19 Appealing Gnome Garden Ideas for Fairy Lovers

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Gnomes are myths, but people have long believed that placing gnome statues in their gardens, yards, or walkways would protect them. This belief has never lost its allure, and the gnome garden is one of the most popular garden ideas in modern western societies. As a result, many American homes have gnome statues and decorations strewn about their gardens and lawns.

Gnomes are decorative statues of various sizes that depict males of a tiny, mythical human-like race that resides underground. These mythical creatures not only add a magical touch to gardens but also are thought to be very lucky. Gnome statues and decorations can be placed in your garden or patio, or you can create a miniature gnome garden inside your home.

Keeping the popularity of garden gnomes in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 gnome garden ideas that will appeal to anyone who enjoys magic. So, tighten your seat belt, as we say, Wingardium Leviosa!

All About Garden Gnomes

Whether you are a grown-up kid with a whimsical mind or a fan of fairy tale movies, gnome garden can make your dream come true. Creating a gnome garden is a niche hobby, and trust us when we say it looks magical!

A gnome can also be called a miniature garden created with tiny plants, trees, garden accessories, and gnome statues.

But what is a gnome garden?

Gnome gardens are made by placing decorative gnome creatures in them. Garden gnomes are miniature, mythical humanoid sculptures that are based on the legend of the dwarf. As a result, gnomes are also referred to as dwarfs with snowy beards and red pointed hats. Native to the European countries, gnome gardens can be seen across North America and other parts of the Western world.

The first gnomes as we know them were made in the 1800s by Phillip Griebel, according to the history of garden gnomes. However, the first mention of gnomes dates to the 1600s. But in those early days, they looked very different.

Gnomes have traditionally been connected with magical allures. They stood for the earth element and were considered to offer protection, particularly for hidden gold and resources. Although today’s gardeners often create gnome gardens out of their love for magic and fairy tales, the idea is based on the notion that gnomes maintain a watch on cattle and crops.

15 Appeal Gnome Garden Ideas You Must Follow

So, have you prepared yourself with time and resources? If so, here are our picks for the top 15 stunning yet simple gnome garden ideas.

1. Miniature Fairy Garden

Miniature Fairy Garden
Image Credit: A miniature gnome garden from Pinterest

This gnome fairy garden DIY is ideal if you have a small garden. However, creating a full miniature gnome garden may require some intricate setup. It would also take a long time to set up the entire garden. As a result, be prepared to be extra creative and patient.

To begin, outline your gnome garden design on craft paper. Then, purchase the necessary decorations, such as mini gnome statues, gnome houses, miniature bridges, pebbles, miniature succulents, and other fairy decorations.

You would also require soil and water (for the stream). After you’ve collected all of the necessary items, begin designing your own miniature gnome garden. See the images below for some inspiration.

2. Add Some Whimsical Lights

Add Some Whimsical Lights
Image Credit: Use fairy light in the miniature garden from Pinterest

Experiment with some whimsical hanging lights if you don’t want to make a full-fledged gnome garden. Purchase a few small gnome statues and place them in a garden corner. Then, wrap 1-2 strings of fairy lights around the gnome statues. The entire set will add a fairy touch to your garden corner.

Lights can also be added to your miniature gnome garden (the one we mentioned above).

3. Tea Cup Fairy Garden

Tea Cup Fairy Garden
Image Credit: https://i1.wp.com/www.firefliesandmudpies.com

How about a gnome garden in a cup? Yes, you read that correctly. You can make an indoor miniature gnome garden in a tea or coffee cup. The best part is that you don’t have to be too intricate with this DIY project. To make your own teacup gnome garden, follow the steps below.

  • Choose your favorite teacup.
  • Fill it with soil and scatter colorful pebbles on top.
  • Plant some miniature succulents.
  • Place a miniature gnome house, a miniature gnome statue, and any other decorations you desire.

It would be a lovely miniature gnome world in and of itself.

4. Broken Pot Gnome Garden

Broken Pot Gnome Garden
Image Credit: Broken pot fairy garden DIY from Pinterest

Do you have a broken pot that you intend to discard? If yes, change your plans because you can make an amazing mini step gnome garden out of a broken pot. First, use the broken pot as it. Then, simply add soil, pebbles, succulents, and gnome decorations. Voila! Your discarded pot would be magically transformed. And, of course, a gnome castle should be placed at the very top of your step garden.

5. Full-scale Gnome Garden

Full-scale Gnome Garden
Image Credit: Outdoor garden around a tree base from Pinterest

Consider making a full-scale gnome garden. This concept would appeal to people with magical tastes and a lot of space.

Begin by constructing a large plant bed. Divide it from the rest of the garden with stones or bricks. Dig the topsoil with a shovel to break up clumps or hard bocks. Your landscape is complete. All you have to do now is design a garden based on your imagination. You can get decorative items at your local toy store or online.

You can also build your full-gnome garden at the base of any full-grown tree.

