20 Beautiful Flowers That Mean Friendship

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They say, “Friends are like flowers; they will fill your world with fragrance!” And we say some flowers can represent your friendship like nothing else. So flowers not only just beautify your home, but they could also garnish your friendship.

In fact, when in doubt, flowers could be the most versatile option as presents to gifts to your friends. And even if you do not pay serious attention to these beautiful creations of nature, there are special days when flowers can never be ignored- FRIENDSHIP DAY and BIRTHDAY.

Every flower is a representation of something. While some flowers represent love, such as roses, others, such as tulips, portray friendship. So, this post is especially for those with a devoted ‘partner in crime’ in their lives and looking for flowers symbolizing friendship.

If you are someone who wants to express love and gratitude towards friends, keep scrolling down.

Flower and Friendship: A Close Link
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There is a close link between anything beautiful and flowers. So, how can there be no relationship between friendship and flowers?

A flower bouquet or simply a potted flower plant may be the best way to express your love and respect for your friend(s) and companionship. However, not all flowers best represent friendly relationships. So, when selecting them, be cautious and educate yourself on what flowers represent and which aspects of friendship.

If you’re still perplexed, check out the list below, where we’ve researched and compiled a list of the top 20 flowers that represent friendship. Although a bouquet of these flowers would suffice, there is no harm in including a bar of chocolate as well.

Beautiful Flowers That Symbolize Friendship

Here are our top 20 beautiful flowers that mean friendship, you can give to a friend(s). You can express your love, respect, and camaraderie with any of the flowers listed below.

1. Tulips

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Tulips are the first flower on our list. Tulips are lovely spring flowers representing everlasting love in the Netherlands and Turkey. Pink and yellow tulips, on the other hand, represent emotions that go beyond romantic love.

These flowers can convey feelings of unconditional love, such as friendship or parental love. Hence, you can express your love and respect for a friend by giving them a bouquet of pink or yellow tulips.

2. Alstroemeria

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Alstroemeria comes in a variety of colors, each representing a different emotion. This South American native flower represents strong ties, love, loyalty, support, and comradeship.

Alstroemeria, also known as the Peruvian lily, represents the emotion of supporting one another through life’s ups and downs.

3. Sunflowers

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Who doesn’t adore the sun-kissed sunflowers? These flowers have the ability to brighten up any situation simply by being present. As a result, if you want your friendship to shine as brightly as the sun, consider giving your pal a bouquet of freshly bloomed sunflowers.

Even better, give your friend a sunflower plant in a pot. Then, they will remember your friendship every time they look at it.

4. Roses

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Flowers are like friends…..” and roses are like best friends!

A rose is one flower that never fails to elicit human emotions. Roses come in different colors, and each color represents a different emotion. If you’re looking for roses to give to a friend, choose yellow or pink roses.

Roses, with their patterned petals and thorny stalks, represent that true friends always stick together in the face of adversity. As a result, it is absolutely perfect if you want to express your appreciation to a friend with a bunch of these flowers.

We say you could never go wrong with roses.

5. Violets

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Violets, a native flower of North America, are well-known flowers that represent loyalty and companionship. So, if you want to show appreciation for your friend’s loyalty, send a bunch of these flowers.

Violets come in blue, yellow, and cream hues. Violets are also edible. So, you could also bake a tasty cake and top it with violet petals or syrup.

6. Carnations

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Carnations can be used in place of roses if you prefer. Carnations in light red or pink represent friendship and gratitude. Carnations can be added to your bucket list. These flowers would be an excellent gift for occasions such as friendship days, birthdays, etc. Carnations could easily brighten any happy day.

7. Blanket Flower

Blanket Flower
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To begin with, there is no connection between a blanket and a blanket flower. However, these flowers, known as Gaillardia, are vibrant in color and represent both joy and humbleness. As a result, you can make a bouquet of blanket flowers and give it to a friend to express your joy.

8. Begonias

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Begonias are delicate perineal flowers and come in different shades. For example, you can choose yellow begonias representing joy, pleasure, and wealth. So, if you have a loyal friend in your life, you can certainly give them begonias as a token of your kindness, joy, and hope for them and your friendship. And if you want to make someone happy, give them a potted begonia plant.

Note: Be aware that in some cultures, begonias are regarded as a foreshadowing of something sinister. So, find out if the person you intend to give these flowers hold on to any such meaning or perception.

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9. Chrysanthemums

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Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, represent joy, optimism, love, and care. These flowers are mostly native to East Asia and bloom in the fall.

There is no better flower to express your joy about your friendship than chrysanthemums. However, in different parts of the world, chrysanthemums represent different emotions. Nonetheless, these flowers are widely regarded as symbols of love, joy, and long life.

And true friendship encompasses all of these characteristics. So there is no harm in taking these lovely flowers, such as those that symbolize friendship and its spirit.

10. Daffodils

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Then my heart with pleasure fills And dances with the daffodils.” This William Wordsworth quote perfectly expresses the joy these flowers spread around them. These Northern European native flowers represent tenderness, joviality, and benevolence.

These cheery perennial spring bulbs are ideal for commemorating a budding relationship. You can also send these flowers to a friend embarking on a new adventure as a token of good wishes. These flowers will undoubtedly brighten anyone’s day.

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11. Delphiniums

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Delphiniums are the July birth flower. As a result, you can easily give these flowers to anyone you love and admire who has their birthday in July. The majority of delphiniums we see today are hybrids and very popular summer flowers. Delphiniums are symbols of hope and joy.

12. Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies
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Gerbera daisies could be seen as the larger version of daisies and are perfect as gifting flowers. These flowers are one o the most popular across the world. Gerberas are applauded not only for their exquisite charm but also for their enormous serenity.

These perennial flowers are native to South Africa and come in various shades such as crimson, yellow, cream, and white. Gerberas of various colors represent various emotions. Yellow and orange gerbera daisies, in particular, symbolize friendship. This is also the April flower and can be given to a special friend born in this month.

13. Pear Blossoms

Pear Blossoms
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We included pear blossoms on our list because they have a long history associated with elegance, hope, and enduring friendship. Weddings are one of the commonest occasions for which pear blossoms are used as decoration.

These flowers are native to Asia and part of the hardy pear tree, which can grow and survive in various climates. As a result, the blooms are ideal for a friendship that grows and flourishes throughout life.

These flowers, with soft and velvety-textured petals, also have soothing and fresh scents that can rejuvenate the senses.

14. Balloon Flowers

Balloon Flowers
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Balloon flowers, also known as platycodon, are native to China, Russia, Japan, and Korea. These flowers bloom in the summer and come in white, blue, and pink varieties. Apart from being beautiful, these flowers have positive connotations such as friendship and honesty.

Blue balloon flowers represent tranquility, eternal love, honesty, and harmony. So, if you give blue balloon flowers to a friend, you value honesty and long-lasting love in your friendship. In other words, blue balloon flowers can be a great way for them to amaze their pals with a thoughtful gesture.

15. Campanula

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If you don’t like bright colors like yellow, red, or pink, try a softer shade of bluish-purple with campanula. Blue and purple campanula flowers are associated with friendship and can be given to your closest friends. These flowers represent care and appreciation, making them an ideal gift for Friendship Day.

16. Ivy

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True, ivies are considered a garden weed. These plants, however, can be given as a token of friendship. And ivy flowers are strongly opposed to the plant’s invasiveness. Instead, the blossoms are lovely and symbolize love, support, and compassion.

Nevertheless, because this is invasive, you can present it as a houseplant in a planter. Ivy would not only strengthen your friendship but would also help lower allergens.

17. Zinnias

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Indoors, big, brightly colored zinnias are fun flowers to grow. Zinnias depicted a lacking of a friend or a buddy you hadn’t seen or met in a long time during the Victorian era. As a result, you can easily buy a bunch of zinnias and surprise a friend you haven’t seen in a long time.

In addition, because zinnias are tough blooms, the modern meaning of these flowers would be endurance. Zinnias, in this sense, represent perseverance in almost every form. Make a bouquet of magenta and yellow zinnias to express your everlasting love and daily remembrance for your friend.

18. Irises

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Irises with bluish-purple blossoms and yellow and white decors are among the most noteworthy. Irises are the birth flower for February and are native to southern Europe, Central Asia, and the Mediterranean.

Irises exhibit a range of symbols, including faith, friendship, hope, wisdom, and purity. When the purple and blue irises are combined, they can represent wisdom, friendship, faith, and hope.

19. Gladioli

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Gladioli is another charming flower on our list. Friendship, commemoration, loyalty, and moral fortitude are all represented by this flower. As a result, if you want to show appreciation for your friend’s loyalty and integrity, give them a gladioli bouquet, particularly a yellow one.

20. Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium Orchids
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Orchids are undeniably attractive and have an elegant charm to them. And when it comes to flowers representing friendship, cymbidium orchids are a sure bet. These orchids are common in Australia and Asia.

Cymbidium orchids symbolize pureness, love, and cherished friendship. For example, Cymbidium orchids are popular gifts for good friends in China because the act of giving the flower is regarded as a dignity.

Occasions to Send Flowers That Symbolize Friendship

The flowers listed above are ideal for giving to your closest buddies as a token of your highly prized and cherished friendship. Although there is no need for an occasion to give flowers, the following occasions are ideal.

1. Friendship Day

Friendship Day is possibly the best time to give flower bouquets to your close friends. Choose any of the flowers listed above, and we are confident that your friends will be both surprised and pleased.

2. Birthday

Birthdays are special occasions in anyone’s life. As a result, you can surprise your close friends with a bouquet to make their day even more special. Choose any flower from the list based on your purpose and preference, and be the reason for your friend’s smile.

3. Thanksgiving

The day before Thanksgiving is always a day of delight and amusement. One of the best ways of spreading this grand event’s charm is through the exchange of flowers and gifts. And when it comes to flowers, you can never go wrong with those depicting and celebrating friendship.

4. Gell Well Soon

Although separate get-well-soon flowers are available in the floral market, there is no harm in gifting those representing friendship. This is especially true if you intend to give flowers to your friends. You can select any option from the list above, ranging from pink carnations to orchids, or you can create a bouquet of assorted flowers.

5. Convocation

An official convocation celebration is both formal and blissful. However, a bouquet could add a touch of a whim, the ideal way to express your joy at your friend’s success. So choose a bouquet of pink and blue orchids or pink carnations to exude love and happiness.

Bottom Line

Friendship is one of the purest human relationships. Nothing better expresses this concept than nature’s most beautiful creation: flowers. There is a great underlying thought when you offer flowers that mean friendship to one of your friends to make him realize the importance of friendship.

However, this list is not exhaustive, and you are welcome to add your favorite flowers. If you have any other friendship flower ideas, please share them in the comments section below.

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