Aerator Rental Considerations

Lawns which are ridden with a thick layer of thatch and compacted soil need aeration on the double. The problem is that most people don’t keep an aerator on hand for the rare instance in which they are needed. Many times, a good option can be to rent an aerator […]

All About the Worx GT String Trimmer

  The Worx GT is more than just a weed eater. In fact, it can quickly convert between a conventional weed eater and a walk-behind edger. The Worx GT is incredibly lightweight yet powerful. The secret behind its power lies in the lithium ion rechargeable battery pack. This pack delivers […]

Duraworx Products

  Duraworx Gloves Duraworx offers a variety of unisex work gloves for the garden. Their highest quality models are made with real leather on the exterior, keeping the hands safe from thorns and blisters. Some of these gloves incorporate Spandex material in the back to allow for expansion while fitting […]

Choosing the Best Lawn Mower

 1. Gasoline Lawn Mower Advantages: Gas mowers are not attached to a cord and can deliver all the power you need to cut through tough patches of grass, weeds, leaves and debris. Different power ranges as defined by “horsepower” can be chosen based on how big of yard you own. […]

Husqvarna Parts

  Husqvarna parts are made to fit every type of Husqvarna product available. The most widely sought after parts seen to be for their chainsaws. After all, Husqvarna is widely known for their high quality gas chainsaws which can cut through any tree limb or trunk. When the time comes […]