John Deere 1023E Lawn Tractor Review and Specs

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We cannot doubt quality when it comes to John Deere. The brand has earned its name by manufacturing high-quality riding lawn tractors, sub-compact utility tractors, and other agricultural equipment. John Deere 1023E belongs to the brand’s 1-series and shares several common features with the 1025R. Undoubtedly, it is a very durable and compact tractor that will live up to the expectations of users looking forward to some serious landscaping tasks.

John Deere 1023E Lawn Tractor Review and Specs
Imag Credit: John Deere 1023E from John Deere

And although the 1023e falls under the sub-compact category, its size does not reflect the features it comes packed with. In other words, the John Deere brand has managed to pack all the essential specifications in a very compact and stylish cover.

It is appropriate to refer to it as a multitasking tractor because it can be used for various tasks such as gardening, fence construction, snow blowing, etc. This sub-compact tractor, introduced in 2011, is a very popular product from the John Deere 1-series and has remained a wise option among users.

Hence, we’ve written this article to shed light on the specs and features of the John Deere 1023e subcompact tractor. In addition, we will try to detail the factors that make this product worthwhile to invest in. And by the end of this post, you’ll know whether it’s right for you and whether you should put your money into it.

John Deere 1023E Specs

General Specifications
Image Credit: John Deere 1023E, Mower, Loader Package from Pinterest

Before we get into the specifications of the product, here’s a simplified version to give you a general idea. By going through the tables below, you’ll have a good idea of the 1023e subcompact tractor.

ModelJohn Deere 1023ESub-Compact Utility tractor
Engine Power (Gross)SAE J1995 rated power: 16 kW21.5 hp21.8 PS
TypeRiding lawn tractor
Length (overall)87.6 inches
Width47.2 inches
Height (without ROPS)41.5 inches
Power take-off (PTO) 11.1 kW14.9 hp
Cruise controlNo
Wheel Base57.1 inches
Turning Radius without brakeOutside front tire: 2.51 m8.2 ft
Transmission TypeHydrostatic - 2 Range
Implement Hydraulics13.2 L/min3.5 gpm
Steering hydraulics13.2 L/min3.5 gpm
Weight1,345 lbs
Engine specifications
Engine Manufacturer/ modelYanmar3TNM74F-NCJT
Engine typeDiesel
Engine power21.5 hp
Rated engine speed3200 rpm
No. of cylinders3
Cylinder linersCast-in-block
Displacement60.6 cu in.
Cooling SystemWater pump
Air CleanerDual element
Emissions complianceFinal Tier 4
Fuel tank capacity24 L6.3 U.S. gal.
Operator System
Roll Over Protection (ROPS)Foldable
Cab EnclosureAftermarket
Electrical system
Battery size500 CCA
Volt12 V
Starter size1.2 kW1.6 hp
Alternator40 amp
Lawn/turf frontR3 Turf: 18x8.50-10R4: 18x8.5-10
Lawn/turf rearR3 Turf: 26x12-12R4: 26x12-12
TypeHydrostatic - two range
BrakesWet disc (left-hand pedal)
Steering typePower
Oil capacity12.3 L
Oil typeJD Hy-Gard
Cruise ControlNo
Differential lockNo
Axle capacityFront612 kg1349 lbRear715 kg1576 lb
TypeOpen center
Pump rated outputSteering13.2 L/min3.5 gpmImplement13.2 L/min3.5 gpm24 L/min6.3 gpm
Pump typeSingle gear
Maximum operating pressure138 bar2000 psi
Draft control sensingSelect-control
Remote control valves availableThree
3-point hitch
TypeLimited Category 1
Lift capacity, 24-in. behind link arms344 kg758 lb
Mower deck (Mid Mount)54”John Deere 54D AutoConnect60”John Deere 60D AutoConnect
Ballast BoxYes
Disk HarrowYes
Engine Coolant Heater KitYes
Front bladeYes
Front snowblowerYes
TypeSub-Compact Utility tractor
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Production year2011
Manufacturing locationAugusta, Georgia, USA
Original price$12062 (in 2017)

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Features of John Deere 1023E Lawn Tractor

A sub-compact lawn tractor is a versatile machine that can greatly assist all year. A sub-compact tractor can handle everything from general yard work to snow removal. The John Deere 1023e is a subcompact tractor that performs multiple tasks, defying the stereotype of these small machines. As a result, in this broad section, we will discuss the features that enable this product to stand out among its competitors.

The section has been divided into subsections that will focus on the physical specifications, engine, transmission, attachment, and other associated features of the 1023e. So, let’s just get this ball rolling!

Physical Specifications

Physical Specifications
Image Credit: John Deere 1023E from John Deer

The foremost thing to focus on in this machine is its compact size. The 1023e is a product you can use on small to medium-size properties. The product shares a similar body color with other John Deere products– yellow and green. Hence, you can well recognize it from its very first sight.

