How To Decor Your Outdoor With Glass Bricks

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Glass bricks are commonly used indoors such as in kitchens and bathrooms, but they have uses outdoors as well.

Glass brick canopies, sidewalks, windows, and walls can all be created in an elegant way outdoors. They have also been used in the creation of outdoor kitchens.

Since the bricks are made of glass, they are non-porous and will not stain or retain water. In many ways, they are more durable than the metals and ceramics which make up most patios.

How To Decor Your Outdoor With Glass Bricks

Glass Brick Outdoor Fire Pit

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Creating an outdoor fire pit from glass blocks offers an elegant solution for outdoor heating.

To create such a structure, blocks are stacked in a rectangular or square pattern on the ground to the desired height. The corners are done by using special curved corner bricks.

Once the bricks have been set and the mortar is dry, a piece of marble or granite is placed over the top. The stone will have a hole in the center where the gas-powered fire bowl is placed.

If natural gas is used, users need to route a line from the home to the fire pit, preferably underneath the ground.

If a propane tank is used, users can place the tank inside of the glass fire pit behind an access door.

Glass Paver Lights

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A light bulb can be placed inside of a glass brick by drilling a hole in the bottom. Then, the brick can be placed on the ground as a border to a driveway or simple as a garden accent. When drilling the hole for the bulb, a diamond drill bit should be used.

Colored patterns can be applied to the brick beforehand using glass powder paints. Users can install plates of copper onto the right and left side of the glass block and place it on a sandstone stand.

Glass Patio Windows

By replacing a conventional window with glass bricks, you can enjoy the look of glass inside and out. Privacy is maintained when rippled bricks are chosen, as they distort the light.

To replace a window, the existing glass and frame must be removed. The glass bricks must not exceed the width of the wall.

Each brick is installed layer by layer and sealed together with colored mortar. The result is a completely sealed window that lets light through.

Its beauty can be admired outside on the patio and inside the house.

The downside is that it is difficult to see through the window unless a clear block is chosen. Privacy can still be achieved by using curtains. Another downside is that the window cannot be opened to allow the breeze to come in.

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