6 Best Lawn Sweeper Reviews in 2022: Buyer’s Guide

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Do you want to improve the maintenance and visual appeal of your lawn? If the frosty winters and crunchy leaves of fall have settled as debris in your garden, you may need this guide to find the best lawn sweeper to ease your worries.

Best Lawn Sweeper Reviews

Using garden tools can expedite the DIY gardening journey. Hence, to avoid back-breaking work this spring, let the gardener in you flourish and buy a lawn sweeper that will do all the hefty work. Remember, being a device that removes any fallen leaves, pine needles, or grass clippings, it is also known as a leaf blower.

Even more, to help you overcome a confused state and prevent a hasty purchase, we have compiled a list of the best lawn sweepers below.

Our Top 6 Picks For Best Lawn Sweepers

  1. Brinly Lawn Sweeper
  2. Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper
  3. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Sweeper
  4. Agri-Fab Push Lawn Sweeper
  5. Grass Trimmers and Leaf Blower Sweeper Combo
  6.  Worx Leaf Blower & Sweeper
Brinly Lawn Sweeper• Durable Steel Tines
• Easy Storage:
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Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper• Weight: 95 lbs
• Pallet Qty.: 8
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BLACK+DECKER Cordless Sweeper• Lightweight
• Soft-Grip Handle
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Agri-Fab Push Lawn Sweeper• Height adjustment
• Hopper bag
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Grass Trimmers and Leaf Blower Sweeper Combo• Powerful & Lightweight
• 2-In-1 Weed Trimmer & Brush Cutter
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Worx Leaf Blower & Sweeper• cordless convenience
• Ideal for hard surfaces
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6 Best Lawn Sweeper

Read on to find details of each product listed below.

 #1. Brinly Lawn Sweeper

 Brinly Lawn Sweeper
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The Brinly lawn sweeper has a high-performance score on cutting down the job time in half. With this, you won’t have to worry about multitasking as it dethatches and sweeps the lawn simultaneously using its versatile tractor attachment. Even more, the dethatcher can be kept on while sweeping, which makes it hassle-free.

Moreover, it offers a brush-to-ground ratio of 5:1 that ensures maximum thatch and debris are getting picked when cleaning. The transport mode heightens the functioning more with an adjustable dethatcher working even for heavy leaves. Its durable tines work over the lawn flawlessly using their double rows, giving a satisfactory result.

With a huge 20 cubic foot hamper, it allows DIY lawn sweeping tasks to get completed in a few sweeps over the yard. This feature results in less waste to empty. Above all, this is easily stored, occupying minimum space in your garage or shed, providing a convenient solution to tool storage worries.

What We Liked

  • Well-functioning dethatcher
  • Easy to assemble
  • Functions efficiently by reducing working time

What We Didn’t Like

  • Unable to rake edges properly

#2. Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper

Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper
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With the Agri-Fab lawn sweeper, give your lawn the care it deserves. Having a unique off-set design that allows sweeping and cutting simultaneously, this sweeper also has a handle that simplifies the dumping process. Even more, there is no need to dismount the tractor while working.

Adding to its exceptional performance are the two pneumatic tires making the transport factor smooth throughout your lawn. Moreover, it has a universal hitch that makes attachment to any tractor quick and convenient. Using its off-set tongue capability, you can even mow and sweep in one go, hence reducing labor.

Best of all, it is functional for all seasons. Whether it is preventing mold in spring or applying grub control in early summer, over-seeding bare areas in fall or putting ice melt in winter, you can do it all with this one gardening tool.

What We Liked

  • Quick assembling process
  • Works well with deep layers
  • Compact storage feature

What We Didn’t Like 

  •  Too big to maneuver in some lawns

#3. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Sweeper

Black Decker Cordless
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Answer all your DIY gardening worries using this best lawn sweeper that comes in a versatile and efficient fit. This cordless sweeper equips a power drive that ensures clean and fast cuts. Due to the inclusion of a high voltage system, it delivers a fast wind speed that shortens the tidying process for debris.

Furthermore, its lithium-ion technology offers a no-memory effect. It prolongs the life span of the sweeper and serves a consistent performance that will capture the heart of every gardening enthusiast. Even the worry of not knowing when your sweeper will run out of battery is solvable with the ‘state of charge’ feature present in this sweeper.

