Outdoor Shading with a Coolaroo Umbrella

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A Coolaroo umbrella combines the best possible features of an outdoor shade and packs it into a durable and lightweight design. Coolaroo uses only the highest quality materials in their umbrellas, including aluminum components and their signature knitted fabric for the canopy. Their fabric is designed to be bright, fade resistant and easy to clean. Coolaroo’s selection includes umbrellas of all shapes, including circular, hexagonal and square. Models range from basic table mounted umbrellas to ones that use a cantilever frame.

All of their center-pole umbrellas have a handy three-position tilt mechanism that is controlled by a hand crank. Their cantilever umbrellas stand freely on any flat surface and can be adjusted in height.

Conventional Coolaroo Umbrellas

Coolaroo Market Umbrella

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Conventional center pole umbrellas by Coolaroo are intended to be placed in a table mount. These umbrellas shade the table and chairs below, allowing for sun-free outdoor dining. Coolaroo makes these contemporary umbrellas in three shapes- square, hexagonal and circular. Users generally match this shape with the shape of their table, but all of the umbrellas have the same size pole, allowing them to fit into any table. The poles are made from lightweight aluminum, making them easy to handle yet remarkably strong.

On the pole is a hand crank which allows users to open and close the umbrella at will. A feature called “three position tilt” allows the umbrella to adjust to varying angles in the sun. Instead of reaching up to adjust the tilt of the canopy, users only need to continue turning the hand crank. The more the crank is turned, the more dramatic the canopy will tilt. Turn in the opposite direction to bring the canopy back to level position. Continued cranking will fold it back up completely. The high-quality crank mechanism ensures smooth and jam-free operation.

Coolaroo Cantilever Umbrella

Coolaroo Cantilever Umbrella, Freestanding Patio Umbrella

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Coolaroo’s round cantilever umbrellas have a different type of frame than what is conventional. These free standing umbrellas are attached to a cantilever mount which suspends the umbrella over a desired area. The mount’s base sits off to the side, allowing for an obstruction-free shaded area underneath. Furniture can be set up freely without bumping into the base. These umbrellas also feature three-position tilt and can be adjusted for height which is controlled by a crank mechanism. They are light enough to move around to different locations if desired, being that the pole is made of aluminum.

Coolaroo’s High Quality Fabric

Every Coolaroo umbrella is made with their signature fabric which is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. The fabric is easy to clean with just some water and soap. In addition, it resists mildew and mold caused by humidity and rain. These shades block up to 90 percent of UV light, protecting users from painful sunburns. The fabric is knitted tightly for long term durability. Users can experience up to 32 percent reduction in temperature while residing in the umbrella’s shade. Coolaroo provides a five-year warranty on the fabric against UV light degradation.

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