6. Hanging Gnome Garden

Hanging Gnome Garden
Image Credit: https://www.u-buy.com.au/

If you have limited land space, hanging planter ideas are ideal. Use discarded tires to make a hanging gnome garden. Paint the tires bright colors and fill them with soil, pebbles, and vines. Gnome statues and miniature gnome houses should also be placed. You’re done! Now you can hang your planters wherever you want.

This DIY is a great way to repurpose old and used tires into something new.

7. Farm Fresh Gnome Garden

Farm Fresh Gnome Garden
Image Credit: https://www.igra-world.com/

This is a simple container gnome garden design. You can use an old flat-bottomed, wide-mouth container or a wheelbarrow. Paint the container a bright color, fill it halfway with soil, and cover the surface with mini plants and grass. Place mini-farm furniture and gnome statues to create the appearance of a farmer’s market in the landscape. Miniature versions of fruits, vegetables, and plants should also be included.

Nota: The furniture, fruits, and other cutouts can be made from hard cardboard or thermocol.

8. Huge Gnome Statue

Huge Gnome Statue
Image Credit: Gnome statue from Pinterest

Although garden gnomes are typically miniatures, this is not a requirement. Instead, consider installing a large gnome statue in the corner of your garden. The gnome can be the size of an adult human or even larger. Allow your imagination to run wild as you brainstorm for the perfect-sized gnome.

However, remember that the larger the gnome statue, the more money and effort you will need to invest. Placing a large statue in your garden may also necessitate the assistance of professionals.

9. The Siesta Loving Gnome

The Siesta Loving Gnome
Image Credit: https://homebnc.com/

Consider making a gnome-friendly area in your garden.

Purchase a few garden gnome hammock figurines and hang them across your garden on a small branch or ornament hook. You can also add a few strings of fairy lights to give the entire setup a glow. This simple DIY gnome garden idea will only cost you a few bucks.

10. Decorative Gnome Statues

Decorative Gnome Statues
Image Credit: Gnome statues from Pinterest

You can order mid-sized gnome statues for your concrete or cobblestone walkway or driveway. This décor idea would greet visitors to your home with a warm and friendly gnome welcome. You can also use solar light garden gnome statues to illuminate them at night. We are sure that your children and neighbors will not want to leave your garden anytime soon.

11. The Gnome Treehouse

The Gnome Treehouse
Image Credit: A gnome treehouse from Pinterest

This idea is ideal if you have a fully grown tree with a massive trunk. By adding a few gnome decors, you can transform the base of your tree into an eye-catching feature in your garden.

Fix a miniature door to the trunk of the tree with nails. Next, lay a few pebbles to create a path leading to the door. Finally, to add a charm to the overall setup, include a few gnome statues, miniature furniture, and even a tiny potted plant.

The final result will give the impression that the door at the bottom leads to the gnome house at the top of the tree.

12. Wild Gnome Garden

Wild Gnome Garden
Image Credit: https://www.igra-world.com/

It’s okay to let loose now and then! So, you can let a portion of your garden grow wild to add a magical touch. Select a location with vines and creepers. Allow them to grow and bloom as they wrap around each other. Then, depending on the size of your landscape, add a few gnome statues, gnome houses, and other decorations. Go creative instead of following the rules, as your garden is meant to be natural rather than robotic.

13. Halloween Gnome Garden

Halloween Gnome Garden
Image Credit: Halloween gnome house from GNOME DECOR

Halloween isn’t just about flying witches but also about gnomes. Hence, you can design your own Halloween-themed gnome garden. To complete the idea, use a broken planter or container.

Paint the container black. Fill it with black stones and pebbles, and decorate it with miniature Halloween decorations such as a haunted mini-castle, pumpkins, ghost statues, etc. Place a few gnome wizards as well. All decorations can be purchased from online stores or a local Halloween shop.

This is a simple gnome garden idea that can be put together in a few hours.

14. Gnome Stencil Garden

Gnome Stencil Garden
Image Credit: https://www.christmascentral.com/

Available on the internet, you can easily find gnome garden silhouettes or stencils. Purchase them and place them in your garden space. The shadows cast by the gnome stencils will amuse you.

These gnome décor will add fun and magic to your lawn or yard. Choose gnome stencils with garden tools like watering crates, spades, or butterfly catching nets. Arrange them to get a lively gnome garden look without spending much time or money.

15. Snow White Gnome Garden

Snow White Gnome Garden
Image Credit: https://img.joomcdn.net/f00734acca169163e73a98acf1990e2257ceeb4e_original.jpeg

We are all fans of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. So why not invite them to your garden? Collect all seven dwarfs and scatter them throughout your garden. You can choose their larger versions and disperse them around your yard or garden. If you have steps, place them around the perimeter to create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

16. Camping Gnomes

Camping Gnomes

How about sending gnomes camping? Yes, you heard it right. Why should humans have all the fun?

