Growing Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are versatile garden flowers which are brimming with color. With hundreds of varieties available, it’s no wonder that chrysanthemums are one of the most popular flowers. Use the following rules as a guide when learning how to grow chrysanthemums. When to Grow Begin growing chrysanthemums in the springtime before […]

How to Prune a Tree

Why Prune a Tree? Pruning the limbs of a tree promotes health, safety and beauty of the tree. Both dead and living branches can be a hazard when leaning over property and people, which is why high risk branches need to be pruned. Branches that interfere with signs, block portions […]

Gardening with Potting Benches

Potting benches consist of a raised platform from which a variety of gardening tasks can take place. Many of the tasks that require painful bending and kneeling can be completed on one of these benches. Transplanting, mixing soil, preparing pots and more can be done comfortably while standing up or […]