Epoxy Shield Garage Floor Sealer

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Concrete surfaces are some of the toughest and most resilient around. That’s why they’re used in places of high traffic like garages and patios.

Concrete actually becomes increasingly stronger over time. However, concrete can be difficult to clean especially when exposed to chemicals and oils. Car oils leaking from your vehicle can be very difficult or impossible to remove.

Particulates like dust and metal can embed themselves into the concrete. To make clean up a lot easier and make your garage look great at the same time, you need to apply a coat of Epoxy Shield concrete floor paint.

Epoxy Shield Garage Floor Sealer

Concrete Paint

The word “paint” in the name throws some people off from its true nature. This paint actually coats concrete surfaces with a thick layer of durable acrylic. Once applied, your concrete floor will be protected, but most importantly will be easy to clean.

This concrete paint comes in many colors, with some offering texture chips for an added look. After one simple coat your floor will have uniform coverage. The acrylic dries hard and able to resist hot tires and chemicals.

Benefits of Using Epoxy Shield Products

A hot tire occurs when you drive your vehicle for an extended period of time on hot roads. The rubber can heat up to the point where it can melt or liquefy certain substances. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this with Epoxy Shield products.

The sealer is designed to resist these types of things, including chemicals. This sealer is resistant t many chemicals that usually harm other sealers. Because the acrylic dries into a super hard shell, you can count on it lasting for many years.

Epoxy Shield Garage Floor Sealer

Besides garage use, this sealer can be used outside on patios and around pools. Concrete sealers add another aspect of the depth of your home that you may have not considered.

Many products fade over time due to UV sunlight damage. This paint by Epoxy Shield is resistant to both UV rays and weather conditions. By making your floors waterproof, you make it easy to clean up with a sponge or rag. If a chemical happens to spill on the ground, it will not stain after clean up.

Some water and light chemical cleaner work like a charm. Bare concrete floors can look ragged over time as spot after spot of dirt builds up. Many times these stains are not removable.

Instead of living with a dirty floor, cover it up with some concrete paint. The paint typically comes in a one-gallon bucket. Epoxy Shield designed their paint to be durable both indoors and out.

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