This sweeper also works well because of its low noise operation and lightweight design that prioritizes the comfort of gardeners. It also converts from a trimmer to an edger within seconds, increasing the overall working quality and providing a neat finish to your backyard.

What We Liked

  • Quick assembling process
  • Works well with deep layers
  • Compact storage feature

What We Didn’t Like

  •    No shoulder strap attachment is available

 #4. Agri-Fab Push Lawn Sweeper

Agri-Fab Push Lawn Sweeper
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If you are looking to satisfy your DIY gardening needs of clearing the yard, this Agri-Fab lawn sweeper will rest your concerns and work like a charm. It offers super convenient assembly, reducing the total energy input time. Moreover, it moves smoothly across the lawn when worked over normal speed. But do not worry, because even when sprinting, it won’t flock leaves in your face!

What’s more, it has an adjustable height feature that comes in handy for people with different builds and varying garden levels. Forget all the raking nightmares you have faced in the past. Simply use this sweeper that even picks up pine cones and small sticks and leaves your hands blister-free with its exceptional degree of usability.

Above all, this is a lightweight sweeper that consumes no petrol and saves you the vibrating trouble too. For environmentally-conscious gardening enthusiasts, this low-noise lawn sweeper will make a great addition to their garden tools.

What We Liked

  • Includes a collapsible hopper bag
  • Effectively picks up acorns
  • Works well on artificial grass without damaging it

What We Didn’t Like

  • Product construction may feel stout initially

 #5. Grass Trimmers and Leaf Blower Sweeper Combo

Grass Trimmers and Leaf Blower Sweeper Combo
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Every DIY aspirant is looking for ways to reach all the hard-to-access places in their garden. Hence, use this lawn sweeper that provides a precise lawn edge trimming feature. Not only is the cutting head adjustable to your desired height, but it also arranges simplified access to work on sloped or uneven grounds.

Even with its powerful blade cutting system, it maintains a lightweight design that can be used efficiently by aging gardeners. Using this sweeper, you can finish all the gardening work within 70 minutes on a full charge with minimum strain on your arms!

On top of that, this grass trimmer is the ideal tool for trimming excess grass growing around a wall, fence, flowerbed, or pathway. To top it up, it finishes the entire cleaning process with an elegant view to cherish while also remaining eco-friendly.

What We Liked

  • A good supply of blades
  • Lightweight built
  • Quick charging batteries

What We Didn’t Like

  • The Trimmer line wears out quickly

 #6. Worx Leaf Blower & Sweeper

Worx Leaf Blower & Sweeper
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The Worx leaf blower and sweeper is an excellent fit for maintaining immaculate surroundings in your deck, driveway, sidewalk, patio, and all-around your house. It offers ideal features for cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces. With a stunning addition of 8 attachments, be rest assured of meeting all your gardening requirements.

In addition to being battery-powered, you can also use the batteries in your other Worx products and prevent a power outage capably. It also has a lightweight built that ensures a no fatigue experience, even when used with one arm all throughout the afternoon. Even more, it still offers a high-power sweeping that tidies all the debris lying around your lawn in a few minutes.

Moreover, it has a bonus deflator attachment that can help you enjoy rafts, pool toys, and mattresses this coming year.

What We Liked

  • Operates well for clearing walkways
  • Multiple attachment options are available
  • Handy size, useful for shops and garages

What We Didn’t Like

  • Technological issues with battery

Buying Guide For The Best Lawn Sweeper

Finding the best lawn sweeper can be a troublesome task. If you are a DIY gardening enthusiast who wants to cater to the needs of their garden, then this guide is a surefire winner to ensure you do a good job.

Before deciding on a purchase, it’s crucial to understand the factors that play a role in increasing the overall efficiency of a lawn sweeper. Hence we have compiled all the factors you need to consider before buying a worthy lawn sweeper.

Are There Any Benefits In Purchasing A Lawn Sweeper?

The simple answer is yes. A lawn sweeper is a garden tool that is both productive and affordable. Even more, it keeps your lawn debris-free and orderly, and works better than a rake or mower bagger.

Here are a few added plusses that will assist you in the final decision.

  • Effective cleaning

A lawn sweeper works faster for bigger lawns than a rake or mower and creates a less noisy working environment. When the pathways have leaves, debris, snow, or mold, this tool will ensure a quick return to previous scenery and restore the beauty of seasons.

