10 Black Friday Deals to Equip your Garden Now!

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Most people use Black Friday to fill their electronics, appliances, and clothing needs. But as a yard-lover, you’re probably looking for something more garden-oriented.

That’s why we’ve decided to bring the hottest deals in the yard-caring niche. From up to 50% in total discounted price, these deals are not to dismiss.  

Whether you’re looking to give your yard a new look, have an easier time doing maintenance, or cleaning with ease – you’ll find a Black Friday deal in this article.

Check them out!

Gardening Black Friday Deals

50% Discount – Corona BP 7100D DualCUT Hand Pruner

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With spring around the corner, you’ll want to get rid of those unwanted shrubs and stems on your plants. What better to cut them off than a hand pruner?

The Corona BP 7100D is a perfect example of an excellent tool you can get home for a magnificent price.

The steel construction, a super-durable enclosed spring, and a dual-cut blade come together to ensure a smooth cutting experience. There’s a lot more to enjoy about this pruner – but you’ll have to try it yourself.

At 50% less than usual, it comes like a total bargain to fill up your garden-cutting needs. Get it before it runs out!

30% Discount – Powerworks XB 40V Brushless Cordless Push Mower

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Don’t let your grass grow ugly. Use the Powerworks XB 40V Push Mower, and you’ll have a fantastic time cutting it off.

Boasting a brushless motor, this 40V electric mower offers one of the quietest performances while still lasting a lifetime.

This pairs up well with a 3-in-1 cutting deck to keep residues in check, a 7-position height system, and a Smart Battery that gives a lengthy operation.

More importantly, the mower folds in so you can store it easily, even in the smallest of garages or sheds. There’s no drawback about it!

Considering how affordable it is with a 30% discount – it is certainly an option not to dismiss.

52% Discount – Christopher Knight Home Stewart Outdoor Bar Stools

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Improving your yard also includes giving your backyard a new look and a comfy space for seating. Few items will match that capacity like a set of bar stools.

If you have an enclosed patio or an outdoor pergola in need of some high-quality furniture, these stools will come like a charm. Boasting hand-woven polyethylene wickers plus a high-quality steel frame, it can withstand harsh environments and tons of weight with no drawback.

To make them even better, they’re incredibly comfortable and spacious. Boasting a footrest and a wide-enough seat, any person can use them without feeling a single pinch of discomfort.  

For a 52% discount, these stools will meet even the highest of expectations in looks, durability, and comfort.

46% Discount – Sun Joe SPX2598 Electric Pressure Washer

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Cleaning your concrete patio doesn’t have to be an annoying experience. The SPX2598 pressure washer from Sun Joe makes that possible.

Thanks to a 14.5 AMP motor, it can get to 2,000 PSI of pressure. That’s enough to get rid of the most stubborn grid in concrete. And with 1.65 GPM of water delivery capacity, it can get through any grease or gunk in no time.

The washer is still extremely light and easy to use. It even comes with a detergent tank, so you can clean even more thoroughly with soapy water.

Last but not least, the washer is a safe product with its TSS system that stops automatically when you’re not pulling the trigger.

Cleaning your patio or deck will never be hard again. For a 46% discount, you shouldn’t give a pass to this one!

30% Discount – VIVOSUN Mylar Reflective Grow Tent

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Are you a vegetable, flower, or herb grower? Then you’ll appreciate a nice-looking and practical grow tent.

The Mylar Reflective model from Vivosun will give you the perfect solution for indoor growing needs. Whether it is vegetables, fruit plants, or the most fragile flowers, this tent will meet all your demands.

It is a multi-chamber tent, so you can grow several plants at once. The design is still spacious and efficient, ventilated to keep plants nourished, and waterproof to prevent indoor messes.

Despite all of that, it is still a sturdy tent with 600D canvas and a Mylar interior. With 98% reflective capacity, it will keep your plants adequately exposed to light.

At a 30% discount, you’ll have the chance to equip your home with a super-practical growing tent without imploding your bank account.  