To create this garden, you would need miniature gnome statues, a toy camp van, a few toy/ miniature Adirondack chairs, and other elements you can imagine for a camping site. Collect all the elements, make a blueprint of the garden, and start creating a camping garden for the gnomes. It is a fun, non-traditional gnome garden idea, and the result would be beautiful and off-beat. You can refer to the image above to get an idea of what we are talking about.

17. Gnome House

Gnome House

You can build a gnome house like a fairy or doll house. After all, gnomes need a place to rest after watching over your garden the whole day!

You can choose from various concepts and use your wild imagination to design the most unusual and amusing gnome dwelling. Remember to include numerous floors, walkways, ladders, some tiny pebbles, and flowers to complete the fanciful appearance. You may easily buy fairy garden kits from any nearby toy store or the e-commerce site if you feel too overwhelmed to put together every component for this DIY gnome garden concept.

18. Teatime Garden

Teatime Garden

Have you ever considered what might happen if gnomes could have tea parties? Won’t it be wonderful? So why not make the gnomes a tiny, adorable tea garden? To construct the utterly gorgeous teatime gnome garden, you can simply purchase a toy tea cup set and arrange it however you like. And sure, don’t forget to put up a sign welcoming visitors.

18. Indoor Gnome Garden

Indoor Gnome Garden

Gnome gardens don’t always have to be outside. You can make a tiny gnome garden within your house if you have an empty planter or basket with a shallow depth and a broader mouth. Any suggestions in this post can be modified to fit the indoor idea. Keep the garden on a patio or veranda corner to spruce up the area. You can choose low-maintenance succulents or indoor plants for the garden.

19. Hanging Gnome Garden

Hanging Gnome Garden

Not only are hanging planters ideal for growing vines and decorative plants, but they may also be used to build gnome gardens. You may transform a broad base hanging planter into a charming rock gnome garden if you want to add a little bit of whimsy to your yard. First, create the base using pebbles and colorful stones, then add some succulents, a little watering can for the gnome’s dwelling, some toy mushrooms, and miniature gnome statues.

Things You Would Need to Create a Gnome Garden

Are you ready to get your hands dirty with some intriguing gnome garden ideas? If yes, then stop!

Here are a few things you’ll need to make your own personalized gnome garden.

  • Gnome statues or decoratives
  • Plants of your choice, like succulents
  • Planters
  • Tires
  • Soil
  • Pebble
  • Craft items
  • Handheld shovel
  • Water
  • Fairy lights
  • Fairy garden decoratives

This list is infinite, as you can add items based on your garden ideas. You can also exclude some of the items listed above, depending on what you create. Along with other stuff, the two most important things you’ll need are PATIENCE and CREATIVITY.


How do you start a gnome garden?

There is no specific way that rules the initiation of a gnome garden. Yet, if you ask us, we would say start your DIY gnome garden by creating a rough blueprint in your mind and listing out the elements you would need. Then, select the location and start creating the garden.

What can I use for a gnome garden?

What you can use for your gnome garden depends on what you plan to create. But to start with, you can start with you can use the following elements.
• Gnome statues or decoratives
• Plants of your choice, like succulents
• Planters
• Tires
• Soil
• Pebble
• Craft items
• Handheld shovel
• Water
• Fairy lights 
• Twigs
• Moss

Where should garden gnomes be placed?

Garden gnomes can be positioned on garden borders or pathways to provide a welcoming touch to your outdoor space. Garden gnomes are a fun addition to patios, decks, and even the interior of a home. But remember that the positioning will vary depending on the gnome garden you’re planning.

What can you do with a gnome?

Gnome statues can be used to spruce up your landscape. To improve the beauty of your entire yard, you may either install a gnome statue or establish a gnome garden. Another thing you can do is place a statue of a smiling garden gnome by the door to greet visitors.

How do you make a fairy gnome garden?

There are numerous ways to create a gnome fairy garden. All you need is to have a rich imagination, and our post can help you assist in this regard.

What is the meaning of garden gnomes?

Garden gnomes are miniature, legendary humanoid sculptures that you can install in your garden to enhance the space’s overall beauty. If you want to learn about garden gnomes, please refer to the post above.

Why do people put gnomes outside?

There are various reasons for putting these miniature animals outside. According to certain myths, gnomes are supernatural beings able to guard underground harvests and mineral deposits. However, for these reasons, people don’t always put gnomes in their gardens. Sometimes just their alluring beauty and the mischief smile are all that can spruce up a yard.

Are garden gnomes evil?

Gnomes are typically considered benign, yet they can be cheeky, have sharp teeth, and bite. And yes, gnomes are definitely not evil!


Creating a gnome garden may take some time. As a result, don’t be in a hurry. Sketch out your ideas on plain paper before you start building your gnome garden. Our gnome garden DIY ideas are simple, and you can choose any of them depending on the size of your garden.

You can design your gnome garden however you want. Just remember to strategically place them in well-lit areas to attract everyone’s attention. Remember, you don’t have to be a child to appreciate the allure of gnomes in your garden.

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