Outdoor Comfort with a Folding Camping Table

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Campers who stay true to the original camping methods would scoff at bringing along a table or chairs on their trip. Folding Camping TableThey would prefer to place their items on the ground where bugs and rodents can eat them up. The modern day camper takes along a handy folding table and possibly chairs to make the camping experience more enjoyable and functional. A folding camping table provides a sturdy place to put things like food and supplies where pests cannot access them. Made of lightweight materials, these tables are easy to carry and often come with a carry bag. Accessories like cup holders and food protectors make these tables one of the most important tools in camping.

Lightweight Folding Design

Campers like to journey into the wilderness to find just the right camping spot. Some even have a special location which they use every trip. For this reason, campers can't be bothered with lugging around heavy tables and chairs. Folding camping table are ideal for camping because they are lightweight and can be carried on a pack or shoulder. Aluminum is commonly used in camp tables because it is strong, light and resistant to rusting.

Metal tables have a hinge in the center which allows them to fold in half. The legs fold into the top before folding the table top. The result is a compact square at only a few inches thin. Other designs use a collapsible base with a roll-out slat top. Users unfold the base and roll the slats onto it. These tables fold up into a more tubular, compact profile, but have openings in between the slats from which small items may fall through. Slat camping tables usually come with a nylon carry pouch to but the base and top in.

Accessories and Add-ons

No folding camping table is complete without a few helpful add-ons. Some odels are equipped with drink holders built into the tops. Gone are the days of reaching across the table only to have your cold drink spill onto the floor. These holders can keep cans, bottles and cups secure between sips.

If you're camping in the desert where shaded protection from the trees is non-existent, an umbrella equipped folding camp table is a must. These models have a hold in the center of the table from which a patio umbrella shade can be placed. Some manufacturers include the umbrella with purchase, while others leave it optional.

Carry cases are a must if you will be packing a lot of gear. Some tables actually become a case after folding up. Users can then carry around the table just like they would a briefcase. Others use a nylon or fabric carry bag for storage.


Choosing a camping table with chairs can make a world of difference for your trip. Matching folding tables are easy to bring along an provide a comfortable place to eat, fillet fish, and unpack gear. Some tables have the chairs built in which fold out with the table.

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  1. It’s winter here in Melbourne but I would love to have one for kids during Summer. What a nice picnic table! This would perfect in our yard when it is summer and I’m sure kids will love it too.



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