How To Create A Decomposed Granite Patio

Decomposed GraniteDecomposed granite is a high quality surfacing material which is similar to gravel in texture. However, DG is known to come in far more beautiful colors and varieties. Learn how to create a patio out of DG below.

1. Choose a Variety

A decomposed granite patio can be created with several different varieties of granite. Users have the option of laying decomposed granite with stabilizers, loose granite, or decomposed granite with resin. Loose granite is simply granite rock crushed into tiny pieces. Granite with stabilizers is able to become more compacted; however it still has a loose consistency. The toughest type of DG is mixed with resin. This makes it very hard, bonding all of the granite pieces together into one. Resin granite will not get kicked around by walking feet and has a feel similar to that of asphalt. As one might expect, resin decomposed granite is the most expensive of the three.

2. Preparing the Surface

Before creating your crushed granite patio, the surface must be prepared. The ideal ground surface consists of pure soil which is free of debris. If brick or concrete is present, it must be dug out before installation. Remove all stones, sticks, grass and plant debris before continuing. Most DG installers recommend laying a 304 inch layer of gravel onto the ground before placing the granite. To prevent the ground surface from becoming raised after application, ground may need to be lowered to a depth equivalent to the gravel and granite layer. The gravel serves to improve drainage underneath the DG surface.

3. Applying the Granite

Decomposed granite is delivered in large piles. You can shovel a portion of the pile into a wheelbarrow and take it to the patio for application. To create the decomposed granite patio, simply spread it evenly across the gravel bed. The thickness should be somewhere between 3 and 4 inches for best results. Smooth the surface out with a rake.

4. Compacting the Granite

Multiple tools can be used to compact and stabilize the decomposed granite. You can either rent a roller or use a tamper plate (hand or electric powered). If a tamper is chosen, opt for a motorized version, as they use powerful vibration to compact the ground.

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