10 Best String Trimmer Head – Reviews and Top Picks

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Best String Trimmer Head

Lawn care does not just involve mowing but also using string trimmers at the end of the process. While a lawnmower helps cut most of the grass, the precise height and shape of the mat can only be obtained by trimming. String trimmers are of immense help in this. Weeding out tough grass and cutting hard-to-reach corner patches is made easy by these handy instruments.

A string trimmer has several components, one of which is the head. Since this is the part that does the actual cutting, it is important to find the right one suited to your needs. To make the search for the best string trimmer head simpler for you, we have curated a list of the top 10 choices recommended by experts. Here’s a quick lowdown.

At a Glance: Our Top 10 Picks for The Best String Trimmer

  1. PivoTrim String Trimmer Attachment Head
  2. Echo Speed-Feed 400 Trimmer Head
  3. Husqvarna T25 Tap Advance Trimmer Head
  4. Shindaiwa Speed-Feed 400 Universal Bump Feed Trimmer
  5. Husqvarna T35 Tap Advance Trimmer Head
  6. Oregon 55-265 Speed Feed Trimmer Head
  7. STIHL Autocut C 5-2 Trimmer Head
  8. Orbitrim Pro Deluxe Gas Trimmer Head
  9. ECHO Speed-Feed 450 Trimmer Head
  10. WW EZ Lock Head Trimmer Head

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Before going into detailed reviews of each of these products, beginners need to understand that there are three types of string trimmer heads. 

What are those? Keep reading for greater clarity.

Types of Trimmer Heads

The 3 basic types of trimmer heads that you can choose from are:

1. Bump Feed

Bump Feed

Bump feed systems work by tapping or ‘bumping’ the base of the trimmer on the ground during trimming. A portion of the lines or strings wound around the trimmer head are then released. These systems carry the advantage of using only as much of the line as necessary and what’s more, you are in control of that. 

A downside is that the spring tends to wear out over time.

2. Auto Feed

Auto Feed

In auto-feed trimmer heads, the line is released with the help of a motor. The system is, thus, automatic. 

What’s disadvantageous about such trimmer heads is that there will be a lot more of the line used compared to bump feed heads. Also, if the motor breaks down, repairing it can be a hassle.

3. Fixed Line

Fixed Line

Fixed line or fixed head systems employ particular lengths of string that are fitted into the trimmer head one at a time. 

While this allows you to have more control over the length of the line being used, you will have to pause your work to change the line every time it gets over.

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Detailed Reviews for the Best String Trimmer Head

Now that we have seen the 3 main kinds of head systems, it is time to proceed to detailed reviews of our top 10 picks for the best string trimmer head.

1. PivoTrim String Trimmer Attachment Head

PivoTrim String Trimmer Attachment Head
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Compatible with 99 percent of gas trimmers, the PivoTrim String Trimmer Head is an exceedingly practical product. It fits eight strings to increase the number and efficiency of the cutting lines on your trimmer head. With more lines whacking at the weeds and grasses, it is faster and easier to cut them down.

The construction of the strings is meant to be durable besides being powerful and precise. This is achieved by a pivoting mechanism which makes the strings project out at the grass at high speed. However, when the lines encounter more-than-normal resistance, they pivot out of the way, thus reducing breakage.

Additionally, changing the strings takes next to no time. Just add a pre-cut string into the pivot and pull tight. Repeat that for all the pivots that need loading and you’re good to go. This can be done in a few seconds and without much trouble.

What We Liked

  • Universal fit trimmer head is compatible with 99 percent of trimmers
  • Breakage-resistant strings
  • Eight pivoting lines for faster cutting
  • Inexpensive

What We Didn’t Like

  • Pivot pins sit in a plastic casing which can melt and jam the mechanism on overheating

2. Echo Speed-Feed 400 Trimmer Head

Echo Speed-Feed 400 Trimmer Head
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Echo Speed-Feed 400 is highly popular and for good reason. Its versatility and ease-of-use warrant its inclusion in a list of the best string trimmer head products. The string is long and you can do a substantial amount of cutting before you will need to reload it.

