6 Ways to Decorate For Your First Outdoor Party

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Throwing a fun and memorable outdoor party is all about adorning the venue with beautiful decorations. Hosting your first outdoor party in your garden, while using outdoor decor, lets you set the tone for that special occasion, whether you’re celebrating someone’s birthday or entertaining guests for the holidays.

How to Decorate for Your First Outdoor Party

If you’re stuck in a rut and you don’t know how to decorate for your first outdoor party, here are some tips that will help make your event look more delightful and keep your guests wanting more.

5 Great Ways to Decorate Your First Outdoor Party
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1. Choose a Theme for Your Party

Having a theme for your first outdoor party, while not necessary, makes it more fun for everyone.

It also makes things easier for you in terms of what your decor should be, what you want your space to look like at the end of the day, and what kind of food you’ll serve.

From a casual barbeque to grand garden parties, every theme gives you plenty of decorating opportunities. For holidays or birthday parties, however, keep in mind that these occasions already dictate the decor that you’ll be using.

Before you start decorating, you should first think about the theme that you’re going for. Once you have a broad idea of what you want, slowly think about how you would want to present your theme.

Decorate Your First Outdoor Party

Think about other aspects of your theme, such as the color palette of your decor, the dress code, and the food that you will be serving your guests.

Planning this way not only narrows down the decorations that you will use but also makes your theme and overall look for the party more cohesive.

More importantly, visualize how your garden can present the theme you’re going for and how you can utilize every corner of your space to have the best outdoor party ever!

2. Set the Mood With Outdoor Lighting

5 Great Ways to Decorate Your First Outdoor Party

Outdoor lighting will set your first outdoor party’s theme, tone, and mood.

You can start with a little ambient lighting, which lets your eyes adjust while you’re out partying at night. Here are a few ways to incorporate ambient light outdoors:

  • Hang strings of lights on your deck, your fence, or on tree branches. Use globe string lights for warm light.
  • Add hurricane lanterns or tealights to some of the trees or fences around your space.
5 Great Ways to Decorate Your First Outdoor Party
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If you’re feeling a bit ambitious, you can use candles, tiki torches, market lights, and twinkle lights and put them all over your garden to either illuminate walkways or simply give your party a warm and welcoming ambiance. 

Collecting clear apothecary bottles and putting lamp oil and wicks in them is also an affordable and simple solution for adding light to bars and buffet tables in garden parties instead of using electricity-powered lights.

You can also put these bottles all around your garden to illuminate specific areas or pathways around your outdoor space.

3. Decorate Your Garden Party with Flowers and Plants

5 Great Ways to Decorate Your First Outdoor Party

Plants and flowers add a natural burst of color to one’s surroundings, making any space appear more natural and more vibrant.

The colorful plants and flowers in your garden are the perfect decor for any outdoor party as they add that natural touch and aroma that your guests would surely love. 

You can also use specific plants in your garden to help you decorate your party. Large flowers or potted plants from your backyard make for unique centerpieces for dining tables.

Keep them moist, trimmed, and healthy before using them as your centerpieces. Not only do they look appealing and smell nice, but they also save you a fortune of buying numerous floral arrangements just for your decorating your tables.

Using a flat of annuals can also give the tables in your garden party a natural vibe. Simply cover the plastic edge of their container with fabric or a thick ribbon and place it right on the table.

Decorating your plain bushes with an assortment of flowers can also make your garden party feel magical.

Use color-coordinated flowers to have a more unifying theme to your party. You can also go random and put whatever it is that you find pretty.

4. Hang Banners, Garlands, Ribbons, or Buntings

Garlands, banners, streamers, and ribbons can give your outdoor party the feeling of festivity it needs.

Choose from numerous color choices and pick those that will complement your other decor. Hang these decors to the trees or fences around your garden to keep everything festive and colorful.

5 Great Ways to Decorate Your First Outdoor Party
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While these decorations are cheap, you can also opt to make a simple bunting using bandanas. Just follow the steps below:

  • Fold bandanas in half diagonally.
  • Tie their corners together so they’re all connected.
  • Hang your creation above your table or another area in your backyard.

5. Decorate Your Garden with Balloons

5 Great Ways to Decorate Your First Outdoor Party
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Balloons are a fast, easy, and affordable alternative for creating a merrier space for your party as they give an instant pop of color wherever you put them.

Use tassels or ribbons to embellish these kid’s party staple decorations and put them all around your potted plants. 

6. Create a Garden-Themed Cocktail Bar

5 Great Ways to Decorate Your First Outdoor Party

Give your guests a good time by giving your bar a natural look. Complement your clear mineral spirits with small flowers and other greeneries to give it that DIY look.

Surround it with citrus fruits to suggest to your guests to make their own drinks as well.

You can even decorate your bar table with plants, from surrounding the edges with flowers or making a word out of foliage, to make your bar feel part of your garden. 

Other Outdoor Party Decorating Tips

5 Great Ways to Decorate Your First Outdoor Party
  • Deck out another table using gift wrapping paper. Spreading a strip down the center of your table will add a pop of pattern to it. They also double as a table mat, making you care less if your guests spill drinks all over them.
  • Get an enchanting and fluttery finish by covering pale-colored paper lanterns with pre-cut tissue circles or making ordinary lanterns festive by hanging them above your deck.
  • Mid-century modern prints and patterns add a playful and retro vibe to outdoor parties, making them appealing to kids.
  • Paint your children’s metal buckets in colorful shades for custom table centerpieces.
  • Protect candle flames from strong winds using hurricane lanterns or mason jars.

Ready to Host Your First Outdoor Garden Party?

While all these suggestions can make outdoor parties great, it is up to you how your first outdoor party will look like. The best way is for you to use your garden space to your advantage.

Make it look homey and relaxed and use the various flowers, bushes, or trees in your garden as they can and should be one of the best decors in your party.

Go all out and all-natural and mix and match to have the best outdoor garden party there is!

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