Gazebo Canopy Replacement

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Gazebo Canopy Replacement

Gazebos whether standard or pop-up design, all have fabric canopies which block the sun and provide shade.

Being that these canopies are directly exposed to the sun, they can fade, fray and rip over time. The lower quality the fabric is, the quicker it will degrade.

Unfortunately for consumers, many manufacturers use low grade vinyl canopies in an attempt to reduce costs. After a few months of use, the canopy can rip and become useless.

In 99% of cases, the canopy fails before the metal support frame. The good news is that the torn canopy can be removed from the frame and replaced with a new one.

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Why Gazebo Canopy  Fail

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The number one reason why canopies fail is due to poor quality materials. Manufacturers like to use thin, low-grade vinyl or poly-vinyl fabrics which are designed to last no more than a few months of constant use.

These materials have very low UV protection which is vital in preventing sun-based wear.

Other weather conditions like cold, rain, and wind can take their toll. Excess exposure to water from rain and sprinklers can cause drooping and sagging of the canopy.

Replacing a Gazebo Canopy

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If your Gazebo Canopy  failed prematurely, don’t waste money buying the exact same material. Upgrade to a UV protected, thick weave gazebo replacement canopy made of Sunbrella or polyester.

Long term durability from wind can be achieved by selecting canopies which are double stitched at the seams.

Users must look at their manual to determine the size of their gazebo. Or, you can measure the sides with a measuring tape.

Standard sizes range from 8×8 and up. It may be more difficult to find fabric canopies for gazebos which are not square (i.e. hexagonal / rectangular).

Universal gazebo canopies are available which attach to the gazebo’s frame using Velcro straps.


Besides upgrading the material, gazebo owners have the option of installing mosquito netting, side walls, and multiple tiers to allow for a cooling air flow.

Keep in mind that many off-brand replacement canopies are designed for a general fit, not custom fit. The canopy may not fit perfectly on the frame, but the fit should be strong enough to look good and perform well.

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