List of Backyard Lights

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Backyard LightsLooking for some ideas on lighting up your backyard?

Try Backyard Lanterns

Outdoor lanterns can be powered by either candles or electricity. Lanterns are intended to accent a backyard, not necessarily light it up.

The illumination provided by lantern light is not very bright but can be eye-catching when used in numbers. Lanterns can be placed anywhere in the backyard by hanging them on a metal pole, sometimes referred to as a “Sheppard’s Hook”. These metal hooks are pressed into the ground by foot and have a small hook at the top.

Backyard lights with rings on top can be hung from these hooks. Candle-powered lanterns provide the most natural look but can be tedious to re-light and blow out every night.

Ceiling/Awning Lights

Any dining or seating area which resides underneath an awning can be well-lit using a ceiling light. Hung from a chain, ceiling lights provide excellent area-wide yard lighting benefits from a single fixture. The simplest way to install a backyard awning light is to route an extension cord up to the ceiling using staples or plastic anchors. The light must be mounted to a wooden stud, not drywall or stucco.

String Lights

A very common form of backyard light, string lights are about as versatile as you can get. Most are identical to the lights used during the holidays, consisting of various bulbs attached to a powered cord. The lights may be hung from hooks, wrapped around railings, or strung in bushes and trees. They come in both incandescent and power-efficient LED forms. Endless color possibilities are present with these backyard lights.

Solar Path Lights

Backyards with twists and turns can greatly benefit from a set of solar path lights. These walkway lights come in packs and are placed in series along a path or border. While not that bright individually, they work in numbers to clearly mark a path for safe walking. Being that each light is independently powered by the sun, they can be placed in any location or orientation, no wires needed.

Rope Lights

A rope light is very similar to a string light, except that all of the bulbs are contained within a plastic tube. The lights are completely waterproof and can be twisted and turned along any path. Available in all colors, these backyard lights can be connected end-to-end to extend their operating range. Whether used on the ground or overhead, outdoor rope lights offer a good balance between accenting and functional lighting.

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