As for reloading the head, it can be done without the need for disassembly. You only have to insert about 20 feet of the line into one of the two eye-holes and turn the large knob on top of the trimmer head to wind the line around the spool.

Just as the string is straightforward to wind, it is also resistant to tangling and wounding upon itself, thus making it easy-to-maintain. Furthermore, the frame is made of durable material and will last you through a considerable amount of time.

What We Liked

  • Feeding the line is easy
  • Can be loaded without disassembly
  • Length of the string is sufficient to last for a long while
  • Durable construction

What We Didn’t Like

  • Instructions of use that come with the package are poorly-written

3. Husqvarna T25 Tap Advance Trimmer Head

Husqvarna T25 Tap Advance Trimmer Head
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With an eyehole design for easy reloading, the T25 Tap Advance is the best string trimmer head for beginners. The line feeds automatically while trimming, thus saving you the headache of managing it.

Among other functional aspects of the design, there is the ease of attachment to a trimmer shaft as well as the ease of use. Moreover, the trimmer head is top-loading so you don’t have to upturn the trimmer when it is time to reload. Pulling the cap up will also pull the spool with it, to which you can then easily wind the line.

To prevent tangling, the spool has a split design. Also, the direction in which you need to wind is marked by arrows. This means that you can wind the line correctly every single time.

What We Liked

  • Spool is easy to reload
  • Can hold 0.065 to 0.105 inches line
  • Fits straight as well as curved shaft trimmers and brush cutters
  • Sturdy design

What We Didn’t Like

  • Might not fit all models of trimmers

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4. Shindaiwa Speed-Feed 400 Universal Bump Feed Trimmer

Shindaiwa Speed-Feed 400 Universal Bump Feed Trimmer
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Shindaiwa had an earlier version of this product, the Speed-Feed 375, which it has improved upon to get to this. It has a faster line feed and also better compatibility with many models of steel trimmers.

Not only that, the product has a larger capacity so that it now fits about 20 feet of string inside it. Its frame is sturdy, with a thick base, designed to take many hard bumps along the way. Best of all, these features come with an affordable price tag, making it a value for money addition to your lawn care tool kitty.

What We Liked

  • Compatible with straight and curved shaft trimmers
  • Holds long piece of line (around 20 feet)
  • Quick and easy loading
  • Included adapters enable it to fit most trimmer brands

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some users complain that bumping results in a longer than needed line sticking out

5. Husqvarna T35 Tap Advance Trimmer Head

Husqvarna T35 Tap Advance Trimmer Head
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This is a larger version of the T25 Tap Advance by the same company. Due to its increased size, it holds an impressive 28 feet of the line inside, thus enabling you to keep trimming for a long time before stopping to reload.

Similar to the T25, it also features an easy-to-reload spool which can be exposed by pulling the cap off. This makes turning the trimmer over while reloading unnecessary. And the key slots lock the line securely when wound. Additionally, the spool has a split design to help reduce tangles in the line.

What We Liked

  • Fits most straight shaft trimmers
  • Large tap knob for hassle-free reloading
  • Key slots for locking the line in place
  • Comes pre-wound with a strong titanium string

What We Didn’t Like

  • Spring mechanism is stiffer than it should be

6. Oregon 55-265 Speed Feed Trimmer Head

Oregon 55-265 Speed Feed Trimmer Head
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The Oregon 55-265 Speed Feed is a versatile and durable trimmer head and boasts many features to justify this. Firstly, it has a semi-matic head that is suited for heavy-duty tasks. Secondly, the holes at the sides for the line feed are wear and tear-resistant.

Another notable feature of this trimmer head is the line tensioning mechanism which significantly decreases the intensity of vibrations when it is spinning. The grip collar allows you to secure the cutting line inside the casing with hardly any effort. As a bonus, there is a split spool design to reduce tangles and quick, hassle-free line feeding.

