Best Hydroponic Herb Gardens

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Are you tired of digging and growing your plants in the dirt? Are you tired of pests? If yes, then you should consider looking into a hydroponic herb garden.

Hydroponic gardens are rewarding and easy to use, and they’re cool! Using this technique allows you to be rid of the dirt while still giving your plants the things that they need to grow, and without having to worry about disease, contamination, weeds, or pests.

Best Hydroponic Herb Gardens

It’s a daunting task knowing where to start with your hydroponic garden system, even knowing what herb garden kits you should invest in. However, in this article, you’ll find a list of the things that you should look for in an herb garden kit, and we’ll even give you some ideas of potential ones.

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What Is the Hydroponic System?

Hydroponic systems refer to working with water, which is what happens when you do hydroponics. However, this isn’t normal water that you’re working with. It’s full of nutrients that help feed the roots of your plants without needing soil.

Best Hydroponic Herb Gardens

Did you know that soil isn’t even necessary when growing plants? Soil is only a medium that helps hold the nutrients that the plants need, which water can do too.

With this in mind, for hydroponic systems to work, you need to plant your herb into a medium that lacks nutrients so that your plants must rest on and grab nutrients from the water. This typically includes vermiculite, rock wool, clay pellets, peat moss, and perlite.

Remember that oxygen is important for your plants, and the type of medium that you use is supposed to help oxygenate them.

Hydroponics requires the use of a heavily controlled environment: you set the conditions for your plants, and they grow happy, healthy, and clean.

The Benefits of Hydroponic Herb Gardens

There are many benefits to growing your herbs in a hydroponic garden, some of which you’ve probably never thought about before.

Here are some advantages to using a high-quality hydroponic system!

Your Herbs Grow Faster

Hydroponic herb gardens are known to grow fast. If you use one of the best hydroponic systems, you can get your plants to mature faster by about 25 percent, and you’ll be able to make more than 30 percent of yield over soil gardening.

Plus, you get to save effort and time, while still getting more output for your input. With hydroponic gardening systems, your plants will grow strong, healthy, and free from the threat of disease, pests, and mold.

You won’t even need a large root system. The less space that you give the roots of your plant, the more the upper parts will grow – this is ideal for leafy plants like spinach or lettuce.

Indoor Gardening

Many city dwellers don’t grow plants for business or personal use because they don’t have space for it. This is true if you only do soil growing.

However, with hydroponics, you’ll be able to grow your plants without needing much space.

Your hydroponics system could be something small that you can put outside on your patio or deck, your closet, or even the roof of your apartment. You just need to have water, a pump, and something to hold your plants in.

Emotional Needs

You might not have known this, but hydroponics can make you happy.

You can sit down next to your hydroponic system in the morning with a cup of coffee and listen to the water cycling through. You can even talk to your plants; in fact, they like it!


Are you worried about the environment?

Hydroponic systems limit the risk of disease, insects, viruses, and another fungus that typically threaten plants that are grown in the soil. This all means that you don’t have to worry about using insecticides, pesticides, and other chemicals – all of which saves the environment.

For more benefits to having a hydroponic herb garden, check out this page from Yard Surfer.

Best Hydroponic Systems

To help you get started with your hydroponic herb garden, we’ve compiled a list of two of the best indoor herb garden kits that you can find on the market.

Whether you want to grow only herbs or if you want to challenge yourself with a vegetable garden, these hydroponic growing kits are perfect for you.

AeroGarden Ultra LED

Best Hydroponic Herb Gardens

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The company that is known to make the best hydroponic garden kits, AeroGarden, is owned by Miracle-Gro. This company makes a variety of countertop hydroponic systems, like the one in the picture, which are fully contained.

You aren’t required to have special hardware like a nutrient solution, lightbulbs, or a growing medium with this kit. The whole system is basic, which is ideal for those who are wanting a simple system, and it’s a great option for those who want to use “grow pods.”

Grow pods are pods that you simply plop into the system, choose the setting, and then forget about it until you want to use the plants.

This system is best for growing smaller plants without big roots.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • Simple setup
  • Easy-to-use display panel
  • Quiet pump


  • Made from flimsy plastic
  • Few options for planting

AeroGarden Sprout LED

Best Hydroponic Herb Gardens

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With this particular system, you can grow your herbs year-round. You can grow up to three plants at a time.

The full spectrum of the grow light that is equipped allows your plants to maximize photosynthesis – which helps them grow faster.

These lights are easy to use, and they remind you to add nutrients. This kit also comes with a seed kit containing dill, curly parsley, Genovese basil, along with three ounces of patented nutrients for a full season worth of growing.


  • User-friendly
  • Promotes fast growth
  • Great reminder system
  • Comes with an herb seed kit


  • Made from flimsy plastic
  • The LED light is easily scratched

Getting started with your hydroponic herb garden takes more than just getting the perfect starting kit. You’ll find a list of five of the top products you’ll need to get started with hydroponics at this page from the Yard Surfer.

Final Thoughts

If you’re excited about what hydroponics can do, then you should consider purchasing one of the two setups that we’ve listed above to start putting hydroponic techniques to the test. Go forth and find the best hydroponic herb garden on the market for your needs and living situation – you won’t regret it.

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