In addition to being a flawless worker, it can also collect all kinds of debris like grass clippings, twigs, pine cones, fallen leaves, and pine needles. Hence, it keeps any diseases that could occur due to the rotting of leaves at bay and provides a nicely polished lawn.

  •  No harm to the grass

While the blades of many gardening tools can damage the grass, a lawn sweeper has soft brushes that assure the grass stays intact. It can assist in the removal of debris without harming the grass and hence makes an ideal gardening tool.

Moreover, it can also deal with wet grass! Most tools get clogged if used over a wet lawn, but the lawn sweeper saves the day by being highly functional in this case.

  •  Stress-free handling

If you had to spend all your time regularly sweeping the leaves out of your backyard, a lawn sweeper should be your next purchase. It reduces the workload and takes out all the strain from cleaning.

For lovers of DIY gardening, lawn sweepers make an excellent impression. With an easy-to-operate system that requires an iota of strength to no strength at all, they make the job effortless and produce sleek and desirable results.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Suitable Lawn Sweeper

Here are a few things to consider before finalizing on the best lawn sweeper for your garden:

  • Types of lawn sweeper

There are three main categories of lawn sweepers: Automatic powered, manual powered, and tractor attachment.

An automatic sweeper uses electric power to work and resembles the mechanism of a vacuum cleaner.

A manual one is a push-type sweeper that needs a push and pulls for collecting leaves and picking debris from your garden, although these are often lightweight and easy to use.

Last but not least, tractor-type lawn sweepers can make great additions to tractors and remove any residues or left-overs.

  • Lawn size

Being a dictating factor over deciding which lawn sweeper will work the best for your yard is the lawn size. Push along types function well for areas up to 2000 square feet, whereas tractor attachments work better for larger lawns.

More than that, ensure to check the area you will be using the lawn sweeper for. Different varieties cater to varying terrains like sloped land, rough land, or even grounds.

Another considerable component is the size of the sweeping path. It decides the area that is coverable in one pass, and the wider it is, the more space it can include.

Here are a few basic size recommendations:

  1. A lawn sweeper from 21 – 26 inches in width for a small lawn.
  2. A lawn sweeper with a width ranging from 26 – 38 inches for medium-sized lawns.
  3. Machines with a width that is above 38 inches make good options for large lawns.
  • Additional features

When sweeping the garden, there are a lot of leaves that need collection. Here, the hopper capacity comes into view. Choosing a sweeper with a larger collecting bag capacity will lessen the number of times it needs emptying. Hence, it can cut down the time gardeners spend disposing of debris effectively.

Further, after the sweeping for the day is over, the tool also needs storage. Sweepers that can be folded down flat or are light enough to hang on a hook are preferred most as they occupy little space.

Your land type will also decide the type of wheels required, as larger wheels make the sweeping process easier across rough ground. Whereas rubber wheels have a better grip in wet conditions and plastic ones work better in normal conditions. Hence, choose accordingly.

  • Material used

Every gardener wants a long-lasting product that will keep them satisfied for at least a few years. Therefore, it is vital to pay attention to the material. Remember, look for durable products from trusted brands.

While metal-made sweepers are considered better than plastic ones, you can also opt for an aluminum sweeper. The metal sweeper offers a heavy, durable, and hard-working fit, and the plastic one is lightweight and simpler to move around. But the aluminum sweeper is especially favored because it has combined attributes and provides a well-working and lightweight option all in one.

Apart from that, opt for the best quality durable brushes that are spaced closely together. They pick up even the tiniest pieces of debris and keep your lawn speckled.

  • Adjustments in height

For effective removal of leaves, pine cones, weeds, and any debris present on the lawn, height adjustment plays a key role. If you are unsure which hitch height lawn sweeper will meet your needs, choose a multi-hitch height sweeper.

Not only will it allow lowering and rising of level as you please, but it will also capture grass and debris of all sizes from your yard.

Tip: All lawn sweepers do not sweep every kind of debris lying in your backyard. Hence, select one specifically catering to your needs.


Taking care of a garden is a task that needs devotion, and there are plenty of tools designed to take away the strain from this hard work. With many attributes, lawn sweepers make an appreciated garden tool loved by all DIY gardeners equally.

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