Benefits of a Garden Roller

When a lawn becomes bumpy and uneven, a garden roller can be used to flatten it out.

Garden rollers have been Garden Rolleraround for many years and are quite effective at what they do. Originally made exclusively from steel or iron cylinders, these rollers are now made mostly of plastic.

The weight is added by filling the cylinder with sand or water. Unlike rollers of days gone by, modern ones can change their weight by filling or emptying the barrel. These tools come in two forms, one that gets pushed with human power and another that attaches to a garden tractor.

For small yards, a hand-pushed roller can do just fine. Commercial applications often employ larger tractor-mounted models to save time and energy.

Why Use a Garden Roller?

An uneven lawn is an unattractive lawn. Bumps in the soil can be caused for a number of reasons. The most common cause is from gophers or other burrowing rodents. Large rodents can create large mounds of dirt practically overnight. When multiple rodents start digging, you can have a real problem on your hands.

Water runoff can erode sections of a lawn, creating deep chasms in the ground and large mounds of mud at the exit point. This type of unevenness can be particularly ugly and difficult to repair. Although the damage has already been done, users can run a garden roller over the surface to level it before replanting seeds.

Perhaps your lawn has been uneven since you moved into the home. In this case, there is still hope. If these are large humps in your yard, the top level of grass may have to be removed. Once the top layer is gone, users can then use a shovel or tractor to remove the majority of the dirt. After completion, a garden lawn roller can be used to flatten and compact the area before re-seeding.

Have you ever wondered how golf course turf remains so flat and pristine? Golf courses use lawn rollers frequently to maintain a smooth and level surface for the players. Without this uniformity, the golf balls could roll in unexpected directions, fouling up the players’ game.

How Do You Use A Garden Roller?

The process of using one of these rollers is actually quite simple. Before use, the roller will need to be filled with water or sand. Water is my personal choice because it is easier to work with- just put your garden hose into the barrel’s fill hole and let it run. You can either fill it all the way up or only partial way. A partial fill will make it easier to roll, but will reduce the tool’s effectiveness. If you have turf, remove the bulging section before rolling over it. This can be done with a sharp knife. The turf can then be replaced without harm.

If you have a grass lawn and are trying to flatten bumps, you may have to dig up the grass in that area. If the soil is compacted, rolling over it will not do much.

A garden roller can also be used after seeding or re-seeding a lawn. After fertilizer, manure and seed has been laid, a roller can be used to flatten the seed into the ground where it will stay wet and safe from birds.

One Word of Caution:

If a garden lawn roller is used frequently, the soil can become compacted. This is a common problem at golf courses where rollers are used a lot. Using a roller frequently won’t cause damage if you make sure to aerate frequently as well. In the process of aeration, small holes are made in the soil to allow water and nutrients to reach the roots. Compacted soil does not allow water to seep into the ground efficiently, depleting the grass of life-supporting water, oxygen and food. You can use a rolling lawn aerator for this step.

Product Highlight:

Agri Fab Lawn Roller: People looking for an easy to use, durable roller for home use should consider the Agri Fab tool. This roller has a large 24-inch diameter drum that rolls over bumps smoothly. When fully filled with water, it reached 250 pounds, more than enough for flattening bumps out. When emptied, the roller is lightweight and easy to manage. The black plastic drum is smooth to achieve even flattening. A bar on the metal handle pushes off any mud that gets stuck to the drum.

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  • I noticed some uneven parts in my lawn recently, so I’ve been looking for ways to flatten it out without damaging it. I like that you suggest using a garden roller on the surface before laying down new seeds. Even if I have to remove parts of the lawn like you said, I think this would be worth it.

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