5 Best Electric Snow Shovel Reviews In 2022

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Winter is coming! Do you plan to avoid the reoccurrence of last year’s winter destruction in your backyard?

If you stay in a region that falls victim to heavy, untimely snowfall and your plants and backyard gardening efforts seem threatened, it’s time to purchase an electric snow shovel. Rather than first using a pusher shovel to move the snow to the edges of your backyard and then struggling with another shovel type to seal the deal, opt for an electric snow shovel.

Long gone are the days of back-breaking snow shoveling tasks that would leave the youngest of family members disgruntled during winters. It’s time you harness the rising convenience that technology brings to gardening tasks and go down the electric route, quite literally!

Here is a list of the five best electric snow shovels to buy in 2022. Each of them is tested for quality, hassle-free maneuverability, valuable features, and durability.

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Our Top Picks For The Best Electric Snow Shovel

  1. Snow Joe 24V SS11-XR iON+Cordless Snow Shovel (11 inch)
  2. Snow Joe 24V SS13-XR iON+Cordless Snow Shovel (13 inch)
  3. Snow Joe 24V SS10 iON+Cordless Snow Shovel Kit (10 inch)
  4. Snow Joe 324E Electric Snow Shovel (10 inch)
  5. SuperHandy Snow Thrower Shovel Electric Cordless 
Snow Joe 24V SS11-XR iON+Cordless Snow Shovel (11 inch)• Silent functioning
• Low-temperature paddle auger
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Snow Joe 24V SS13-XR iON+Cordless Snow Shovel (13 inch)• Versatile
• Copper isulated wires supply
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Snow Joe 24V SS10 iON+Cordless Snow Shovel Kit (10 inch)• Easy assembly procedure
• The battery comes fully charged
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Snow Joe 324E Electric Snow Shovel (10 inch)• Instant start feature
• 2 W LED light for increased visibility
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SuperHandy Snow Thrower Shovel Electric Cordless• The safety feature is foolproof
• Simple to maneuver
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5 Best Electric Snow Shovel Reviews

Keep reading for in-depth reviews on key features, pros, and cons of each of these five products.

#1. Snow Joe 24V SS11-XR iON+Cordless Snow Shovel (11 inch)

Snow Joe 24V SS11-XR iON+Cordless Snow Shovel (11 inch)
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The first of the four electric snow shovels by Snow Joe reviewed in this guide, the Snow Joe SS11-XR weighs 12 pounds and has a maximum throw distance of 20 feet. These two traits bring a guarantee of comfortable maneuverability on the chilly mornings you venture to clear the snow from your garden.

With a 24 V lithium-ion battery-powered built, expect approximately 30 minutes of runtime to shovel away the snow from your property. Be it the front porch, backyard patio, driveway, or the snowy walkway at the entry of your house. Even better, owing to its high-end specifications, you can easily clear around 2,025 pounds of snow in a single charge.

Yes, you heard that right. A single charge most often suffices for a deadly night of snowfall!

Another feature that brought this product to our best electric snow shovels list is the ergonomic design. It holds a dual-handle construction which relieves the user of consecutively bending and straining their muscles in the cold. Also, the handle is adjustable to suit individuals of varying heights and varying quantities of snow.

Let’s not forget its ability to fling snow up to a distance of 20 feet. All credits to its high-impact 2-blade system!

What We Liked:

  • Silent functioning 
  • Meager charge duration of 200 minutes
  • Low-temperature paddle auger
  • Clears a path measuring 11 by 7 inches

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Poor instruction sheet
  • Reports of poor performance with heavy snow

#2. Snow Joe 24V SS13-XR iON+Cordless Snow Shovel (13 inch)

Snow Joe 24V SS13-XR iON+Cordless Snow Shovel (13 inch)
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Snow Joe’s expertise in designing and manufacturing premium outdoor tools will ensure your backyard stays as clean as DIY gardeners would prefer. Coming under the category of electric equipment, this snow shovel comes in a cordless design and lets you access the nook and crannies of your garden that were otherwise inaccessible.