What We Liked

  • Rugged construction
  • Grip collar for easy fitting of the line
  • No need to disassemble the head for reloading
  • Includes three adapters of varying sizes and fits

What We Didn’t Like

  • Inadequate assembly instructions in the manual

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7. STIHL Autocut C 5-2 Trimmer Head

STIHL Autocut C 5-2 Trimmer Head
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STIHL is a well-known name in the power tools industry and its Autocut C 5-2 Trimmer Head is, unsurprisingly, one of the best string trimmer head products available for purchase. It comes with a standard 0.080-inch diameter string that is apt for tending to small to medium size lawns.

The nylon line that is wrapped around the spool is durable and can be fed out of the head with an easy tap mechanism. In addition to this, the double line is suitable for lawn mowing as well as trimming activity.

What We Liked

  • Easy-to-load spool
  • Can be used for trimming and mowing
  • Wear-resistant nylon line
  • Bump-feed mechanism for efficient use of string

What We Didn’t Like

  • Made to fit Stihl trimmers, so might not fit string trimmers from other manufacturers

8. Orbitrim Pro Deluxe Gas Trimmer Head

Orbitrim Pro Deluxe Gas Trimmer Head
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Different from other trimmer heads listed in this guide, the Orbitrim Pro Deluxe is free from strings or lines. Instead, it has a rounded blade design to help achieve sharper slashes even on tough-to-cut hedges.

The steel blades are made with a curved base that lets you float over grass and helps you achieve perfectly even cuts. These blades are encircled with a ring of steel that prevents unintended gashes on nearby plants. Keep in mind, as for compatibility, you will find that it fits most gas trimmers.

What We Liked

  • Steel blades eliminate the need for strings
  • Curved base for even cutting
  • Sturdy construction
  • Fits many gas trimmer models

What We Didn’t Like

  • Might not be suitable for cutting very close to the ground

9. ECHO Speed-Feed 450 Trimmer Head

ECHO Speed-Feed 450 Trimmer Head
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ECHO Speed-Feed 450 is highly efficient and is a great option for those looking for the best string trimmer head from a reliable brand. It is spacious enough to hold 20 feet of string, and also features a split spool design that prevents a string soo long from getting tangled as it gets out of the eye-holes.

Design-wise, it has a bump at the bottom that can be tapped to effortlessly feed lines from the spool. The six adapters that come with it enable it to be used with many straight shaft trimmers. Also, the construction is solid and won’t get knocked down easily. All in all, it is a valuable trimmer head and an ideal purchase for medium to heavy-duty users.

What We Liked

  • Ships with six adapters to fit most trimmers
  • Suitable for heavy-duty usage
  • Split spool to reduce line welding and tangling
  • Hard-wearing materials used in the construction

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not compatible with curved shaft trimmers

10. WW EZ Lock Head Trimmer Head

WW EZ Lock Head Trimmer Head
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With 4 strings protruding out of the spool, this trimmer head by WW EZ delivers fast and precise cuts. It is very easy to install. For this, the in-the-box nuts and screws come in handy. Similarly, reloading the string into this product is also a breeze. Once loaded, the fixed-line mechanism relieves you of the need to bump or tap the bottom for line-feeding.

Even with its lightweight frame, the trimmer head is stable and durable enough to last through years of rough usage. What’s more, the lines are resistant to breakage or damage. These features make it suitable as the best string trimmer head option for amateurs in lawn trimming.

What We Liked

  • Four strings for better cuts and trims
  • Easy to load lines
  • Ideal for cutting grass as well as trimming edges
  • Lightweight yet durable

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some users report the grass getting stuck inside the head after heavy use


String trimmers are essential pieces of equipment for the complete maintenance of your lawn. And for their proper functioning, you should install the right trimmer head onto their shaft.

All gardening enthusiasts, please remember, when you buy a string trimmer, you will get a trimming head attached to it. If it breaks down, or if you simply do not like how it works, you might need to search for a replacement head.

Our review of the 10 best string trimmer head options you can find in the market, along with their pros and cons, is detailed. It will certainly help you decide which one suits your needs the most.

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