Christmas Yard Decorations

Helpful Christmas Light Products

Sticky Mounts

Drilling holes for nails has become a thing of the past. Adhesive-backed sticky mounts are available from companies like 3M.

These mounts stick onto multiple outdoor surfaces, including stucco, glass, brick and wood.

The adhesive on the back of the plastic clips is quite strong, yet can be removed after the season is over.

To save money, you can easily save the clips, remove the old backing and re-apply them next year with some industrial double-sided tape.

After a couple years, however, the plastic can start to degrade. Sticky mounts can be used to hang just about every type of Christmas yard decoration.

Shingle Mounts

Shingle mount clips are designed to grip the edges of a shingle using only pressure. They do not have adhesive of any kind.

Users stick the clips onto the shingles at regular intervals and then string their lights onto them.

The end of each clip has a little hook that holds the string. Application can be done from the ground using a ladder.

To remove, just pull the clip off of the shingle.

These clips usually come with a few dozen per pack.

Power Receptacles

For large displays, all of your Christmas yard decorations may not be able to reach a single power source.

To remedy this, you can create your own power terminals anywhere in the yard.

Power receptacles are safe to use outdoors and have multiple outlets for lights to plug into. You can send an extension cord out from the wall to your power source in the yard.

From these central hubs, you can plug in anything you like. Power sources like these allow you to branch out and create a fuller-looking display.

Types of Christmas Lighted Yard Decorations

Candy Canes

Candy canes have been reproduced in just about every area of Christmas. Such a simple piece of red and white candy has become an overwhelming and charming form of decoration.

Candy cane stake lights look just like the ones you eat, except that they are much bigger. Some models have a red and white shell with a set of string lights inside.

thers consist of a metal frame with garland and lights wrapped around them. And yet others are not lighted at all and are simply made of plastic.

A creative idea is to border your yard with candy canes and clip a set of string lights to them, creating a fence.

It keeps people from meddling with your display and looks great and the same time.

Christmas Trees

No front yard is complete without at least one Christmas tree decoration. Outdoor Christmas trees can be quite realistic, featuring artificial limbs, branches and trunks.

Users can drape light strings and even ornaments over these trees.

Trees can be secured into the ground with stakes. Other tree decorations come in the form of signs. Signs in the shape of a tree light up brightly and can be placed on windows or on walls.

A few years ago, beautiful spiral trees came onto the market. These spiral trees fold down flat for easy storage.

With a bit of creativity, you can even turn your existing yard tree into a Christmas style tree.

String Lights

If you don’t put up anything else, a set of string lights is a must.

String lights are perhaps the most popular and widely used type of yard decorations around.

They are made from a weatherproof insulated wire with lights attached throughout.

Each light can be colored or coated in a plastic covering with a themed shape.

String lights are not just limited to mounting on the home, as they can also be placed on the ground. Special ground stakes are available which hold a set of string lights just above the ground.

Some Christmas decorators take a set of blue lights and drape them across the ground to simulate a lake.

A pair of amber colored lights can be wrapped around the trunk of a tree. The creative uses for string lights are truly endless.

One spinoff of string lights are rope lights.

Rope lights consist of a clear tube with string lights inside. They have a distinct look and are more durable, as the glass bulbs are protected behind the plastic.

LED yard Christmas decorations are becoming more popular as people discover the money-saving opportunity in using them. Christmas decor can use up a lot of power. LED light bulbs use a lot less than conventional bulbs. LED bulbs are also more crisp and bold in color, and resist fading.

Inflatable Characters

Inflatable decor products act as space fillers because they can be quite large.

Inflatable Christmas decorations use an air blower to fill a lightweight nylon shaped character.

You can find models featured in your favorite Christmas characters such as Santa Claus, reindeer, sleighs, trees, elves, snowmen and a whole lot more.

They are easy to set up and are held in place with stakes. The motors are durable enough to be left on at all times.

Many inflatable devices are mechanized, allowing them to move.

For example, one inflatable decoration features a gift with an opening lid.

In conclusion, Christmas yard decorations have become easier to use and more cost effective.

Setting up a decent display requires minimal effort in most cases and can be done in a day or two.

Using only decorations rated for outdoor use can extend the lifespan of your display.

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