The core difference between the first model and this is the 13-inch handle that brings the benefit of greater flexibility for snow shoveling tasks. Apart from that, the 12-pound weightage, stress-reducing adjustable handle, and 24 V rechargeable battery remain the same.

This snow shovel also gets fully charged in a maximum of 3 hours and permits an interruption-free runtime of approximately 30 minutes. Additionally, the construction of this shovel is compact enough to quickly store it in the thinnest of garage closets!

Moreover, this electric shovel’s capability to power through around 2,025 pounds of snow in a single charge allows the clearing of tremendous amounts of snow. Snow-filled paths with a depth of 7 inches and a width of 11 inches will vanish each time you thrust the shovel in any direction. 

Worried about where the snow gets stored?

Feel free to direct the snow extraction in any direction you like and be rewarded with a snow-throwing reach of 20 feet! At the same time, the blades are built with precision to ensure your backyard surface or walkway path is not damaged one bit. 

What We Liked:

  • Compact dimensions of 55.1 X 11.8 X 8.7 inches
  • It eliminates dry snow extremely well
  • No instances of lifting heavy shovels due to wet snow

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Cord entanglement can cause disturbance

#3. Snow Joe 24V SS10 iON+Cordless Snow Shovel Kit (10 inch)

Snow Joe 24V SS10 iON+Cordless Snow Shovel Kit (10 inch)
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The third product by Snow Joe on our list of cordless electric snow shovels has a few different characteristics from the ones mentioned above. While it’s even more lightweight (10 pounds) than the above two shovels, it runs for a slightly lesser duration on a single charger. Moreover, in these 25 minutes of runtime, you’ll be equipped with the electric power to get rid of a collective 1,632 pounds of snow.

These features make it a perfect choice for people who don’t have to deal with frequent snowstorms that call for more powerful snow shovels. Also, for informational purposes, you must know the reason for this reduced runtime is the battery’s 4 Ah capacity.

Another difference is the path dimension that this shovel covers. While allowing to shovel snow up to 10 inches in depth and 6 inches in width, it proves perfect for regions receiving lesser snowfall.

Users have claimed to face no trouble shoveling heavy, wet snow, and they also love the snow blowing feature that plays an enormous role in this equipment’s functionality.

What We Liked:

  • Shoots snow in the forward direction accurately
  • Easy assembly procedure
  • The battery comes fully charged

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The second handle could’ve been lower for greater control

#4. Snow Joe 324E Electric Snow Shovel (10 inch)

Snow Joe 324E Electric Snow Shovel (10 inch)
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This electric snow shovel comes in a slightly more elegant, modern, and sleek design. The addition of headlights enables you to navigate comfortably while shoveling snow in the wee hours of the morning or after the sun has set. Be it your backyard deck, vegetable garden, DIY patio, or the sidewalk decorated with beautiful plants, the Snow Joe 324E will dispose of all the snow.

Keep in mind; the high-power 10 amp motor allows users to shovel away approximately 300 pounds of snow within a minute! If not your entire backyard, you’ll definitely clear a significant stretch within a mere 10 minutes of shoveling.

If you’ve been struggling with slow-starting electric snow shovels that force you to stay in the cold for longer, the instant start feature in this product will be a life savior. Clearly put, a simple button being pushed switches it on, and there’s also a safety switch to avoid activating the shovel by mistake.

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This product also comes with a range of accessories that can be purchased at an additional cost. These options range from a 50-feet long extension cord, a snow thrower clean-out kit, and a durable cover that keeps it safe from rust, frost, and external agents.

As said by the brand itself, “This isn’t your average Joe!”

What We Liked:

  • Instant start feature
  • 2 W LED light for increased visibility
  • Free 2-year warranty

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Old snow is hard to remove

#5. SuperHandy Snow Thrower Shovel Electric Cordless

SuperHandy Snow Thrower Shovel Electric Cordless
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As smooth as it gets, this electric snow shovel comes with a 20 V, 80 W/hour, and 2 Amps rating. Now start your environmentally friendly cordless shovel without any inconvenience. Simply press, push, and throw, and you’ll have a snow-free surface in no time. Even better, bid farewell to smog formation, fumes, and noisy machines.

