Spider Repellent

  The eight legged creatures known as spiders are notorious for penetrating our home’s defenses and disturbing our lives. Spider repellent serves to remove these pests from the home. This repellent comes in many forms, some are natural and others employ various chemicals. Sprays, sticky traps, and ultrasonic devices stand […]

How to Grow Lawn Like a Carpet

  Most of us know the stereotype of the suburbanite home-owner obsessed with his or her lawn. They will go to any length to ensure a weed-free, green and perfectly mowed lawn. While the TV and movie stereotype might be a little exaggerated, there are a lot of people who […]

Revitalizing Soil With A Rolling Lawn Aerator

  A rolling lawn aerator is one of those lawn tools that everyone needs but not everyone owns. Even experienced lawn owners can become perplexed when their lawn starts turning brown. Regular watering, trimming and even fertilizing are not fool-proof, as a lawn can require more than just the basic […]

Variations In Lawn Rakes

  There are several different types of lawn rakes available to make specific types of jobs in the yard easier and more efficient. A few of the more popular rakes are the shrub rake, lawn rake, wide lawn rake, adjustable rake, and the telescopic rake. Each one has different features […]

Using Garden Rollers On Your Lawn

  Even if you have the greenest lawn around, your yard can look messy if the ground is not even. Uneven ground can be caused by several things, some of which include mole infestation and frost heaving. These inconsistencies in your lawn can be quite noticeable even from the street.  […]