35% Discount – VIVOSUN Collapsible Folding Wagon

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Transporting gardening supplies back and forth throughout your yard? Then you need a wagon that makes that easier. The Collapsible Wagon from Vivon offers that advantage.

It is a high-capacity wagon with tons of storage space, capable of withstanding over 160 pounds with no drawbacks.

The materials are other-worldly as well, with 600D Oxford fabric, PVC frame, and stainless steel bolts to keep it all together.

All of that makes it one of the lightest wagons, also considering it collapses for maximum accessibility. And with the 360-degree swiveling wheels, it becomes a go-to option for convenience seekers.

You can get this extremely-handy folding wagon with a 35% discount. Can it get any better?

31% Discount – Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Sun & Shade Mix

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Looking to grow a beautiful yard back the following months? Then don’t leave your seed supplies behind.

This Turf Builder seed mix from Scotts is ready to give your lawn a new look. Specifically nurtured to withstand drought, heavy sun, and tons of shade, it will help you grow a gorgeous and lushly yard in any place.

On top of that, the seeds are genetically protected against typical pests and diseases. Sure enough, it still manages to grow green, dense, and long without fertilizer. Those who love an attention-grabbing lawn on their yard will love this mix.

With enough seeds to cover a 2,800-feet area, this Scotts mix won’t let you down even in large homes.

So, what are you waiting for? Start growing your lawn again with this mix at a 31% discount.

30% Discount – VIVOSUN Wood Plant Stand & Shelves

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Don’t leave your pots or flowers hanging anymore. You can place them on a gorgeous, durable, and extra-handy piece of furniture like the VIVOSUN Wood Stand.

You’ll realize how well it is made at first sight, boasting natural fir wood that withstands any outdoor environment. More importantly, it looks as smooth as any other wood, adding tons of style to any patio or garden.

As for practicality, it boasts 6 wooden shelves separated by the quality frame. There’s enough space to place up to 10 pots of different sizes, making it ideal for most garden needs.

Apart from all that, you’ll have a blast setting it up. Even as a beginner furniture builder, it will feel like a no-brainer.

There’s nothing that can beat this VIVOSUN stand, and for a 30% discount, you’re set to get the best deal on decorative items for your garden.

25% Discount – Sonkir MS02 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Tester

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Not everything is about decorating. Sometimes you need practical equipment for planting and testing – like the Sonkir MS02.

This is a 3-in-1 soil tester that lets you check the light, moisture, and pH level of any garden soil. With its extremely accurate Double-Needle Detection Technology, you’ll get extra-fast yet reliable results.

If you’ve never used one of these before, there’s nothing to worry about. The simple toggle switch and a 4-inch needle will help you get any test done in seconds. And with its minimalistic design, you can store it in any place safely for later use.

Considering these testers are typically super-expensive, finding one with a 25% discount is certainly a chance you shouldn’t overlook.

22% Discount – COOLJOB 10-Pair Gardening Gloves for Women

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Last but not least, we can’t talk about yard-caring items without mentioning a nice set of gloves. This pack, for example, boasts 10 different pairs of many different colors. That’s enough to tackle your gardening needs for years.

Made of high-quality rubber, you can expect each pair to last months or even years of use. It is still flexible and comfortable, making it easier to tackle difficult garden jobs with no drawback.

This gets better with the non-slip grip and the comfy interior, preventing sweat and slippage while using. There’s no job impossible to tackle with these gloves.

At a 22% discount, they will feel like a total bargain considering how well-made they are. Don’t ignore this chance!

Top Black Friday Deals for Yard & Garden!

Your yard will never stop needing new equipment for care and maintenance. And for that, nothing comes as better help than discounted pieces.

Just remember, all these deals are available only for a limited time. If you want to enjoy these prices before they run out (or time expires), get them right away!

Don’t forget our site for more info about some of these products. Even with limited offers, you’ll want to make the best possible choice.

So, do any of these deals seem too good to be true? Well, they’re all true – so it’s a matter of time before they run out. Take your chances now!

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