15 Amazing Balcony Garden Ideas With Pictures

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Balcony gardening is a concept most people are familiar with today. Over the past few years, this idea has gained immense popularity. Today, you can create a stunning balcony garden at very minimal costs.

Before starting any project, you should always list your major requirements. Do you want a minimalistic looking balcony garden? Do you like a Bohemian style or a more modern chic look? How much are you willing to spend to beautify the balcony?

Fortunately, there are plenty of balcony garden ideas in this compilation to cater to everyone’s specific needs and tastes. Bring a hint of the outdoors, indoors! Decide what you want your balcony to look like with the help of this directory and get cracking on these balcony garden ideas.

Best Balcony Garden Ideas

1. Wooden Rustic Balcony Garden

This decor idea combines the use of wooden elements and key lighting. It utilizes wall space by making use of vertically placed flower boxes. To make the project more economical, you can use repurposed wood to construct the planters.

The tea light candles bring warmth and romance into the space, giving it an inviting look and feel. This rustic wood-centric balcony garden idea can be the perfect fit for your home if you want to create a cozy niche in your balcony. All you need is some scrap wood, a few plants, a hammer, and a few nails.

This traditional style balcony is reminiscent of a bygone era. The classic colors provide warmth and comfort. This idea also incorporates a timeless look that will never go out of style.

2. Vertical Terra Cotta Balcony Garden

Source: https://www.gardeningknowhow.com

Hooks are to be your best friend while re-creating this inclusion in the list of balcony garden ideas. They are great for hanging baskets or even terra cotta pots used here. This particular design utilizes simple eye hole hooks and connects the pots using metal rods, washers, and bolts.

The beauty and simplicity of this design lies in segregating the pots symmetrically to add visual interest. Needless to say, this idea saves a lot of floor space and helps in keeping the balcony garden clean and tidy.

3. Bohemian Balcony Garden

balcony garden ideas
Source: https://www.joandjudy.com

What better than an amalgamation of a modern look combined with the epitome of comfort. With the pillow, blanket, and serving tray, this balcony garden has done just that! The addition of the throw blanket and the woven basket table gives it a Bohemian touch.

Keeping up with the theme, the rug breaks up the modern gray on this balcony adding yet another visual element of comfort. You can curl up on the plush couch, surrounded by the sweet fragrance of these gorgeous flowers on display.

This idea is relatively simple to execute as there is no wood-working or hammering involved. All you need to do is strategically combine pieces of furniture and plants, to give off a cohesive look.

4. Small Space Balcony Garden

balcony garden ideas
Source: https://www.lowes.com

Bring a splash of color into your balcony decor with this simple but colorful idea. White walls with the intricate placement of colorful and bright flowerpots can make even a tiny space look breathtakingly beautiful.

A brightly colored ottoman is the cherry atop the cake, fully completing the look. The most important tip for this kind of look is to select cohesive colors. Natural light is the cherry atop the cake, tying all the elements together.

However, if your garden does not have ample natural light, you can use other lighting options such as string lights or umbrella lights.

5. Upcycled Balcony Garden

Source: https://www.houzz.com

A raised garden is created here using a repurposed wooden crate. To find free wood crates you can check with several small automotive, motorcycle, lawn, and specialty shops. The crates usually have parts shipped in them. Grocery stores also use food crates to transport fresh produce and wine. Worry not, as such crates are often offered for free or for ridiculously reasonable rates.

However, the only drawback to this idea is that you will need a lot of dirt and soil to cover the lower half of the crate. In case you do not have enough soil, you can put old pots and old bottles to fill the lower half of the crate. This will cut down on the cost too.

6. Italian Charm Balcony Garden

Source: http://italophiles.com

This idea is the perfect way of making a tiny, cramped space look nothing short of phenomenal. Inspired by an Italian window garden, this display of brightly colored Petunias and Bougainvilleas is enough to make any passer-by stop and stare.

This design in our balcony garden ideas list, incorporates smaller pots on the inside of the balcony floor to grow greenery-infusing plants. The integration of the greenery infused background adds life to this idea. Moreover, the beauty of the hanging boxes is something onlookers cannot ignore!

7. Green Canopy Retreat Balcony Garden

Source: https://www.apartmenttherapy.com

This idea is the perfect fit for those looking for private yet quirky balcony garden ideas. The addition of the bamboo roll elevates the idea. The two vine plants used are Clematic and Silver Lace.

This idea helps in creating some privacy. The whimsical feeling of it makes you reminisce about eating under a canopy of flowering vines, watching the sunset.

8. Minimalistic Balcony Garden

balcony garden ideas
Souce: https://www.architecturaldigest.com

The key to this design is to keep everything looking orderly and in place. The neutral planters bring in a touch of elegance without being overwhelming or overbearing. The wicker chairs are painted white to keep up with the color palette.

