Defining A Driveway With Driveway Lights

Driveways are the first thing people see when they pull up to your home. At night, seeing a driveway can be difficult especially if there are no street lights Driveway Lightsnearby. To better define the boundaries of your driveway and beautify your yard, driveway lights can be used. These lights are specifically designed to line the borders of a driveway, whether it be a concrete, asphalt or brick surface. There are several different kinds of these lights, including pole mounts, in-ground, above ground flush, and markers. Each has its own unique look and feel, along with varying levels of installation difficulty. Solar driveway lights are often the easiest to install as users only need to put them into place, no complicated wiring needed.This guide covers the different types of driveway light mounts on the market.

Pole Mounted Driveway Lights

Pole mounted driveway lights are perhaps the most decorative of the selections because they are the most visible. These lights stick into the ground on each side of the driveway and project their light outward and downward for maximum visibility. Homeowners can use pole lights to express their creativity by selecting mounts that fit the design scheme of their home. Whether you choose a sleek stainless steel modern mount or an earthy rustic mount, pole lights offer maximum flexibility in design and color. Solar powered driveway mounts have a solar panel on the top to capture energy during the day. They activate automatically at dusk and remain on for several hours at a time. To assemble, simply attach the light pod and plastic stake to the shaft and place into the ground at a desired location. Users that choose low voltage wired solution will need to dig a small trench along the driveway sides to hide the wires. In addition, the wires will need to connect to a central power transformer. These transformers can be connected to a timer or light sensor for automatic use.

In-Ground Driveway MountsDriveway Lights

For homeowners looking for a more sleek and refined look, in-ground driveway mounts may be the best solution. These mounts install in the ground completely flush. Users often install them within the brick pattern lining the edges of their driveway. They can also be installed in concrete or asphalt driveways during the initial  pour. There are several advantages to these driveway lighting systems, the first being that there is no tripping hazard. In-ground driveway lights are flush with the ground and are strong enough to be stepped on without breaking. Once installed, they become a permanent part of your yard. Because in-ground models only have one surface exposed to the sun, they cannot be equipped with a solar panel and are instead powered by a low voltage system.

Above Ground Flush

If you still desire the sleek look but don't want to dig up brick or pour concrete, an above-ground flush driveway mount is the best solution. These mounts attach firmly to just about any surface, usually with two anodized screws. They protrude out of the ground but only slightly. These mounts do come in solar powered models and can be installed quickly. The typical flush mount has an LED bulb on two opposite sides so users can see the boundaries of their driveway when coming and leaving the home. To avoid the "runway" look, try staggering the driveway lights a bit to make them less uniform. The easiest installation method would be to either set the lights onto the ground or use double-sided tape. However, I suggest properly drilling holes into the ground and using the appropriate screws to secure the onto the ground. This way, the mounts will not slide around or risk being stolen.

Driveway Marker

On the purely functional side lies the driveway markers. A driveway marker is different from your typical driveway light in that they are designed more for function than decoration. The typical driveway marker set usually comes with two in a box. One light gets placed on each side of the driveway at the entrance. They consist of a tall pole, usually white in color, that has a bright orange, yellow or red LED bulb at the top. Some models flash to increase visibility. Solar models are available.

In conclusion, driveway-style light fixtures can make a great impression at night. When coupled with other light sources like outdoor pole lights and wall mounts, homeowners can achieve the look of their dreams.

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