Year-Round Growing With Greenhouse Seeds

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Whatever your needs, there is a greenhouse for you.

Year-Round Growing With Greenhouse Seeds

Once inside, the greenhouse seeds with experience the perfect growing environment. There’s no better joy to gardening than taking pride in the plants you grow.

A mixture of art and science, gardening can produce amazing fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers right at home. Unfortunately, many people live in weather conditions that are less than ideal. Some examples of this include long, snowy winters or hot and dry summers. While crops can be grown in these conditions, it is often more work than it’s worth.

Constant tending can still result in small, under-grown plants with little to harvest. There is, however, an easy way to grow seeds in a perfect isolated environment no matter where you live.

Using a greenhouse, you can create an environment that is suited to a wide variety of plants. They come in sizes from a small indoor greenhouse to full-scale walk-ins equipped with heating and automatic watering.

The Greenhouse Environment

Year-Round Growing With Greenhouse Seeds

So, what types of greenhouse seeds can be put inside? Just about any seed can be grown in a greenhouse, including luscious fruit, hearty vegetables and prize-winning flowers. And the best thing is they can be grown all-year round. Pots, troughs, and hanging planters can be put inside the room.

Feel free to plant multiple types of seeds inside, paying attention to the required climate of each. Different plants will have varying needs and plants of similar requirements can be grown together.

Depending on the size of the house, you can supplement your meals with fruits and vegetables by growing them yourself. It’s a cost-saving way to turn a small packet of seeds into something valuable. Some examples of garden seeds you can grow are lettuce, strawberries and tomatoes.

Year Round Growing

Year-Round Growing With Greenhouse Seeds

Yearly weather cycles can still be taken advantage of to grow your crops. During the spring, you can plant seeds both inside and outside your greenhouse to double your capacity.

When winter rolls around, harvest your crops and switch over to your greenhouse to continue growing spring foods. If you own an outdoor unit, the greenhouse seeds will probably require a heater to keep the inside warm in the cold.

Specially designed greenhouse heaters are available and are quite cost-effective. Before purchasing a greenhouse, check the product info to see if your unit comes with a greenhouse heater.

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Heaters on automatic timers are a great way to enjoy worry-free plant care. With all the growing you’ll be doing, you can even start saving seeds from veggies and use them for the next crop. That way, you will never have to buy seeds again! Herb seeds grow very quickly and can be used on dishes at home. It’s a great alternative to processed foods.

Added Features

Year-Round Growing With Greenhouse Seeds

During the hot season, take care to avoid over heating the inside. If your greenhouse has a side that faces the sun a lot, consider putting up a roller shade on that side. While it is important to let ample light in to feed the plants, too much can over heat the inside.

If you have a busy schedule and can’t find the time to water properly, consider an automatic watering system. The great thing about an automatic system is that it comes on at set intervals to keep the plants watered perfectly. Use a bit of trial-and-error to come up with the best watering intervals.

Most systems attach to your gardening hose and are regulated by a water pump. The pressure is left on the hose so the system can operate. Distribute a watering line to each pot for the best coverage. Except for plants like cacti, the dirt should be kept moist and not be allowed to dry out.

Older, more developed plants are less susceptible to short periods of drought, but small seedlings can perish within a day without proper moisture. A greenhouse helps regulate moisture by providing a humid environment. A greenhouse seed has a clear advantage over a seed grown with less protection.

Choosing A Spot

Year-Round Growing With Greenhouse Seeds

As a prospective first time greenhouse owner, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you will need to determine how much space is available in your outdoor space. If you have a spot of level and solid land, measure the length and width to determine what size greenhouse you can accommodate.

I would advise against using grass or dirt as the final location, as these areas can become soft and pliable when wet. The weight of the greenhouse could result in it sinking or sloping to one side. Use a spot with concrete or brick, preferably.

As discussed earlier, you will need to decide if you will need a heater of watering system. Unless you are comfortable with covering up your plants at night, a patio heater is advised.

Auto watering systems can give you an advantage and keep the plants healthy. These items don’t have to be purchased with the unit, either. You can shop around for the best deal and install it in the greenhouse. I would also consider installing a light of some sort so you can see at night.

Materials for Your Greenhouse

Year-Round Growing With Greenhouse Seeds

Materials in greenhouse construction is a combination of your needs and preference. Woodworks great if kept clean and free of excessive moisture. If you live in a rainy area, it may cause a wooden greenhouse to rot or discolor.

Wood is also heavier and not as easy to move as a plastic or aluminum greenhouse. Plastic units are lightweight and quick to setup. They often come in a manageable box and require some setup on your part.

The plastic is often combined with a nylon mesh material for the walls and roof. While not as sturdy as a metal frame, the plastic structures are great for people who want to own a full sized unit and save money.

Aluminum is a great option because it is strong, lightweight and does not rust. If you can afford an aluminum model, I would suggest it. With any greenhouse, try to secure all four corners into the ground. Unexpected wind can easily shift or topple a lightweight unit.


To make the most out of garden seeds and get your money’s worth, be sure to read all instructions that accompany the unit. Gardening all year round is an exciting endeavor and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Get the family involved and you will have delicious, healthy crops grown in no time from simple garden seed. Different sizes of greenhouses are available, each serving a different need. If you find you only want to grow a handful of herbs & spices, consider a smaller countertop unit.

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