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A portable folding tripod stool for outdoor use.

Converting every piece of furniture you have into a folding model can save countless amounts of floor space. While stools may be one of our favorite types of seating, they tend to take up more space than desired. When you want to convert the kitchen island into a cooking station or need some portable seats for an outdoor trip, a folding stool can save the day. Not all folding stools are the same, as there are multiple models which each have their own distinct purpose. For example, a tall folding bar stool functions well at a high table top, while a folding step stool is used more for reaching high places.

Folding step stools are commonly equipped with a carry handle and are extremely lightweight. Made of metal bars or plastic composite, they can be folded up and fitted inside of a pantry or on the side of the refrigerator. Most can support loads of at least 300 pounds a have rubber feet for stability. Step stools like these are cheap enough to where you could have one in the kitchen, garage, or anywhere else where a light bulb needs to be changed or a box of cereal needs to be reached. The tallest models feature multiple steps which function like a small ladder. Rubber texture on each step helps prevent slipping.

Smart travelers bring along a folding outdoor stool on all their travels. Outdoor stools are made from metal tubing which has a hinge. Fabric is suspended over the top to serve as the seat. The fabric is held taught when the stool is opened and can flex to contour with the body. This kind of folding stool often comes with a carry case and is light enough to carry without burden. Whether you’re a gardener working with plants or an outdoorsman who likes to go camping, an outdoor stool can really come in handy.

Folding Stool
A home-made folding wooden step stool.

Folding bar stools allow for the entertainment of multiple guests without taking up space when the party is over. Folding bar stools have all the amenities of normal stools, such as padded seats and rubber feet. Materials range from espresso colored wood to sleek black metal. An outdoor storage shed or indoor closet can make for a good storage location for excess stools. Pop them out for casual seating both indoors and out.

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