Hard Plastic Kiddie Pool

The Hard Plastic Kiddie Pool

Backyard fun in the summer doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A single visit to the local swim park can cost a family $100 Hard Plastic Kiddie Poolor more. If you have young children in the family, they would probably have just as much fun wading in a hard plastic kiddie pool. These small pools have hard walls, can be filled with regular hose water, and cost fewer than twenty dollars. Small pools like these are very easy to set up because they require no inflation. Also, their hard plastic design eliminates any pain caused from rocks that the pool may be sitting on. Even though these pools hold a relatively small amount of water, children should still be supervised at all times.

The size of a hard plastic kiddie pool must always be considered. While multiple pools can be purchased, some kids like to have all of their friends and family in the same pool. This can easily be done by supplying a large plastic pool. Kiddie pools these days are not only limited to the standard circular design. In fact, many of them come in interesting shapes like squares, rectangles, or ovals. Colored plastic combined with cool looking imprints makes these pools appealing to children.

While not big enough to float in, there are many types of toys which can be used in conjunction with a hard plastic pool. Bedroom toys without any metal hardware are more than welcome in the clear waters. Floating toys like rubber ducks and inflatable characters can bob around on the surface. Throw in a couple handheld water pistols and the fun really gets started. Goggles may be needed if the children enjoy dipping below the water’s surface.

Be prepared to refill the hard plastic pool as the kids play. Splashing and kicking can quickly empty the play pool, especially if more than one child is occupying it. Once the children get older, consider upgrading to a small inflatable or hard sided pool. Made of nylon, these pools come in larger sizes and can be used by the whole family. They are still small enough to be safe for children to enjoy. Soft pools can be stored into a smaller place, and can even come with storage bags. An electric pump can take the work out of inflation. Hard sided pools require no inflation at all. Get ready to enjoy years of water based fun in the yard.

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