Banzai Water Slides

Nothing beats sliding down a genuine water slide at the peak of a summer day. Typically, one would have to take theBanzai Water Slides family to an expensive water park to get this kind of thrill. Now, thanks to Banzai water slides, anyone with a bit of backyard space can create water sliding fun anytime. Banzai inflatable slides are designed to be easy to set up and safe to use.

They are made from durable double-stitched nylon fabric which is lightweight. Between uses, the slide folds up into a small shape which can be placed in a tote or the included shoulder strap bag.

A powerful electric fan keeps the slide filled up taught, eliminating the need for hours of manual inflation. Try one of these great slides today and get the family active!

Original Banzai Falls Water Slide:

While there have been several new additions to the Banzai line since the original, it still remains a fun and classic slide. Once inflated, the Banzai slide measures 18 feet long, more than enough for even big kids to enjoy. After climbing up the 10 foot wall, kids sit at the top section underneath the awning and prepare to slide down.

At the top of the awning is a water sprayer which connects to any standard garden hose. Turn on the water supply and watch the water flow down the slide and into the pool below. Once the slider reaches the pool, they will be in for a big splash.

The Banzai water slides can also be used in the winter season too. The slide is slippery enough to be used without water flowing down it. To inflate the slide, one must connect the intake port with the 13 inch blower motor. This quiet electric motor connects to any extension cord or wall outlet. In just two minutes, the entire slide is ready for use.

To keep the slide in place, there are water bags on the sides which users fill up before use. Duratech technology ensures that the fabric is highly resistant to tears and rips.

Banzai Double Cannon Blast Slide:

Relatively new on the scene, the Double Cannon Banzai water slide is even bigger that the original slide. At full inflation the slide portion measures 18 feet long. Even adults can enjoy this slide, as long as the weight of everyone on the slide does not exceed 200 pounds. What truly makes this slide unique is the double spray cannons on the top Kids will have a great time blasting away at their friends from their high vantage point. Both cannons are fully maneuverable and connect to the water supply.

Despite its larger size, the Blast Cannon only takes 3 minutes to inflate, providing more time for fun and less hassle sitting around waiting for inflation. Dura Tech fabric and durable seams keep this slide running for summer after summer. Simply keep it in a cool, dry place to keep it in good shape.

The air blower is safe to use around water, especially when plugged into a GFCI grounded outlet. The blower has an extra long cord so you don’t have to drag out an extension cable. A sprayer at the top of these Banzai water slides keeps water flowing down the slide and into the large circular pool reservoir.


With a slide from Banzai, you’ll be able to set up a fully functioning water slide on any portion of flat land. Backyard parties and get-togethers become a blast as the kids have a hours-long adventure. There are even more water slides available than have been listed here, so check it out!

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