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When a Black and Decker tool breaks down, you have two options.

The first is to call up the company and send it in for repair. The problem with this option is that these repairs can cost more than the tool itself.

For people who have confidence in tool repair, purchasing and installing Black and Decker replacement parts could be a more cost-effective option.

How Schematics Can Help?

Schematics for every Black and Decker product are available which are basically detailed parts diagrams.

These pictures show an exploded view of the internal parts, helping users to see exactly how each part connects to the rest.

In addition to pictures, each part has a number next to it. Looking up the numbers on the included chart will yield the name of the Black and Decker Parts and their specific number.

The part numbers can then be given to the retailer for a smooth ordering process.

Black and Decker parts that are available

Black and Decker makes parts for almost all of their products which can be bought.

While some of these parts can cost almost as much as the product bought new, getting your favorite discontinued tool repaired can be worth it.

Many parts retailers carry these components, allowing you to search for the best deal and not be limited to only buying from Black and Decker.

Here is a short list of tools that Black and Decker replacement parts are available for:

  • Compressors, Saws, Chargers
  • Brad Nailers, Vacuums, Blowers
  • Cordless Screwdrivers, Drills, Electric Hammers
  • Generators, Glue Guns, String Trimmers
  • Grinders, Hedge Trimmers, Impact Wrenches
  • Lights, Lawnmowers, Shears, Planers
  • Sanders, Staplers and more.

Keep in mind that parts for some of the older tools have been discontinued and may not be available on the retail front.

Private owners may be able to help you such as those selling their parts on online auction houses.

Black and Decker Drill Parts

Black and Decker Drill Parts

Parts for Black and Decker drills remain some of the most sought after parts around. There are several key components within both cordless and corded drills that are prone to breaking over time.

After years of use, the drive train within a drill can break down.

The good news is that motor and gear parts can be replaced. Other parts like buttons, bearings, and even the grease used on the gears can be purchased and installed by the user.

As with all electric tools, always ensure that the tool is unplugged before opening it up.


Before deciding to repair a Black and Decker tool on your own, consider whether or not you want to void the warranty on the part, if there is one. Black and Decker has a great service center where parts can be sent for refurbishment. If, however, your warranty has expired, a hands-on repair may be the best choice for technically apt individuals.

Most companies who make power tools supply at least some degree of part service.

For example, parts can be found for a Husqvarna weed eater and Homelite weed wacker by simply contacting the respective companies.

Video guides like the ones on Youtube can show you how to take apart your tool correctly, whether it be a Black and Decker sander or Makita chainsaw.

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