10 Swimming Pool Myths Busted

Working in the swimming pool industry as a pool cleaner, I have many years of experience and knowledge related to swimming pools, and I am constantly surprised with some of the comments that are made to me by, or potential, swimming pool owners and real estate agents. Here is a list, […]

Poolside Furniture Ideas and Designs

Pool furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, and is used both in and outside of the pool. The most commonly used types of pool furniture include chaise lounges, pool floats and dining/patio sets. The sheer number of pool furniture ideas out there can leave a person overwhelmed. However, by […]

Setting Up An Inflatable Pool

1) Location Inflatable pool owners should be picky when it comes to installation location. Inflatable pools are made from vinyl which, while durable, can be punctured by rocks and sticks on the ground. Choose a location for the pool which is more than big enough for the pool and pump. […]

How Salt Water Pools Work

Salt water pools use a unique process to generate chlorine. The salt itself does not clean the pool, but is rather used in a special generator to create chlorine. After use, the chlorine converts back to salt and the process continues again. Salt water pool systems are low maintenance because […]