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There is no better way to store split wood than a firewood holder. Firewood Firewood Holderholders consist of a durable metal rack that is usually kept outdoors to hold ample amounts of firewood for the winter season. When wood is simply stored on the ground, it can become wet and infested with bugs. A firewood rack keeps the wood stacked in an orderly fashion up off the ground where it can stay dry. Multiple designs are available including loops, bins and racks. If your needs are small, indoor racks are available that often come with a set of fireplace tools that hang on the rack. Extra features like canvas carriers and rack covers can be a welcome addition to your log storage experience.

Why Use a Firewood Holder?

A person's reason for using a firewood may vary, but there are several key reasons why most people utilize these storage systems. First, a log storage system organizes your logs in an orderly fashion, keeping them off the ground and preventing them from becoming a tripping hazard. Freshly split logs are allowed to dry far quicker than if placed on the ground alone. Insects, rodents, moisture and mold have a harder time manifesting in your log stock when it is several inches above ground level. Once a log becomes infested with termites or mold, it becomes worthless.

Firewood holders are not only used by people who live in the woods. While many people cut their own wood, urban-dwellers often have fireplaces too. These individuals can make good use of a smaller log storage system such as a hoop or bin. A small supply obtained from the local store can be kept close at have on the back patio or near the fireplace.

Conventional Firewood Log Holder

The typical log rack consists of a wide base with retainer bars on the sides. Logs are stacked from the bottom up until the pile reaches the top. Air is able to reach both sides of the supply, drying logs quickly and efficiently. These types of rectangular racks are usually placed up against a flat surface like a house or shed. Users concerned about bugs can store their rack away from the house. These holders can range greatly in size anywhere from 3 feet to 9 feet or more. Some companies offer extension kits to make the rack bigger if your needs change.

If you have custom needs of just like building things yourself, firewood holder kits are available. These kits provide the side bars for you, all the user needs to buy is the wood beams for the bottom shelf. Users can cut the wood beams to a width of their choice, resulting in a completely customized log holder. These side bars are be made from wood, metal or resin and are built to last.

Log Hoops

Log hoops are shaped just like the name implies. They are designed for storing a smaller amount of logs than the conventional racks. For urban dwellers, this size of holder is often the best choice. Logs from the convenience store can be unpacked and stored conveniently on a log hoop. Keep it near your fireplace (not too close) or on your porch for quick access.

Racks With ToolsFirewood Holder

Mini racks are available that look similar to a full-sized one but are intended for indoor use. Small racks like these sometimes come with a set of handy fireplace tools like a log pick, shovel and broom. The log picks are used to stir up the fire to allow better air flow. The shovels and brooms are helpful when cleaning out the fireplace between uses. If you don't already have a set of these tools and are in the market for a log rack, consider getting a rack with tools to save money and time.

Canvas Carrier

If you cut your own wood, chances are you'll need some hep transporting it from the forest to your log rack. Instead of carrying each log one-by-one, consider using a canvas carrier. Users place about 5-6 logs into the carrier which is placed on the ground. The handle on each side of the canvas is grabbed to pick up all the logs at once. This eliminates painful splinters and is much easier on the back. Some of the small "half loop" log racks come with these carriers. Users place the canvas directly into the rack for storage.


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