Let us now consider its size. The dimension of the 1023e is 87.6″ x 47.2″ x 41.5″. (l x w x h). The product’s width and height are slightly larger than most sub-compact tractors. However, this will not affect the user. Furthermore, at 1345 lbs, it is lighter than another 1-series product, the 1025r. The 57.1″ wheelbase, on the other hand, allows the rider to cover more ground in less time.

The 1023e’s operating system is open, which allows for greater visibility while working. Nevertheless, this product is ROPS compatible, which can protect it in the event of a rollover. Another noteworthy feature is the tractor’s large and easy-to-grab handrails, making it simple to get on and off.


Yanmar manufactures the John Deere 1023e engine, model number 3TNM74F-NCJT, which produces 21.5 hp. Furthermore, the engine is built to meet Tier 4 environmental protection agency (EPA) standards. Therefore, we can say that this tractor is green on the inside, as it emits very little fumes and emissions.

Three diesel-powered cylinders provide less vibration and noise during operations. In contrast, the electric starter is the icing on the cake. The 500 CCA battery is powerful enough to start the engine without a hitch, even in extremely cold temperatures.

The engine’s displacement is 60.6 cu in., which is less than that of the 1025r but will not be an issue when working on small to medium-sized yards. The bore and stroke dimensions stand at 74 x 77 mm.

Air Filter

The 1023e model includes a dual filter element as a benchmark. It is an improved version of the single element air filtration system that filters the air by sending it through two types of purification process channels.

Noise Level

A loud tractor could be a complete turn-off. Hence, John Deere pays attention to making their tractors silent players. And similar things could be stated for the 1023e model.

Transmission and Chassis

The transmission allows engine power to reach the various parts of a tractor. In the case of the 1023e, its hydrostatic transmission enables its 21.5 hp engine power to convert into usable power all over its components. Furthermore, the user will have smooth maneuverability with both-way gears.

Furthermore, like the 1025r, this model has 4WD and power steering. The steering in this model, however, is non-tilting and stationary. Furthermore, its 57.1-inch wheelbase gives it the stability to operate in any terrain. Furthermore, its no-clutching system allows users to make prompt route changes.

3 Point Hitch

The 1023e has a 3-point hitch that allows it to attach heavy equipment. Because of the limited lift height available to raise the lift pins, the 3-point hitch is classified as Limited Category 1. This model uses hydraulic pressure to move the 3-point hitch

Mower Deck

Users of the 1023e model will receive a mid-mount mower deck measuring 54″ and 60″. However, if you use the 60″ mid-mount mower on thick grass or in a hilly area, the 1023e will be slightly slower than the 1025r, which may significantly differ for some users. However, there would be few differences in a flat yard scenario.

User Comfort

User Comfort
Image Credit: The steering from Pinterest

One of the several things that John Deere can brag about is its products’ level of comfort. In this context, the brand leaves no room for criticism. In this respect, the 1023e model has a comfortable seat, but there are no armrests. It is a pan-style one-piece seat.

Although it is comfortable, the seat is more prone to cracking at the curves due to temperature changes. Another feature that riders will miss in this product is the round point, which absorbs most of the stress from bumps. There are rubber isolator mounts or springs beneath the seat, which is fine but lacks bounce. In a nutshell, the 1023e lacks a premium seat. However, if you are not looking for something exquisite, you should not be discouraged.

On the brighter side, however, is the cruise control, which allows riders to select a preferred speed and complete landscaping tasks consistently.

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Image Credit: John Deere tractor with a Backhoe from Pinterest

The 1023e model comes with various accessories that you can install as desired. Attachments for this tractor include front loaders, front, and mid mower decks, backhoe, etc. The mid-mount mower deck can be installed easily and comes in two sizes: 54 inches and 60 inches. Furthermore, the model employs AutoConnect, enabling operators to quickly and easily mount the equipment.

Pros and Cons of John Deere 1023E Lawn Tractor

The John Deere 1023e is an impressive sub-compact utility tractor. However, it is not without drawbacks. As a result, in this section, we’ll try to figure out what we like about this tractor and where it needs to improve.


  • Compact size
  • Great for small to mid-sized yards
  • Fewer emission
  • Open operator system with ROPS system
  • Electric start
  • Durable
  • 3 point hitch
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable ride
  • AutoConnect™ mid-mower deck
  • Tier 4-compliant diesel engine
  • Moveable seats
  • It comes with good attachment options


  • It does not come with the premium seat option
  • Not an impressive mower deck quality
  • The tractor is on the expensive side

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To summarize, the John Deere 1023e tractor is a versatile product. It is an excellent choice for small to medium-sized properties and can be used on various terrains. In addition, this machine conceals some powerful features beneath its compact cover, making it a popular choice among users.

Although the price of this machine would seem high, it won’t disappoint you with its performance, connection choices, comfort, durability, cut quality, and ease of use.

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