What are the Best Orchid Pots?

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Very few flowers can beat the beauty of orchids.

However, it’s important to note that orchids can be difficult to grow and fussy, especially if you’re a beginner. This is because they require just a bit more attention and care than ordinary flowers and plants.

For orchids to grow, it’s important for you to get every aspect right, including temperature, aeration, water, and light.

This necessary care is what makes orchids delicate flowers; however, once you understand the basics, everything else will flow smoothly.

No matter where you’re growing an orchid – in your living room, office, or garden – they all have one thing in common: the pot. Orchids must be grown in pots, which means that it’s important for you to make sure that you are choosing the right type of pot for your orchids.

Santino Self Watering Flowerpot

Santino Self Watering Flowerpot

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You might be asking yourself, “How do I know what pots are the best for orchids?” Don’t worry; we’re about to get into that.

Best Orchid Pots

Santino Self Watering Flowerpot • Made of plastic
• Choice of available colors
• Indoor and outdoor use
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Blue Sapphire Orchitop Carousel • Unique Design
• Pot sits above detachable saucer
• Stunning Colors
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Mkono Plastic Orchid Pot • Root control design
• Outer and Inner Pots Set
• By using the Mkono Orchid Pots, the rate of water and nutrient element uptake is increased
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Clear Orchid Pots with Holes Plastic Flower Planter• Clear planters
• Larger
• Reusable
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#1. Santino Self Watering Flowerpot

Santino Self Watering Flowerpot
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This is one of the larger sized pots that you’ll be able to find on the market, which is both good news and bad news.

Planted Venus Flytrap Plant in Santino Self Watering Flowerpot

The bad news is that this pot will take up quite a bit of space, but the good news is that it gives the roots of the orchid room to move and grow.

Santino Self Watering Flowerpot Review


  • Large
  • No leaks
  • Designed for those who don’t have time to water their plants regularly


  • Poor drainage
  • Poor aeration
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blue sapphire orchitop carousel
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One of the advantages to that the slots on this pot ensure adequate aeration to your orchid, while also being beautiful. It sits on a detachable saucer so that you don’t have to worry about water spilling onto your table or counter.

Blue Sapphire Orchitop Carousel Review


  • Unique design
  • Variety of colors
  • Maximum drainage and aeration


  • Small
  • Breakable
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#3. Mkono Plastic Orchid Pot

mkono plastic orchid pot
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If you want an orchid pot that can increase the intake of nutrients and water for your plant, then this is the pot for you.

Mkono Plastic Orchid Pot Review

This pot is relatively large in size, which makes it so that the roots of your orchid will have plenty of room to grow and thrive. There are two inner and outer plant planters, which makes this pot have great drainage and aeration.

Unboxing of Mkono Plastic Orchid Pot


  • Well-aerated
  • Large


  • Not durable
  • Requires regular watering
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#4. Clear Orchid Pots with Holes Plastic Flower Planter

Clear Orchid Pots with Holes Plastic Flower Planter
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The Clear Orchid Pots are yet another plastic pot on our list.

Clear Orchid Pots with Holes Plastic Flower Planter Review

If you wish to transplant your orchids, these pots are great. Because they are clear, it is simple to examine them and determine whether the plant roots are growing and whether they require water. These pots can also be cleaned and reused because they are plastic. The planters are large (5.5″) and provide adequate room for your orchid roots to thrive.

Planted a Plant in Clear Orchid Pots with Holes Plastic Flower Planter

There are also many holes around the sides of these pots, which help with aeration and water drainage.


  • Well- aerated
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • They come with holes 
  • Good for transplanting orchids 
  • Made with high-quality PP plastic


  • Breakable 
  • Somewhat shallow 
  • Edges of the wholes are rough
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Things to Consider Before Buying Orchid Pots

Orchids are exotic plants and are well-known for their grooming leaves and beautiful flowers.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, orchids are very different from other flowers and plants because you must grow them in a pot where you can easily check its progress. This is because the roots of orchids are sensitive and are prone to rotting if not cared for properly.

So, what factors should you consider before purchasing an orchid pot?

1. Where You’re Putting the Orchid

Orchids can fit in with any surrounding; it’s this ability that makes them adaptive. However, the same can’t be said for orchid pots because these pots come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes – not every orchid pot will match your décor.

2. The Pot Size

Size matters! Don’t believe people who tell you otherwise, because it always matters.

As mentioned above, orchid pots are produced in a variety of sizes. Once you have your orchid plant picked out, you should be able to figure out what size pot it requires easily.

3. Material Used

Orchid pots are made from a variety of different materials. Some materials can be made from breakable materials, while others are designed with unbreakable materials.

When figuring out what orchid pot to grow your plant in, you should pay attention to the type of material the pot is made from.

If you have pets or children, you might want to get a pot that is made from a material that won’t break.

4. Aeration

The reason that most people think growing orchids is a challenge compared with other plants and flowers is because of aeration.

The roots of the orchid flower need to be aerated. Failure to do this will eventually lead to the roots rotting.

For this reason, you should invest in an orchid pot that has plenty of aeration.

5. The Type of Orchid Plant You’re Planting

orchid flower

There are quite a few different orchids to pick from, some of them have elaborate root systems – which means that they’ll require a larger pot – and others have shallow roots.

Plus, some orchids can react negatively to some types of materials, such as plastics and ceramics, while others don’t. So, knowing what type of orchid you’re planning to plant is very important to know.

You can find out how your orchid is going to react by doing a little bit of research.

6. Pot Materials

1. Clear Plastic

Plastic is by one of the most popular types of orchid pot, and it’s easy to understand why. It comes down to this: plastic is cheap.

Another huge advantage to having a clear plastic container is because you can easily check on the root system to makes sure they’re healthy and not rotting.

The only problem is that the container is made from plastic, which isn’t always pleasing to the eye because it doesn’t have any color or designs.

2. Terra Cotta Pots

Terra cotta pots are built with breathable materials, which is ideal for the roots of the orchid plant. While you won’t have the luxury of seeing the roots, you’ll know that they’re being aerated.

However, the pots are quite heavy, but some garden experts say that the weight helps provide stability to the orchid.

3. Ceramic

orchid in ceramic pot

This is another popular pot to grow orchids in. This is because ceramic pots come in a variety of colors and designs, which is appealing to the eyes.

Plus, for the orchid plant, they are designed to be breathable, so the roots of the plant will get enough air. However, ceramic breaks very easily so you must be careful with it.

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