Types of Felco Garden Tools

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Felco garden tools are known for their exceptional quality and durability.

Felco uses high-quality materials in their tools, including ergonomically shaped rubber grips and precision-honed steel blades.

Every part from the recoil springs to the handle lock mechanism is built to last. Felco makes a wide variety of the most essential gardening tools.

Their classic pruners are great for trimming small to medium plant limbs with minimal effort.

Their manual pruning shears are designed for larger jobs like cutting tree branches.

Other tools like pruning saws and wire cutters are available for specialty jobs. Felco uses signature red handles to clearly define their brand.

When cleaned regularly and kept in a dry location, Felco tools can last a lifetime.

Felco Pruning Shears

Felco Garden Tools

Felco’s pruning shears are designed to fit well in the hand. This 10.5-inch long tool has incredibly sharp hardened steel blades which can cut through just about anything.

The long handles provide enough leverage to cut through small to medium sized plant material. The Felco pruner allows gardeners to chisel and refines their plants exactly the way they want them.

Regular trimming of plants with this Felco tool can result in better long term plant health and vigorous growth.

A built-in cushioned stop prevents the tool from coming down hard, preventing vibrations which can be uncomfortable to the user’s hand. A sap groove diverts liquid plant material to the side so it doesn’t get caught in the blades.

Fine adjustments to the blade can be made with the adjuster knob.

The lightweight handles are coated with a red rubber grip for maximum control. Both right and left-handed versions are available.

Felco Loppers

Felco’s loppers are designed for larger jobs such as cutting off thick tree limbs or removing the stump of a dead bush.

This tool has long, thick handles that are designed to maximize human strength and focus it at the blades. The super sharp steel blades are curved so that they can grip around a branch without slipping.

Vibration during the cut is reduced by the handle cushion in the center. An adjuster key is included to allow users to adjust the blades as necessary.

As with all Felco garden tools, this model has red padded handles.

Felco Folding Saw

The compact pocket-sized folding saw from Felco is perfect for cutting jobs of all types. The hard chromed steel blade is designed to resist rust and stay sharp.

The blade is thinner on the top than on the bottom to prevent clogging and jamming. The serrated blade is capable of cutting branches up to 4 inches in diameter.

At full length, the tool measures about 14 inches long and has a 6-inch blade. A non-slip rubber handle keeps users in control and prevents slippage.


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