When going for the minimalistic look, pick out pots in the same design. The tiles on the floor are also a functional entity and make it very easy to regularly clean the flooring. As garden balconies can tend to get dirty and muddy, the tiles come as a life-saver. This garden balcony idea is a great one to execute and a must-try for all those who prefer a cleaner, tidier look.

9. Zen Balcony Garden

balcony garden ideas
Source: https://www.houzz.in

A zen garden creates a miniature stylized landscape through carefully composed arrangements of rocks, water features, and moss. This inclusion in the list of balcony garden ideas is a unique and worthy contender. It incorporates a traditional Japanese style into your garden, making it a one of its kind masterpiece.

Bringing the elements of rock and wood into this balcony garden provides a sense of stability. The use of earthy elements makes the garden feel grounding, even though you might be on the 7th floor of a multi-storeyed building. This design uses simple candlelight to seal the peaceful ambiance, making this a relaxing space during the day or at night.

10. A Vegetable Balcony Garden

Source: https://www.curbly.com

Creating a utilitarian balcony vegetable garden is not a daunting task anymore. Planters tend to be costlier than the plants that are supposed to be put in them. Thus, to save money on pots, you can also refurbish old painting cans and mason jars.

There are several benefits to planting a vegetable garden in your balcony. Plants can be moved to a different spot if they’re not getting the right sun. Drainage can be altered by drilling more holes in containers. Watering also is more efficient and some common garden pests like slugs, do not even present a problem

11. Monochromatic Setting Balcony Garden Idea

balcony garden ideas
Source: https://fengshuitrend.blog.hu

The stereotype is usually that monochromatic colors are boring. However, the classic black and white monochromatic look is anything but boring. These colors together give off a sleek and elegant look, elevating the decor of your house. Investing in this portable, foldable wooden chair is an excellent investment too.

Painting the balcony floor white gives the illusion of more space, while the striped rug grounds the area for a sense of stability. The color-coordinated planters and white flowers keep with the monochromatic scheme for a sophisticated design.

Remember, it is not necessary that you have to stick to the white and black color palette. You can choose any color of your choice, and revolve the scheme around that. This degree of flexibility makes it one of the must-try garden balcony ideas.

12. Tropical Haven Balcony Garden

This look if integrated well into the balcony, looks stunning. Vines can be added and wound around an overhead arbor constructed using PVC pipe and bamboo. The floor painting is also quite a quirky addition that almost seems to complete the look.

This idea plays on wooden tones and integrates it with a tropical theme. Also, there are detailed descriptions provided in the link for the construction of the side bench and the cabinet.

Overall, this balcony garden is lush and transports you to a tropical haven. The bright pink and blue touches bring in some extra personality into the space. They stand out against the backdrop, all while maintaining the tropical color theme.

13. Blue Floral Balcony Garden

Source: http://www.costafarms.com

Blue has always been known to be a tranquil shade. It encompasses peace and all things serene. The painted blue floor with the antique white table, takes on a life of its own.

In case you do not want the typical table and chair set-up as is displayed in the picture, you can upcycle a garden bench to bring in a rustic vibe. Additionally, matching blue planters keeps this design uniform, and the pop of pink breaks up the blue.

14. Succulent Balcony Garden

Source: https://balconygardenweb.com

This is probably one of the trendiest balcony garden ideas on this list. Succulents, like a variety of aloe plants, de-toxify the air and improve its quality. Thus, not only do they look aesthetically pleasing but also have a great influence on the surrounding environment.

If you want to plant an indoor garden, you may want to start with succulent plants. This idea becomes a must-try for those trying their hand out at gardening the first time. It is even suitable for those who want low-maintenance plants.

The only handiwork required in this project is that needed to mount the pots. Everything else is store-bought and does not need any extra effort.

15. Beige Is Not Boring Balcony Garden

Source: https://www.apartmenttherapy.com

This is one of those timeless balcony garden ideas that is loved by everyone. It was first implemented by Jerry and Collin, a couple searching for their own creative niche. Their motto is to “work with what you’ve got”. They proudly claim to have only used items they already had to revamp this beautiful balcony space, without splurging on anything.

The balcony was arranged to have enough space for gardening tools and supplies, extra seating, an ambient eating area, and growing edible plants. All they have done is thoughtfully arranged all the elements in a smart, space-maximizing way to create a spot they can make use of time and again.


Garden balconies can create an abundance of edible crops, greenery, and flowers. As an extension of your home, they have the advantage of being an outdoor room with many uses. They can become the perfect spots for reading and sitting down for a chat too.

Balcony gardens can be a great place to relax and de-stress. There are also multiple basic health benefits of getting fresh air, creating a spot for natural scents, and interacting with plants and nature. You can create your unique haven with the help of the above balcony garden ideas and reap its benefits for a long time.

Moreover, if you’re also looking to undertake more projects and revamp your backyard, here is a landscaping guide to help you with it.

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