Work Comfortably with a Garden Potting Bench

Garden Potting Benches Help Ease Lower Back Strain

When gardeners need an extra hand around the garden, they turn to a product called a garden potting bench. Although Garden Potting Benchcalled a bench, they are actually tables which act as a raised working platform for gardening tasks. Filling pots, mixing soil and other tasks can all be completed while standing or sitting comfortably.

Gone are the days when a person needed to bend and stoop for every little task, dirtying their clothes and causing pain in the joints. While not every task can be done on a potting bench, many things can. They are most commonly made of cedar, a type of beautiful hardwood which blends in well to garden environments.  comfortably

Design of a Garden Potting Bench

What sets these pieces apart from a regular table is the unique design intended just for gardeners. A raised working surface provides ample room to work, while several storage shelves keep everything you need close by. Underneath the main surface is a deep platform which can hold items both large and small. Stacks of pots and bags of soil can be kept on this sturdy shelf until needed. Just over the table surface is a smaller shelf which acts like a hutch-style storage shelf. This shelf can support smaller pots, tools and accessories.

Some of the more advanced models have tool hooks which keep small hand tools organized and safe. Any type of hand tool which has a storage loop can be placed on these tool hooks. When up off the ground, your metal tools will be less likely to come in contact with water which can create rust.

Storage drawers, usually kept underneath the table surface, are great for keeping the smallest of items contained. Things like seed packets and work gloves are kept safe and organized within the confines of these drawers.

Available on some benches are folding table leaves. These leaves are basically extensions of the main working surface and create more room to work. They can be folded down for storage when not needed.

Wood Construction

Wood is used in garden potting bench because it looks great and it quite strong. Cedar, the most common wood used in potting benches, is weather resistant and can withstand impacts from tools. Users don’t have to worry about damage from water or dirt, although regular cleaning is recommended for prolonged life.

These benches ship unassembled and must be built on arrival. The wood pieces come together with steel hardware that requires a few basic tools to create the finished product.

These benches are sturdy enough to be placed out in the open, although most people place them up against their house or shed. Wheeled models are much easier to move around as needed.

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