Hanging Bubble Chair

If you’ve read any of our other posts on hanging chairs, you probably know by now that these chairs are super comfortable and stylish. Rope and hammock chairs make a bold statement, but if you really want to turn heads, consider getting a hanging bubble chair. Bubble chairs consist of a large circular seat with a cushion inside. This cove-style seating encloses you in a protective bubble while you swing around freely. While many of these bubbles have a very modern look, some of these chairs are made out of wicker for a more down-to-earth style more suited for a backyard or porch. Most people place these chairs indoors in an office or bedroom, but some are intended for outdoor use. An indoor hanging chair can easily become the main conversation piece in a home. So many colors ranging from wacky to bold are featured in bubble chair designs.

Plastic Hanging Bubble Chairs

Plastic bubble chairs are very modern and outer-space-like in design. The plastic bubble shell has an opening at the front where users enter. The plastic shell is supported by at the rim by a sturdy steel circle. At the bottom of this bubble sits a padded cushion which can cover the bottom and/or back of the shell. Pads can be switched out to change styles and colors if your tastes change. The shell can either be a solid color, textured color or completely clear. The clear bubbles allow you to see not only through the front, but the sides, back and top as well. Solid colors only allow you to see through the front. Hanging bubble chair owners have a lot of fun swinging around their room in all directions. If you want to be able to move the chair from room to room, a hanging chair stand can be used. Stands also eliminate the need for ceiling installation.

Wicker Bubble Chairs

Wicker is a material that fits well into just about any environment, including patios and gardens. Wicker bubble chairs are coated with a weatherproof resin, allowing them to be used outdoors. The wicker is painted or stained different colors to match your decor. A tight weave around the rim of the opening keeps the structure rigid. Inside, pillows and cushions can be placed to make it a super comfortable chair. Some hanging chair owners stuff a bunch of pillows inside to give themselves cushion on all sides. Unlike plastic chairs, these wicker varieties usually have a rope instead of a chain to better match the style of the chair. Inside this serene chair cove, users can drift off into dreamland, enjoy a cold beverage, read a book or even sit with the kids.

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