty period
  • Has an RIO complying with the ANSI and OPEI standards
  • Ergonomic seating and controls
  • Fuss-free operation
  • It comes with an array of attachment options
  • Affordable
  • Relatively lightweight than other models
  • Slim wheelbase for easy control in challenging situations


  • No mower wheels rotation
  • The blades cut grass irregularly
  • May face difficulty in cutting tough weeds and grass in the first attempt
  • It May feel flimsy as compared to other John Deere tractors


In the year of its launch, the price of this tractor was around USD 1,999.00, which is 9.1% inexpensive than the average John Deere and other brands’ lawn tractor.


Cutting or mowing lawn grass can be monotonous and tiring. But if you use a lawn tractor specifically made for grass mowing, cutting, and mulching, your task can get much more straightforward.

Keeping this in mind, John Deere has manufactured the D140 compact lawn tractor. This machine can offer you high performance along with comfort. And if you have a yard or garden smaller than 2 acres, D140 could be the right fit for you.

So, refer to our blog, and we wish you a very good buy!

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