Above that, all these features come with the benefit of erasing 300 pounds of snow within a minute. Unlike gasoline-powered equipment, this is maintenance-free and doesn’t require any oil changes, gas additions, or engine cleaning hassles.

Expect the machine to chuck snow at least 22 feet away in your direction of choice. Speaking of unique features, you have a classic example of durability at its finest. The materials of the outer covering are constructed of premium polypropylene. And the main shoveling section right at the base of this equipment is made with a dual-curved auger blade. Such perfectly crafted architecture will leave you chopping through chunks of light and wet snow.

There is also an ergonomic handle permitting exceptional precision because of the grip it offers. You won’t feel a thing while the machine removes almost 5 pounds of snow each second!

Lastly, the throw pole comes with a range of adjustable options. You can actually customize its fitting to suit your shoveling posture.

What We Liked:

  • The safety feature is foolproof
  • Simple to maneuver
  • Weighs under 11 pounds

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Inaccurate instruction booklet

Best Electric Snow Shovels: Buying Guide

Since it’s an electric snow shovel with a cordless built, you’ll be spending a heftier buck than generic snow shovels. As all such electric equipment comes with varying specifics, we’re going to point out the ones you need to consider before purchasing.

Remember, the factors mentioned below will not only quicken your snow shoveling mornings but also assure a worthy and effective purchase.

  • Power

The power capacity of the machine speaks volumes of how well it shovels large amounts of snow, wet or dry. If the power rating isn’t mentioned, look for the amperage rating. The amperage rating informs you of the electricity consumption by the snow shovel. And for the simplest way to understand its power capacity, search for the quantity of snow it shovels per second or per minute.

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While a few machines shovel away 300 pounds a minute, others can do 400 or more pounds. However, don’t get carried away by a larger capacity since this factor entirely depends on the surface area you need to shovel.

For you weekend shovelers who value every second of the two free days you get, don’t hesitate to go for the snow shovel with a larger snow-clearing capacity. You’ll be finishing your snow-removing tasks much sooner!

  • Weight

Ideally, a lightweight machine is the best choice since you’re already putting in efforts by walking through the snow. While most of the electric snow shovels weigh approximately 11 to 12 pounds, a few weigh around 20 pounds as well. Though the heavyweight seems like too much to handle, it balances this disadvantage with better specifications.

Remember, a lighter machine will help you maneuver across your backyard, front yard, driveway, sidewalk, and entryway so much more easily.

  • Corded or Cordless

While both corded and cordless snow shovels are electric, all don’t need plugging in, and they’re also a few differences. 

The corded electric snow shovel assures you won’t run out of power unless a power outage occurs. At the same time, they function with greater power (throwing snow around 30 feet away) but limit the distance you can reach owing to their power cord. While extensions are available, the process of attaching and detaching them makes it an inconvenient choice.

On the contrary, a cordless electric snow shovel has no distance limitations but rather time limitations. The moment the battery runs out, you’ll have to charge the device again. Additionally, they generate lesser power and can’t throw snow more than 20 feet away. At the same time, they are way lighter and allow desirable freedom during shoveling. 

Let’s not forget, the latter is also more expensive. 

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  • Cutting Depth and Width

This factor matters for people who have large driveways, sidewalks, and patios. For best results and flexibility in case you move houses to a one with a bigger driveway, aim for a shovel with a 13-inch cutting width and 6-inch cutting depth. Yet, this will prove perfect if you live in a region with light to medium snowfall.

If you face large volumes of snow each morning, look for a shovel that cuts at a width of 16 inches and a depth of 10 inches. This guarantees you can eliminate huge blocks of stuck-up snow.


Electric is the way to go! Start adapting to the new norm of electric-powered equipment and join the bandwagon of environment-conscious people. 

Prep your outdoor equipment for the coming winter and save yourself from last-minute troubles of malfunctioning equipment and snow-cluttered outdoor sections. 

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