Beautify the Garden with a Decorative Trellis

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The trellis a gardener uses to care for their plants are usually decorative, blending in with the surroundings flawlessly. Decorative TrellisWhen vine plants need a sturdy place to climb, a decorative trellis is the perfect tool for the job. Not only do these trellises provide a sturdy mount for vine plants, they look great too. The ones made of metal have beautiful arching curves with garden themed accents like stamped leaves and birds. Wooden ones are less elaborate but show off the beauty of natural wood in the garden. Many styles are available, including flat, semi round and fan shaped. They are easy to install by simply pressing them into the ground near the plant.


A decorative trellis can come in one of many shapes. All are effective at holding up vines, so selecting a shape depends on personal preference. The classical flat shape is a popular one because it can fit up against flat walls without taking up much space. Vines can be lined up against the wall and receive full coverage along its length.

For lone plants, a full circle trellis may be better. These free standing trellises can be placed basically anywhere because they do not need a wall for support. Vines grow in the center of the circle and fill up the interior. A semi-round decorative garden trellis consists of only half a circle, giving them the ability to sit against a wall on their flat side.

Three-panel trellises are free standing structures which consist of three panels connected at hinges. The panels can be turned and rotated as needed to get just the right shape. These three-dimensional trellises add depth and dimension to any garden.

Also popular is the tree/ odd shaped decorative trellis which don't really have any defined shape. Often in the form of a tree or plant, these trellises have "twigs" jutting out in random directions.


Decorative Metal Trellis

Metal trellises have a decorative appeal because the metal wire used in their construction can be twisted and turned in decorative patterns. Unlike trellises made of wood, curves and circular patterns can be created in metal trellises. Metal can be stamped into various shaped like birds and leaves which are welded onto the frame. The metal is coated with protective paint, often in the color black, which keeps the trellis from rusting. Users press the legs into the ground for firm placement.


Decorative Wooden Trellis

While wood cannot be bent or twisted into decorative shapes, it is still a beautiful and natural material which makes for a great trellis. Wood trellises stick with simple grid patterns which provide a good gripping surface for plants. Various species of woods can be selected and stained to a chosen color. The wood will slowly degrade outdoors and may need an occasional re-sanding and staining. Sealer can be applied for maximum longevity.

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